Internship Cell

There are certain phases of every Intern’s professional development that cannot be effectively taught in the academic environment. These facets can only be learned through direct, on-the-job experience working with successful professionals and experts in the field. The internship program can best be described as an attempt to institutionalise efforts to bridge the gap between the professional world and the academic institutions. Entire effort in internship is in terms of extending the program of education and evaluation beyond the classroom of a university or institution.

The educational process in the internship course seeks out and focuses attention on many latent attributes, which do not surface in the normal classroom situations. These attributes are intellectual ability, professional judgment & decision making ability, inter-disciplinary approach, skills for data handling, ability in written and oral presentation, sense of responsibility, etc.

By supporting students in their efforts to integrate their educational objectives with a part-time internship experience in business and industry, employers help students get real life experience, providing them with insights and improved opportunities which otherwise they will hardly be able to acquire during their University study years.

The University level internships hence provide the employer, without any obligations, with an opportunity to pre-recruit future employees.

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