Amity Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy (ACERE)

The Amity Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy (ACERE) aims to develop a consultative platform for experts working in the area of renewable energy worldwide in an inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment. In order to counter the horrendous effects of climate change, systematic understanding of the links between professional competence, knowhow, financial constraints, social complexities and the most up-to-date technologies in the areas of renewable energy (RE), energy efficiency and environmental technology, will be explored.

This platform will provide structural environment for communication, information, transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience as well as for cross-selling of ideas. The Centre aims at strengthening the awareness and knowledge base of local key institutions with global stakeholder groups on RE.

The objectives of ACERE are to:
  • Bring together the wide range of competencies of its network members creating globally focused, yet cross-linked knowledge and study groups.
  • Sensitizing citizens to take a call on pollution control, green house effects and evils of climate change through seminars, workshops and campaigns
  • Compile an inventory of relevant experiences/projects and papers/study, reports/research reports and documents on best practices
  • Identify any skills mismatch between sector-developmental needs and provision of academic program
  • Organize at least one major annual conference on different RE&EE aspects for knowledge sharing among key stakeholders.
  • Initiate and conduct joint collaborative research that is pertinent to the needs of the sector
  • Design and introduce innovative programs which fulfills the requirement of knowledgeable and skilled workforce to the sector

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