The Scientists and researchers of Amity Universities pursue research activities tirelessly, and publish their work in reputed, peer-reviewed refereed journals which will definitely demonstrate to the world that Amity is indeed a “Research and Innovation Driven University”.

Total No of Publications: 35000

Highest Impact Factor : 202.731

Publications above Impact Factor 10 in reputed Journals(The Lancet, Nature, Trends in Plant Science, Journal of Medical Virology, Materials Today, Nano Energy etc) :113

Amity University H.Index:135


S. No. Publications Year of Publication  
1 Das A.M., Janardhanan R. Strengthening the reporting of stillbirths globally The Lancet 2022 399(10320) 141 Impact Factor: 202.731 2022  
2 Ghosh S., Raghunath M., Sinha J.K. Recurring acute encephalitis syndrome outbreaks in Bihar, India The Lancet 2019 394(10202) 914 Impact Factor: 202.731 2019  
3 GBD Collarators The global burden of adolescent and young adult cancer in 2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 LANCET ONCOLOGY 2022 23(1) 27-52 Impact Factor: 54.433 2022  
4 Ramprasad J., Krishnan L., Gangadharan C., Deshpande G., Madhu H., Kakileti S.T., Manjunath G. Performance of artificial intelligence-based breast cancer screening in a community setting: a real-world evaluation study The Lancet Oncology 2022 23 - Impact Factor: 54.433 2022  
5 Kumar P., Gupta S., Das A.M., Das B.C. Towards global elimination of cervical cancer in all groups of women The Lancet Oncology 2019 20 (5) e237 Impact Factor: 41·316 2019  
6 Shinde V, Narasimhan VM, Rohland N, Mallick S, Mah M, Lipson M, Nakatsuka N, Adamski N, Broomandkhoshbacht N, Ferry M, Lawson AM, Michel M, Oppenheimer J, Stewardson K, Jadhav N, Kim YJ, Chatterjee M, Munshi A, Panyam A, Waghmare P, Yadav Y, Patel H, et al. An Ancient Harappan Genome Lacks Ancestry from Steppe Pastoralists or Iranian Farmers Cell 2019 S0092-8674(19) 30967-5 Impact Factor: 41.58 2019  
7 Nakatsuka N., Moorjani P., Rai N., Sarkar B., Tandon A., Patterson N., Bhavani G.S., Girisha K.M., Mustak M.S., Srinivasan S., Kaushik A., Vahab S.A., Jagadeesh S.M., Satyamoorthy K., Singh L., Reich D., Thangaraj K. The promise of discovering population-specific disease-associated genes in South Asia NATURE GENETICS 2017 49(9) 1403-1407 Impact Factor: 38.33 2017  
8 Ghosh S., Raghunath M., Das B.C., Sinha J.K. High sugar content in baby food: an Indian perspective The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology 2019 7(10) 748-749 Impact Factor: 32.069 2019  
9 Das A.M., Das B.C. Exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals in utero and thyroid cancer risk in offspring The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology 2021 9(5) 255 Impact Factor: 32.069 2021  
10 Raj S., Kesari K.K., Kumar A., Rathi B., Sharma A., Gupta P.K., Jha S.K., Jha N.K., Slama P., Roychoudhury S., Kumar D. Molecular mechanism(s) of regulation(s) of c-MET/HGF signaling in head and neck cancer Molecular Cancer 2022 21(1) Art. No. 31 Impact Factor: 27.401 2022  
11 Singh P., Mishra V., Tripathi D.K., Corpas F.J., Singh V.P. RIPK: a crucial ROS signaling component in plants Trends in Plant Science 2022 27(3) 214-216 Impact Factor: 22.012 2022  
12 Kandhol N., Singh V.P., Herrera-Estrella L., Tran L.-S.P., Tripathi D.K. Arsenite: the umpire of arsenate perception and responses in plants Trends in Plant Science 2022 - - Impact Factor: 22.012 2022  
13 Kandhol N., Singh V.P., Wang Y., Chen Z.-H., Tripathi D.K. Ca2+ sensor-mediated ROS homeostasis: defense without yield penalty Trends in Plant Science 2022 - - Impact Factor: 22.012 2022  
14 Ling Wang1, Hari Krishna Bisoyi1, Zhigang Zheng1, Karla G. Gutierrez-Cuevas1, Gautam Singh2,3, Satyendra Kumar2, Timothy J. Bunning4 and Quan Li1,* Stimuli-directed self-organized chiral superstructures for adaptive windows enabled by mesogen-functionalized graphene Materials Today 2017 Volume 20, Issue 5, June 2017, Pages 230-237 Impact Factor: 21.695 2017  
15 Sinha J.K., Ghosh S., Raghunath M. DNA damage in brain may lead to cognitive dysfunctions and reduced longevity in WNIN/Ob obese rats Alzheimer's & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association 2021 17 Suppl 12 e057963- Impact Factor: 21.566 2021  
16 Soni S., Namdeo Pudake R., Jain U., Chauhan N. A systematic review on SARS-CoV-2-associated fungal coinfections Journal of Medical Virology 2022 94(1) 99-109 Impact Factor: 20.693 2022  
17 Rajpal V.R., Sharma S., Kumar A., Chand S., Joshi L., Chandra A., Babbar S., Goel S., Raina S.N., Shiran B. “Is Omicron mild”? Testing this narrative with the mutational landscape of its three lineages and response to existing vaccines and therapeutic antibodies Journal of Medical Virology 2022 - - Impact Factor: 20.693 2022  
18 Singh S.P., Pritam M., Pandey B., Yadav T.P. Microstructure, pathophysiology, and potential therapeutics of COVID-19: A comprehensive review Journal of Medical Virology 2021 93(1) 275-299 Impact Factor: 20.693 2021  
19 Chauhan N., Soni S., Gupta A., Aslam M., Jain U. Interpretative immune targets and contemporary position for vaccine development against SARS-CoV-2: A systematic review Journal of Medical Virology 2021 93(4) 1967-1982 Impact Factor: 20.693 2021  
20 Sharma A., Saha B.K., Kumar R., Varadwaj P.K. OlfactionBase: a repository to explore odors, odorants, olfactory receptors and odorant-receptor interactions Nucleic acids research 2022 50D1 D678-D686 Impact Factor: 19.160 2022  
21 Mishra P., Lakshmi G.B.V.S., Mishra S., Avasthi D.K., Swart H.C., Turner A.P.F., Mishra Y.K., Tiwari A. Electrocatalytic biofuel cell based on highly efficient metal-polymer nano-architectured bioelectrodes Nano Energy 2017 39 601-607 Impact Factor: 19.069 2017  
22 Dutta S., Patil R., Dey T. Electron transfer-driven single and multi-enzyme biofuel cells for self-powering and energy bioscience Nano Energy 2022 96 Art. No. 107074 Impact Factor: 19.069 2022  
23 Kandhol N., Singh V.P., Peralta-Videa J., Corpas F.J., Tripathi D.K. Silica nanoparticles: the rising star in plant disease protection Trends in Plant Science 2022 27(1) 7-9. Impact Factor: 18.313 2022  
24 Gaur, Vikas; Chaudhary, S.; Tyagi, A.; Bakhshi, S.; Sharma, Pankaj; Kumar, S. Corrigendum to “Differential expression of various miRNAs in pediatric cytogenetically normal acute myeloid leukemia (CN-AML)”: Annals of Oncology 2019; 30 suppl5: v50-51 (abstract 161P) (Annals of Oncology (2019) 30(S5) (v50–v51), (S0923753419583880), (10.1093/annonc/mdz239.069)) Annals of Oncology 2020 31(8) 1092-1092 Impact Factor: 18.274 2020  
25 Parichha A., Suresh V., Chatterjee M., Kshirsagar A., Ben-Reuven L., Olender T., Taketo M.M., Radosevic V., Bobic-Rasonja M., Trnski S., Holtzman M.J., Jovanov-Milosevic N., Reiner O., Tole S. Constitutive activation of canonical Wnt signaling disrupts choroid plexus epithelial fate Nature Communications 2022 13(1) Art. No. 633 Impact Factor: 17.694 2022  
26 Jha N.K., Arfin S., Jha S.K., Kar R., Dey A., Gundamaraju R., Ashraf G.M., Gupta P.K., Dhanasekaran S., Abomughaid M.M., Das S.S., Singh S.K., Dua K., Roychoudhury S., Kumar D., Ruokolainen J., Ojha S., Kesari K.K. Re-establishing the comprehension of phytomedicine and nanomedicine in inflammation-mediated cancer signaling Seminars in Cancer Biology 2022 - - Impact Factor: 17.012 2022  
27 Hussain S., Tulsyan S., Dar S.A., Sisodiya S., Abiha U., Kumar R., Mishra B.N., Haque S. Role of epigenetics in carcinogenesis: Recent advancements in anticancer therapy Seminars in Cancer Biology 2022 83 441-451 Impact Factor: 17.012 2022  
28 Gupta M., Chandan K., Sarwat M. Natural products and their derivatives as immune check point inhibitors: Targeting cytokine/chemokine signalling in cancer Seminars in Cancer Biology 2022 - - Impact Factor: 17.012 2022  
29 Piyush Garga,b, Sujata Sangama,b, Dakshi Kochhar b, Siddhartha Pahari c, Chirantan Kar d, Monalisa Mukherjeea,b,∗ Exploring the role of triazole functionalized heteroatom co-doped carbon quantum dots against human coronaviruses Nano Today 2020 35 Art. No. 101001 Impact Factor: 16.907 2020  
30 Mancera-Martínez E., Dong Y., Makarian J., Srour O., Thiébeauld O., Jamsheer M., Chicher J., Hammann P., Schepetilnikov M., Ryabova L.A. Phosphorylation of a reinitiation supporting protein, RISP, determines its function in translation reinitiation Nucleic Acids Research 2021 49(12) 6908-6924 Impact Factor: 16.971 2021  
31 Sharma A, Saha BK, Kumar R, Varadwaj PK. OlfactionBase: a repository to explore odors, odorants, olfactory receptors and odorant-receptor interactions Nucleic Acids Research 2021 - gkab763 Impact Factor: 16.971 2021  
32 Ms. Meenal Rastogi, Dr. Smriti Shrivastava Recent advances in second generation bioethanol production: An insight to pretreatment, saccharification and fermentation processes RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 2017 80 330–340 Impact Factor: 16.799 2017  
33 Thimmappa R., Wang S., Zheng M., Misra R.C., Huang A.C., Saalbach G., Chang Y., Zhou Z., Hinman V., Bao Z., Osbourn A. Biosynthesis of saponin defensive compounds in sea cucumbers Nature Chemical Biology 2022 18(7) 774-781 Impact Factor: 16.174 2022  
34 Gupta B., Sadaria D., Warrier V.U., Kirtonia A., Kant R., Awasthi A., Baligar P., Pal J.K., Yuba E., Sethi G., Garg M., Gupta R.K. Plant lectins and their usage in preparing targeted nanovaccines for cancer immunotherapy Seminars in Cancer Biology 2020 pii: S1044-579X(20)30038-9 - Impact Factor: 15.707 2020  
35 Ali E.S., Sharker S.M., Islam M.T., Khan I.N., Shaw S., Rahman M.A., Uddin S.J., Shill M.C., Rehman S., Das N., Ahmad S., Shilpi J.A., Tripathi S., Mishra S.K., Mubarak M.S. Targeting cancer cells with nanotherapeutics and nanodiagnostics: Current status and future perspectives Seminars in Cancer Biology 2020 69 52-68 Impact Factor: 15.707 2020  
36 Chakrabhavi Dhananjaya Mohan a, Shobith Rangappa b, S. Chandra Nayak c, Ragi Jadimurthy a, Lingzhi Wang d,e, Gautam Sethi d, Manoj Garg f, Kanchugarakoppal S. Rangappa g,* Bacteria as a treasure house of secondary metabolites with anticancer potential Seminars in Cancer Biology 2021 - - Impact Factor: 15.707 2021  
37 Pandya G., Kirtonia A., Singh A., Goel A., Mohan C.D., Rangappa K.S., Pandey A.K., Kapoor S., Tandon S., Garg M. A comprehensive review of the multifaceted role of the microbiota in human pancreatic carcinoma Seminars in Cancer Biology 2021 S1044-579X(21) 00157-7. Impact Factor: 15.707 2021  
38 Khan A., Das B.C., Abiha U., Sisodiya S., Chikara A., Nazir S.U., Das A.M., Rodrigues A.G., Passari A.K., Tanwar P., Hussain S., Rashid S., Rashid S. Insights into the role of complement regulatory proteins in HPV mediated cervical carcinogenesis Seminars in Cancer Biology 2021 S1044-579X(21) 00161-9. Impact Factor: 15.707 2021  
39 Kirtonia A., Gala K., Fernandes S.G., Pandya G., Pandey A.K., Sethi G., Khattar E., Garg M. Repurposing of drugs: An attractive pharmacological strategy for cancer therapeutics Seminars in Cancer Biology 2021 68 258-278 Impact Factor: 15.707 2021  
40 Hussain S, Tulsyan S, Dar SA, Sisodiya S, Abiha U, Kumar R, Mishra BN, Haque S. Role of Epigenetics in carcinogenesis: Recent Advancements in Anticancer Therapy Seminars in Cancer Biology 2021 S1044-579X(21) 00193-0. Impact Factor: 15.707 2021  
41 Raj S., Khurana S., Choudhari R., Kesari K.K., Kamal M.A., Garg N., Ruokolainen J., Das B.C., Kumar D. Specific targeting cancer cells with nanoparticles and drug delivery in cancer therapy Seminars in Cancer Biology 2021 69 166-177 Impact Factor: 15.707 2021  
42 Shrasti Vasistha, Anwesha Khanra, Mike Clifford, Monika Prakash Rai*. Current advances in microalgae harvesting and lipid extraction processes for improved biodiesel production: A review Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2021 137 Art. No. 110498 Impact Factor: 14.9 2021  
43 Borzée A., McNeely J., Magellan K., Miller J.R.B., Porter L., Dutta T., Kadinjappalli K.P., Sharma S., Shahabuddin G., Aprilinayati F., Ryan G.E., Hughes A., Abd Mutalib A.H., Wahab A.Z.A., Bista D., Chavanich S.A., Chong J.L., Gale G.A., Ghaffari H., Ghimirey Y., Jayaraj V.K., Khatiwada A.P., Khatiwada M., Krishna M., Lwin N., Paudel P.K., Sadykova C., Savini T., Shrestha B.B., Strine C.T., Sutthacheep M., Wong E.P., Yeemin T., Zahirudin N.Z., Zhang L. COVID-19 Highlights the Need for More Effective Wildlife Trade Legislation Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2020 S0169-5347(20) 30259-7 Impact Factor: 14.764 2020  
44 Swain D.K., Mallik G., Srivastava P., Kushwaha A.K., Rajput P., Jha S.N., Lim S., Kim S., Rath S. Single Mn Atom Doping in Chiral Sensitive Assembled Gold Clusters to Molecular Magnet ACS Nano 2021 15(4) 6289-6295 Impact Factor: 14.588 2021  
45 Jamsheer K M., Kumar M. Transcription Factors as Zinc Sensors in Plants Trends in Plant Science 2021 S1360-1385(21) 00118-7. Impact Factor: 14.416 2021  
46 Singh A., Bhattacharya R., Shakeel A., Sharma A.K., Jeevanandham S., Kumar A., Chattopadhyay S., Bohidar H.B., Ghosh S., Chakrabarti S., Rajput S.K., Mukherjee M. Hydrogel nanotubes with ice helices as exotic nanostructures for diabetic wound healing Materials Horizons 2019 Volume 6, Issue 2 274-284 Impact Factor: 14.356 2019  
47 Singh A., Bhattacharya R., Shakeel A., Sharma A.K., Jeevanandham S., Kumar A., Chattopadhyay S., Bohidar H.B., Ghosh S., Chakrabarti S., Rajput S.K., Mukherjee M. Correction: Hydrogel nanotubes with ice helices as exotic nanostructures for diabetic wound healing (Materials Horizons (2019) DOI: 10.1039/c8mh01298a) Materials Horizons 2019 Volume 6, Issue 3 626 Impact Factor: 14.356 2019  
48 Tripathi D.K., Singh V.P., Ahmad P., Guerriero G., Vaculík M., Corpas F.J. Metalloids in plant biology: New avenues in their research Journal of Hazardous Materials 2022 422 Art. No. 126738 Impact Factor: 14.224 2022  
49 Gupta M, Choudhury PS, Rawal S, Goel HC, Talwar V, Dutta KD, Singh A. Safety profile and therapeutic efficacy of one cycle of [(177)Lu]prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) in end stage metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer patients with low performance status Annals of Oncology 2019 30 Suppl 1:i4-i5 - Impact Factor: 14.196 2019  
50 Yadav S.S., Parmar D. Cys144Arg & Tyr358Cys variants (alleles *2 & *3) of CYP2C9 gene: Effect on chemotherapeutic outcomes in HNSCC Annals of Oncology 2019 29 ix103 Impact Factor: 14.196 2019  
51 Varshney, Aditi; Panda, Jiban J.; Singh, Avishek K.; Yadav, Nitin; Bihari, Chhagan; Biswas, Subhrajit; Sarin, Shiv K.; Chauhan, Virander S. Targeted delivery of miR-199a-3p using self-assembled dipeptide nanoparticles efficiently reduces hepatocellular carcinoma Hepatology 2018 67 (4), 1392-1407 Impact Factor: 14.079 2018  
52 Chauhan A., Islam A.U., Prakash H., Singh S. Phytochemicals targeting NF-κB signaling: Potential anti-cancer interventions Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis 2022 12(3) 394-405 Impact Factor: 14.026 2022  
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54 Thakur M., HN J., Sharma R., Mohanan K., Hari Hara S. Job satisfaction, psychological well-being, and perceived stress among teachers during the pandemic Asian Journal of Psychiatry 2022 71 Art. No. 103049 Impact Factor: 13.890 2022  
55 Vimal K.E.K., Agarwal V., Mathiyazhagan K. Barriers in the adoption of buyback schemes for used plastic packaging material – a contextual relationship analysis Resources Conservation and Recycling 2022 178 Art. No. 106084 Impact Factor: 13.716 2022  
56 Chawla S., Rai P., Garain T., Uday S., Hussain C.M. Green Carbon Materials for the Analysis of Environmental Pollutants Trends in Environmental Analytical Chemistry 2022 33 Art. No. e00156 Impact Factor: 13.622 2022  
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58 Sehgal R., Mehrotra D., Nagpal R., Sharma R. Green software: Refactoring approach Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences 2021 - - Impact Factor: 13.473 2021  
59 Kaur G., Agarwal R., Patidar V. Color image encryption system using combination of robust chaos and chaotic order fractional Hartley transformation Journal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences 2021 - - Impact Factor: 13.473 2021  
60 Chakraborty T., Sharma S., Debnath T., Sinha Mahapatra A., Selvam A., Chakrabarti S., Sutradhar S. Fabrication of heterostructure composites of Ni-Zn-Cu-Ferrite-C3N4-Poly(vinylidene fluoride) films for the enhancement of electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness Chemical Engineering Journal 2021 Volume 420, Part 2, 15 September 2021, Art. No. 127683 Impact Factor: 13.273 2021  
61 Coin G., Dubourdeaux P., Avenier F.R., Patra R., Castro L., Lebrun C., Bayle P.-A., Pecaut J., Blondin G., Maldivi P., Latour J.-M. Experiments and DFT computations combine to decipher Fe-catalyzed amidine synthesis through nitrene transfer and nitrile insertion ACS Catalysis 2021 - 2253-2266 Impact Factor: 13.08 2021  
62 Mahawar, Pritam; Wasson, Mishi Kaushal; Sharma, Mahendra Kumar; Jha, Chandan Kumar; Mukherjee, Goutam; Vivekanandan, Perumal; Nagendran, Selvarajan A Prelude to Biogermylene Chemistry Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 2020 - - Impact Factor: 12.959 2020  
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