Eminent Scientists

Eminent Scientists

Dr. W. Selvamurthy
President - Amity Science, Technology & Innovation Foundation (ASTIF), Director General - Amity Directorate of Science & Innovation, Chancellor - Amity University, Chhattisgarh and Chair Professor for Life Sciences (Former Distinguished Scientist and Chief Controller R&D(LS), DRDO)


Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Varma
Vice Chairman, ASTIF & Distinguished Scientist & Professor of Eminence, Amity Institute of Microbial Technology Amity University Uttar Pradesh, E-3 Block, Fourth Floor, Sector 125, Noida, UP 201313 (India)


Dr. V. K. Jain
Distinguished Scientist & Professor, Amity Institute of Renewable and Alternative Energy Advisor, Amity Institute for Advanced Research and Studies (Materials & Devices) Former Director Grade Scientist, SSPL (DRDO) Emeritus Scientist, NPL (CSIR)


Prof. Bhudev C. Das
Chairman & Hargobind Khorana Chair Professor of Amity Institute of Molecular Medicine & Stem Cell Research (AIMMSCR) and J.C. Bose National Fellow


Prof. Narayan Rishi
Advisor, Amity Institute of Virology and Immunology


Dr. Nutan Kaushik
Director General Amity Food & Agriculture Foundation


Dr. Ajit K. Nagpal
Chairman Amity PACIFIC Forum Chairman Board of Governors, Ritnand Balved Medical Foundation Chairman & Director General, Amity University Middle East Initiative


Prof. S. L. Kothari
Distinguished Professor and Vice-President, Amity Science Technology and Innovation Foundation, Jaipur


Prof. Rajendra Prasad
Dean, Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Technology and Director of Amity Institute of Biotechnology and Amity Integrative Sciences and Health


Dr V K Modi
Director Amity Institute of Food Technology


Dr. Alpana Goel
Director & Head of Amity Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (AINST)


Prof. Narayan Rishi
Director and Advisor, Amity Institute of Virology and Immunology (AIVI), Amity University Uttar Pradesh (AUUP), Noida


Prof. Birendra N. Mallick
Director & Head Amity Institute of Neuropsychology and Neurosciences (AINN)


Prof. (Dr.) Panuganti C.S. Devara
Director and Head of the Centres of Excellence in Ocean-Atmospheric Science and Technology (ACOAST), Environmental Science and Health (ACESH) & Air Pollution Control (ACAPC) at Amity University Haryana (AUH), Gurugram, India