We at Amity believe that Patents play an important role in stimulation of inventive activity and we aim at protecting the intellectual property of the Invention made by our scientists and researchers. Amity has been credited of filing largest number of Patents in the areas of Science & Technology by a Single Indian Institution in the last 5 years, a unique achievement by any Indian University

Total No. of Patents Filed : 2130

Total No. of Patents Granted:360

List of patents filed by Amity University

Name of Inventors Title Application No.
Ms. Swati Kuashik, Ms. Megha Rikhi, Dr. Seema Bhatnagar (AIB) A Nanomaterial Based Culture Medium For Microbial Growth Enhancement 979/DEL/2015
Archek Praveen Kumar, Neeraj Kumar C. S. Kumar, Ashwani K. Yadav "System and Method for Simultaneous and Parallel Compression and Encryption of Data" 3407/DEL/2015
Dr. Rupesh Aggarwal "Levitation Thruster" 3406/DEL/2015
Dr. Ashok Kumar Raghav, Dr. VLS Prasad Burra "Automated Precast Gel Preparation and Vending Device" 3405/DEL/2015
Dr. Ashok Kumar Raghav "Brick Work Equi Thickness Layering Device" 3404/DEL/2015
Dr. Rupesh Aggarwal "Carbon-Super Alloy Composite for Aircraft Engines" 3403/DEL/2015
Dr. Ashok Kumar Raghav, Pavleen Singh Bali, Rishabh Aswal "Intelligent Traffic Montroing System" 3402/DEL/2015
Dr. Nupur Bahadur, Ms. Prerna Karmakar, Mr. Robin George "Process for bandgap restructuring of titania using combination of surfactants and metal ions" 3401/DEL/2015
Mr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. M. R. Tripathy, Dr. Priya Ranjan "Implementation of Voting Protocol on Raspberry-Pi" 3400/DEL/2015
Dr. Monika Joshi, Mr. Simaranjit Singh, Ms. Preeti Panthari, Dr. Harsha Kharkwal "Biosynthesis of Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods using Citrullus lanatus fruit extract" 3399/DEL/2015
Dr. Kamal Kant Jain "Bio-chemical Concrete Disintegrator" 3319/DEL/2015
Subhasha Nigam, Praveen Dahiya, Nitin Agarwal "A Method for producing methanolic and ethyl acetate extracts of microalgae chlorella pyrenoidosa" 3260/DEL/2015
Dr. Aseem K. Chauhan "Waterway Transportation System with Improved Docking Facilities" 3259/DEL/2015
Mr. Mohit Bhandwal "Three-Dimensional Printer with Installed Condensation System" 3248/DEL/2015
Saket Kumar, Piyush Goel, Akshay Sonkusare, Rohit Singh, Arjun Kapoor "Driver Identification System" 3129/DEL/2015
Yogesh Singh Rathore "Novel switch system for selecting high/low beam and flash to pass mode" 3128/DEL/2015
Dr. Upendra Nagaich , Mr. Ashish Kumar "Helmet Comprising Air Purification System provideing pollutant free air to users" 3011/DEL/2015
Mr. Mohit Bhandwal "A Novel Exhaust System for Reducing the Gases and Particulate Matter Emitted from Vehicles" 3010/DEL/2015
Nitesh Malhotra, Jagriti Narang Malhotra, Neeraj Singh, Vivek Kumar, Mukesh Roy "Wheelchair having armrest cum transfer board with anti-skid mechanism" 2955/DEL/2015
Hemant Chouhan, Ish Kakkar "Vehicular accident avoiding mechanism for foggy weather" 2954/DEL/2015
Dr. Shalini Porwal, Dr. Rajni Singh "Methylotenera Mobilis Clone for Mercury Degradation" 2953/DEL/2015
Mr. Atul Sharma, Rohan Parab, Gourav Goel, Devaang Mehrotra, Bhargab Paul "Magnetic Levitation Based Security System" 2879/DEL/2015
Dr. Garima Mahendru "Portable Baby Cleaning Device with Talcum Powder Spray" 2878/DEL/2015
Mukesh Roy, Ayush Goyal, Malay Kishore Dutta "Microprocessor-based ultraviolet radiation sterilizing device for medical and surgical instruments" 2692/DEL/2015
Anita Thakur, Surbhit Bhatnagar "Infrared (IR) remote cum sound operated fan regulator for multiple fan appliances" 2691/DEL/2015
Gaytri Gupta "Auto shut-off device for gas stove" 2566/DEL/2015
Amit Kumar, Daisy Verma, Vivek Kumar, Abhishek Verma, Devinder Madhwal, Prashant Shukla, Vinod Kumar Jain "Low cost modified texturized silicon based gas sensors for room temperature sensing application" 2565/DEL/2015
Malay Ranjan Tripathy, Rajesh Kumar, Daniel Ronnow "Complementary Split Ring Resonator (CSRR) based Metamaterial Bow-Tie Anteena for Multi Frequency Applications" 2514/DEL/2015
Swati Kumar, Aruna Kumar, Aarti Sharma "A novel low cost medium based on mixture of textile and paper waste" 2513/DEL/2015
Dr. Ashish Mathur, Mr. Rathin Gupta, Dr. Shikha Wadhwa, Dr. R. P. Singh "A novel hand-held chemical free, milk adulteration test kit based on micro fluidic sensor platform" 2431/DEL/2015
Dr. Jagriti Narang, Nitesh Malhotra, Dr. Nidhi Chauhan, Gajendra Singh, Chaitali Singhal, Dr. C. S. Pundir "Nanoheterostructure composite for sensing metformin" 2430/DEL/2015
Sarita Kumari, Anukool Vaishanav, Shekhar Jain, Dr. Ajit Varma, Dr. Devendra Kumar Choudhary, "An improved method of mutagensis for enhancing bacterial ACC-deaminase activity and process thereof" 2429/DEL/2015
Mr. Vikas Kumar, Dr. Kuldeep Ojha "A novel desert cooler with atomized water generating injector" 2395/DEL/2015
Anukool Vaishanav, Sarita kumari, Shekhar Jain, Dr. Ajit Varma, Dr. Devendra Kumar Choudhary, "A novel bio-control agent for controlling fungal phytopathogens and method of preparing the same" 2394/DEL/2015
Dr. Mala Trivedi, Dr. Rajesh K. Tiwari, Mr. Suresh K. Yadav "Socks hanger with movable sockets" 2309/DEL/2015
Anukool Vaishanav, Sarita kumari, Shekhar Jain, Dr. Ajit Varma, Dr. Devendra Kumar Choudhary, "A method and formulation comprising pseudomonas simiae (MTCC-12057) for promoting plant growth under salt stress" 2263/DEL/2015
Dr. Kuldeep Ojha "Fabrication of metal matrix composite and hybrid composites by flush stirring casting method" 2210/DEL/2015
Deepshikha Gupta, Anandi Lal Verma "Novel low cost zinc oxide nanoparticle for enhancing shelf life of cut flowers" 2209/DEL/2015
Dr. Pratima Chaudhuri and Ms. Charu Thapliyal "Efficient protein folding process to improve the functional yield of recombinant zDHFR protein" 2170/DEL/2015
Madhulika and Monika "Enhancing surveillance system using AI techniques through fluoroscopy" 2044/DEL/2015
Dr. O. P. Sinha, Dr. Richa Krishna and Dr. Sandip Chakrabarti "Non magnetic elements doped semiconducting metal oxide materials and its utilization in organic electronics" 2043/DEL/2015
Dr. Gayatri Gupta "Temperature indicator displaying the coolest water bottle in a refrigerator" 2042/DEL/2015
Ajay Sharma, Jitin Malhotra, Mohit Bhandwal, Narendra Singh, Atul Sharma "Head massage device having finger like structures filled with magnetic fluid" 1920/DEL/2015
Mukesh Kumar Roy, Dr. Ayush Goyal, Dr. Ravi Prakash "Economical eco-friendly wax cube based auto eject biodegradable matchstick holder" 1919/DEL/2015
Dr. Gayatri Gupta "A Battery operated standby system to set the operating mode of home appliance" 1918/DEL/2015
Dr. Nupur Bahadur "An efficient and economical green process for primary treatment of effluent as well as sludge of textile & dyeing industry" 1825/DEL/2015
Ms. Dhruba Ghosh, Mr. Sunil Kumar, Mr. Paurush Bhulania "Double differential ring oscillator architecture with low power, low noise and high stability factor for high speed serial link in RF range" 1674/DEL/2015
Megha Rikhi, Shanu Hoda, Swati Kaushik, Dr. Seema Bhatnagar, Dr. V. Pooja, Dr. Anjali Soni, Dr. B. Jayaram "Biphenyl-2,6-diethanone analogs and their derivatives as antifungal agents" 1673/DEL/2015
Mr. Shubham Goel, Mr. SS Bhadauria, Dr. Priya Ranjan “Remote interface for slider aided wireless power transmission” 1408/DEL/2015
Ms. Deepa Suhag, Mr. Rohan Bhatia, Mr. Souvik Das, Ms. Adeeba Shakeel, Dr. OP Sinha, Dr. Sandip Chakrabarti, Dr. Monalisa Mukherjee “Hydrogels for transdermal drug delivery and a method to manufacture the same” 1388/DEL/2015
Dr. Mayank Shukla, Dr. Priya Ranjan “A non-invasive device for diagnosis, prevention, treatment and follow-up of incontinence" 1387/DEL/2015
Dr. Aarti Sharma “Novel growth medium comprising expired caffeinated or decaffeinated carbonated beverages for the production of Polyhydroxyalkanoetes” 1386/DEL/2015
Mr. M. Giredhar Dr. SS Lahiri “A portable cell transformation device" 1337/DEL/2015
Dr. RK Diwan, Dr. Harsha Kharkwal, Dr. AC Kharkwal, Dr. Sunita Rattan, Ms. Meenakshi Kanojia “Novel composites composition prepared from coagulum extracted from plant source Platycladus orientalis" 1218/DEL/2015
Mr. Yogesh Kumar, Mr. RP Tripathi, Mr. Ankur Raghav "Smart mirror with light control and hieght measurement sensor" 1184/DEL/2015
Dr. BC Das, Dr. Seema Bhatnagar “A novel bioconjugate drug for targeted treatment of cancer and cancer stem cells” 1112/DEL/2015
Dr. RK Diwan, Dr. Harsha Kharkwal, Dr. AC Kharkwal, Dr. NC Nainwal, Partha Bhattacharya “Novel composite prepared using derivatized diterpene from Clerodendrum kaichianum and PVC polymer” 1102/DEL/2015
Mr. Mohit Bhandwal, Mr. Jitin Malhotra, DR. RK Tyagi “A laser based heater for the 3D printer’s extruder using FDM technique and method thereof" 998/DEL/2015
Dr. Harsha Kharkwal, Ms. Preeti Bahugana “Novel extraction procedure for dark herbal colours” 994/DEL/2015
Dr. Ashok K Raghav, Mr. Ganesh Gupta, Dr. Shailendra Narain Singh , Mr. Vivek Jalan “Security software system for tracking vehicular movement in specific area” 993/DEL/2015
Ms. Swati Kuashik, Ms. Megha Rikhi, Dr. Seema Bhatnagar “A method for the synthesis of 3-amninoalkyl-2-styrl chromone derivatives for anticancer and antioxidant activity” 979/DEL/2015
Ms. Swati Kuashik, Ms. Megha Rikhi, Dr. Seema Bhatnagar “Isoxazoyl styrylchromones as selective estrogen receptor modulators” 978/DEL/2015
Dr. RK Diwan, Dr. Harsha Kharkwal, Dr. AC Kharkwal, Dr. NC Nainwal "Novel composites composition prepared from coagulum extracted from plant source Scoparia dulcis" 881/DEL/2015
Mr. Yogesh Kumar, Mr. Ankur Raghav “Ethanol production by stepwise saccharification and fermentation using novel isolate Bacillus altitudinus and Pichia stipitis" 880/DEL/2015
Mr. Himanshu Chaurasiya, Mr. Himanshu Nagdev “Automatically operated convertible shoe adapted for use as walking shoe and roller skate” 681/DEL/2015
Dr. R K Diwan, Dr. Harsha Kharkwal “Novel composites prepared using coagulum (diterpene carboxymethyl ester) with jute fiber” 680/DEL/2015
Dr. Smriti Shrivastava, Ms. Pragati Awasthi, Ms. Shilpi Choudhary, Mr. Ankur Agarwal (“Ethanol production by stepwise saccharification and fermentation using novel isolate Bacillus altitudinus and Pichia stipitis" 679/DEL/2015
Dr. Sangeeta Tiwari, Ms. Tanu Mittal "A novel method of fabricating superhydrophobic surfaces using environmentally safe materials" 555/DEL/2015
Ms. Anupama Sharma Avasthi, Dr. Sabari Ghosal "A process for extraction and fractionation of bio-active components ofWaldheimia tomentosa for antimicrobial and antioxidant activities" 515/DEL/2015
Dr. Ashok K Raghav, Dr, AN Pathak, Mr. Yash Raghav “Alarm-cum-shutoff Device for LPG cylinder Leakage” 477/DEL/2015
Mukesh Kumar Roy, Dr. Ayush Goyal, Vivek Kumar Waste water recycling and rainwater harvesting automatic photosensor mesh based self-lubricating waste-measuring multilevel flush system 338/DEL/2015
Mukesh Kumar Roy, Dr. Ayush Goyal, M.K. Dutta An automatic protable DSP processor-based solar/dynomo powered microscope for detection of Bacilli 259/DEL/2015
Dr. SS Lahiri, Ms. Apoorv Gupta, Mr. Abhinay K Singh "A novel glycogen dependent hydrodot for oral delivery and sustained release of D- fagomine coupled with D- chiroinositol" 192/DEL/2015
Dr. Shikha Wadhwa "A rapid detection and photocatalytic degradation of amoxicillin using titania thin film" 192/DEL/2015
Harsha Kharkwal Injection Mouldable Bio-Plastic 150/DEL/2015
Ms. Ruchika Bajaj, Dr. Kathryn E Bushley, Dr. Senyu Chen, Dr. Ajit Varma "An improved metbhod for controlling plant pathogen using Piriformospora indica as a biocontrol agent" 47/DEL/2015
Dr. Priya Ranjan, Mr. Abhishekh Khanna “Android-based handheld device for Speed Control of DC Motor via Bluetooth” 3974/DEL/2014
Dr. Subhasha Nigam, Ms. Bhavna Rana, Ms. Surbhi Sinha “A composition and method for enhancing the growth of algal biomass using yellow mustard seeds” 3973/DEL/2014
Dr. Sangeeta Tiwari, Ms. Ruchi Shaw “Novel process for synthesis of composite core shell structures for simultaneous removal of inorganic and organic pollutants” 3972/DEL/2014
Mr. Khitij Chopra, Dr. Abhishek Verma, Dr. Vivek Kumar, Dr. VK Jain “Wearable power generator for converting vibrational energy into electrical energy” 3821/DEL/2014
Saket Kumar GSM based power theft controlled real time monitoring switch 3329/DEL/2014
Dr. Ashok Kumar Raghav, Mr. Gautam Parjapati, Mr. Rishbh Aswal, Mr. Pavleen Singh Bali “Gyroscopic multi-movement ducted propeller for aircraft” 3221/DEL/2014
Mr. Khitij Chopra, Dr. Sujata Pandey “Integrated circuit for converting low voltage AC to normal DC voltages” 3220/DEL/2014
Amlan Chakraborty, Pranav Patni, Sitansu S. Lahari “A novel method for dissolving proteins which are not readily soluble in aqueous buffer” 3219/DEL/2014
Dr. Manali Datta, Dr. Vinod S. Gour, Preeti A Simple food storage and preservation chamber 3126/DEL/2014
Dr. Preeti Mathur, Ms. Richa Yadav, Ms. Mohini Chourasia, Mr. Dharmendra Singh Mehta Antibiotic compositions comprising an extract from datura plant and method for preparation thereof 3125/DEL/2014
Mr. Rahul Sindhwani, Ms. Punj Lata Singh, Mr. Ankur Dixit, Mr. Navneet Singh Modified fluid storage tank 3124/DEL/2014
Dr. Upendra Nagaich , Mr. Ashish Kumar, Ms. Divya, Benzalkonium chloride coated copper nanoparticles aided condom lubricant 3123/DEL/2014
Dr. Pritam Babu Sharma, Dr. Ashok Kumar Raghav Aqua splitting hydrogen for internal combustion engine 3122/DEL/2014
Dr. Ashok Kumar Raghav, Dr. Pritam Babu Sharma, Mr. Ankit Tiwari, Mr. Bhavya Bhasin, Mr. Yash Raghav Magnetic power electricity generation device 3121/DEL/2014
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta “A phytoceutical product for skin care and process for the preparation thereof” 3025/DEL/2014
SS Narayanan, Abhishek Kardam, Nitin Bhardwaj, Devinder Madhwal, Abhishek Verma, Prashant Shukla “Nano-Cellulose – Nano-/Micro- Graphite Flakes Embedded In Organic/Hydrated Inorganic Salt as PCM Composite for Solar Thermal Energy Storage Applications” 3024/DEL/2014
Upendra Nagaich, Ashish Kumar “Car Seat Cover with Triple Layer system” 3023/DEL/2014
Mr. Saket Kumar, Prof. AK Jairath, Mr. Harshvardhan Joshi, Mr. Bhupesh Kumar Singh, Mr. Aditya Pratap Singh “Green Energy Based Air-Conditioner 2983/DEL/2014
Dr. PK Kapoor, Dr. SK Khatri, Ms. Shruti Nagpal A system and method for Measuring Efficiency of ERP Testing Components 2982/DEL/2014
Dr. Ashish Mathur A miniaturized sensor based on microfluidic patform for caffeine detection from blood samples 2961/DEL/2014
SK Rajput, S Gullaiya, Dheeraj Nagpal Herbal nanoparticle based targeted drug delivery for alcohol intoxication 2960/DEL/2014
Dr. Upendra Nagaich (AIP), Mr. Ashish Kumar A helmet with disposable dual layer system to prevent alopecia 2959/DEL/2014
Neeraj Kumar Magnetoelectric composites for multifunctional memory devices and a method for preparation thereof 2958/DEL/2014
Dr. Anita Gupta A novel organotin sorbate complex with enhanced antimicrobial and anti-tumor activity 2899/DEL/2014
Dr. Ashish Mathur A microfluidic based point-of-care system for early detection of acute myocardial infraction 2898/DEL/2014
Mr. Robin Kumar, Dr. Neelam Khushwaha, Dr. Ranjit Kumar Ammonia Gas sensing device using a Thin Film of MnO2 Nano-fibers 2897/DEL/2014
Gaytri Gupta, Rahul Kumar Verma LPG Cylinder Trolley 2896/DEL/2014
Amlan Chakraborty, Pranav Patni, Sitansu S. Lahari A novel oral formulation for cancer therapy, loaded in a slow release matrix for targeted delivery 2895/DEL/2014
Bijaylaxmi Panda Reduced graphene oxide (RGO) - Metal oxide based Visible light active photocatalyst for pollutant abatement and a process thereof 2894/DEL/2014
Dr Priya Ranjan Portable Pre-paid Energy Meter with easy Recharge Interface 2573/DEL/2014
Dr Ashutosh Gupta Portable automatic switch controlling device for controlling switch 2572/DEL/2014
Himanshu Gupta An improved method and system for enhancing security using hybrid key encryption algorithm 2548/DEL/2014
Dr Subhasha Nigam(AIB) Dr Rachna Singh Ms Surbhi Sinha Ms Savera Aggarwal Ms Shifu Aggarwal Dye decolourization method using algal species Chlorella pyrenoidosa 2547/DEL/2014
Dr Seema Garg ( AIAS) Dr Amrish Chandra Synthesis and photocatalytic applications of novel Green BioRr nanoparticles for wastewater treatment 2546/DEL/2014
Ajit Varma Plant Growth Promoting formulation of Piriformospora indica and Azotobacter chroococcum with talcum powder PCT/IN2014/000447 (including 2017/DEL/2013 & 1803/DEL/2014)
Ajit Varma Plant Growth Promoting formulation of Piriformospora indica and Azotobacter chroococcum with talcum powder 1803/DEL/2014
Ashok Kumar Raghav, Jagdish Rai Luthra, Shiv Sharma A novel electronic LPG Cylinder Weighing Machine 417/DEL/2014
ABV Kiran Kumar, Mohan Raja (Method for the synthesis of Thin Silver Nanowires (tAgNWs) 370/DEL/2014
Mr. Mayank Shukla, Shyam Sunder Agrawal A device for management and/or treatment of joint inflammation 369/DEL/2014
Dr. Susmita Shukla, Dr. Shiv Kant Shukla Novel medium for enhanced in vitro shoot proliferation of Stereospermum suaveolens 368/DEL/2014
Mohan Raja, ABV Kiran Kumar A novel method of forming flexible multi-walled carbon nanotube foil 367/DEL/2014
Ms. Pinki Nayank An energy efficient approach for multimedia applications in mobile Ad-hoc using variable range transmission 366/DEL/204
Sangeeta Tiwari , Richa sharma Amorphous Alumino Silicates Derived From Fly Ash As Functional Pigment For Cool Coatings 136/DEL/2014
Suresh K. Yadav, Mala Trivedi, Rajesh K. Tiwari A polypropylene flap for ironed clothes 135/DEL/2014
Ashish Mathur, Mr. Robin Kumar A portable, low cost microfluidic system for clean synthesis of nanoparticles 49/DEL/2014
Mr. Radhesham Chaudhury An improved hydraulicall y actuated close die forging machine 48/DEL/2014
Saket Kumar, Gaurav Yadav, Ashutosh Gupta, Rashmi Swarnkar Rashmi Swarnkar Optical heating element system 47/DEL/2014
Sandip Chakravarti, Dr. Om. Prkash Sinha A novel scalable bottom-up method for cost effective and high yield synthesis of doped Carbon Nano-Sheets 46/DEL/2014
Dr.Bijayalaxmi Panda Synthesis of iron based low cost binary mixed metal oxide semiconductor 3748/DEL/2013
Saket Kumar, Gaurav Yadav, Ashutosh Gupta, Rashmi Swarnkar Rashmi Swarnkar Portable electronics drilling coal moisture measuring device 3747/DEL/2013
Ashok Kumar Raghav, Amrendra Nath Pathak, Mahendra singh meena LPG level indicator device for LPG cylinder 3746/DEL/2013
Subhasha Nigam Antibacterial property of Green Seaweed Chaetomorpha sp. Against Helicobacter pylori 3711/DEL/2013
Mr. Radhesham Chaudhury An improved bi-functional pen 3710/DEL/2013
Dr. Sumedha Mohan, Dr. Praveen Dahiya, Ms. Seema Raj In-vitro antibacterial activity of Jatropha curcas grown on fly ash amended soil 3640/DEL/2013
Mr. Gaurav Gupta Wheel chair cum car seat system and method of preparation thereof 3587/DEL/2013
Subhasha Nigam, Rachana Singh, Savera Aggarwal, Surbhi Aggarwal, Shifu Aggarwal Dye decolourization method using algal species Chlorella pyrenoidosa 3442/DEL/2013
Suresh K. Yadav, Somali Sanyal Improved gel casting apparatus for electrophoresis 3441/DEL/2013
Suresh K. Yadav, Somali Sanyal Micropipette ejector attachment system 3440/DEL/2013
Girish Kumar Goswami, Amrendra Nath Pathak, Khushbu Soni A process for production of vegetarian Green - Blue Cheese by incorporating L. acidophilus strain with Penicillium roqueforti 3282/DEL/2013
Harsha Kharkwal, Monika Joshi, Preeti Panthari, Pranuav Balaji Novel synthesis of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles using cinnamon leaf extract 3281/DEL/2013
Deepshikha Pande Katare. Pallavi Sharma, Ruchi Jakmola, Kumud Bala Tacrine-quercetin conjugates form for treatment of Alzheimer's diseasee 3280/DEL/2013
Dr. Manoj Kulshreshtha, Mr. Ankit Paliwal A Novel method for Blanchin of Potato using Natural Yoghurt 3279/DEL/2013
Saket Kumar, Gaurav Yadav, Rashmi Swarnkar Robotic shoe cleaner device 3199/DEL/2013
Harsha Kharkwal, Monika Joshi, Preeti Panthari, Pranauv Balaji Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using ethanolic extract of zanthoxylum alatum leaves 3104/DEL2013
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash, A novel formulation for the preparation of herbal insect repellent and the process thereof 3103/DEL/2013
Amrish Chandra, Rahul Mathur, Preeti Gautam Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Centratherum anthelminticum plant tissue extract 3102/DEL/2013
Ashok Kumar Raghav, Anil Chadha . Brick work joint raking device 3101/DEL/2013
Neeraj Kumar A Novel Ferroelectric-Polymer thin Nanocomposites film of Poly Ethylene Oxide (PEO) and Cesium Nitrate and its Method of Preparation 3100/DEL/2013
Harsha Kharkwal Improved additive composition for paper industry 3039/DEL/2013
Deepshikha. Harsha Kharkwal, Kumud Bala Antiovulatory lepidin based novel formulation and a method for the preparation thereof 2986/DEL/2013
P. Banerjee, Jaynendra Kumar Rai An environment friendly device to keep insects/ housefly away from desired area 2985/DEL/2013
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash, A Novel composition for herbal bath soap and process for the preparation of the same 2928/DEL/2013
Ashok Kumar Raghav, Subhra, Sanjeev Kumar Sharma Electricity from wind turbine system using solar chimney draft 2927/DEL/2013
Deepsikha Katare, Neha Mathur, Vidhu Aeri Hepatoprotective drug by using Cichorium intybus extract in novel polysaccharide 2831/DEL/2013
Rupesh Kumar Basniwal,Suman Nagpal, Devender Madhwal, Vinod Kumar Jain A rechargeable battery system from waste material 2773/DEL/2013
Ms. Madhulika Bhadauria, Dr. Abhay Bansal, Ms. Madhurima Improved system and method for video object trackin using soft computing techniques 2772/DEL/2013
Seema Garg , Amrish Chandra Microwave assisted green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Nyctanthes arbor-trisitis plant extract 2771/DEL/2013
Rajesh Kumar Saluja, Alok Nath Sharma, Adarsh Gaurav An improved system and method for steering controlled headlights 2698/DEL/2013
Ashok Kumar Raghav, Viveak Ballyan, Ram Kishan Malik. Sorting machine for roundish shaped vegetables and fruits 2697/DEL/2013
Ashok Kumar Raghav, Viveak Ballyan, Ram Kishan Malik. Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica) Piercing Machine for Making Amla Murabba 2696/DEL/2013
Neerupma Dhiman, S.S. Aggarwal Novel heterocyclic II receptor antagonist compounds and method of preparation thereof 2695/DEL/2013
Nidhi Chandra, Anju Mishra An Intelligent Video Camera to detect covered faces to prevent theft on ATM machines 2688/DEL/2013
Ashok Kumar Raghav, Anil Chadha A novel fresh concrete mix and fillability test device 2687/DEL/2013
B.K. Malik, Dharmendra Jain, Vimarsh Raina A method and kit for detection of Fanconi Anemia 2657/DEL/2013
V.K Jain, Abhishek Verma Portable clean energy generator using rare-earth magnets, ferro-fluids and compressed or expanded air 2656/DEL/2013
Deepshikha Katare, Lotika Chawla, Neerupma Dhiman, Kumud Bala A novel therapeutic dicyclopenthyl compound and its method of preparation thereof 2581/DEL/2013
Mr. Partha Sarathi, M.K. Dutta Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) tool wear analysis using dynamic image processing algorithms 2580/DEL/2013
Shanu Sharma, Divya Upadhyay, Misha Kakkar Fast and efficient method for off-line handwritten character recognition 2579/DEL/2013
Harsha Kharkwal Novel self defense spray formulation 2526/DEL/2013
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta A novel process for the preparation of antioxidant product with strong antimutagenic and free radical scavenging activities derived from agri-horticultural waste. 2525/DEL/2013
Sangeeta Tiwari A novel fly ash based zeolitic extender pigment for use as anti-corrosive additive in Paints 2475/DEL/2013
Aditi Sangal, Sunita Rattan Development of cinnamon-cumin dual drug loaded poly (D, L-lactide-co-glycolide) coated polymeric nanoparticles for sustained release of anti-diabetic drugs 2474/DEL2013
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash, A novel composition for the preparation of herbal mosquito repeallent and the process thereof 2415/DEL/2013
Deepshikha Pandey Khatare, Kumud Bala, Puneet Kacher, Ruchi Jakhmola Rivastigmine and Quercetin conjugate form for treatment of Alzheimer's disease 2414/DEL/2013
Praveen Khare An improved double Distillation unit 2413/DEL/2013
Ritesh Kumar A robotic arm with gripper & end effectors for projection welding 2412/DEL/2013
Ashish Mathur, Harsh Jain, Om Prakash Sinha, R.P. Singh A novel hand held micro-electrode sensor for detecting fuel adulteration based on micro-fluidic platform 2374/DEL/2013
Deepak Kumar, Mr. Ali Alwasouf A system and method for extending SOA to enable automatic web service composition (XSOA2AC) 2373/DEL/2013
Deepsikha Katare, Kumud Bala Neerupama Dhiman, Savita Mishral A novel synergistic formulation for inhibition of tumor growth and method of preparation thereof 2372/DEL/2013
Arun Chauhan, Akhil Chauhan, Abhishek Chauhan, Rajesh Puri, C.P.S Raghav, Shravan Kumar Process development for not less than 40% L-Dopa from mucuna pruriens seeds 2368/DEL/2013
Dr.Bijayalaxmi Panda Microwave mediated synthesis of an oxidizing agent for dy degradation 2310/DEL/2013
Bhawana, Nitin Bhardwaj, Vasuda Bhatia, Vinod Kumar Jain A novel graphite oxide based on enzymatic cholesterol sensor 2208/DEL/2013
Divya Upadhyay , Misha Kakkar, Shanu Sharma Process to secure database using PKI 2207/DEL/2013
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash, A novel composition for the preparation of herbal incense stick (herbal agarbatti) and the process thereof 2206/DEL/2013
Neeraj Kumar A process for stability of ferroelectric phase (phase-III) of Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) composite thin films and method for preparation of thin films 2205/DEL/2013
Manju Pathak A probiotic enriched Vigna radiata (Mung Beans) seeds 2154/DEL/2013
Prof. Shyam Sunder Agarwal, Dheeraj Nagpal Formulation and Evaluation of Transdermal Patch for Sildenafil Citrate 2107/DEL/2013
Yogesh Singh Rathore, Jyoti Rathore Formulation of pH sensitive Mucoadhesive Microspheres of Omephrazole 2106/DEL/2013
S.S. Aggarwal Novel composition of Androgen & Estrogen for hypoactive sexual desire disorder 1026/DEL/2011
S.S. Aggarwal Novel composition of Progesterone & Estrogen and its methods for delivering thereof 1025/DEL/2011
R.K. Tyagi, Power generation by speed breaker with the help of spring and fly wheel mechanism 2068/DEL/2013
Archek Praveen Kumar, Pushpa Gothwal PTPDSTAV Integrated Health Monitoring Machine 2020/DEL/2013
K.K. Bandopadhyay, Debarati Paul Artificial soil composition for degrading industrial effluents to achieve clean environment and high crop yield 2018/DEL/2013
Monika Arora, Malik Zainul Abdin, Ajit Varma Plant growth promoting root endophyte 2017/DEL/2013
Sunita Ratan, Prachi Singhal Homogenization of nanoparticles in Poly (3,4-ethylenedioxy thiophene)/ poly (4-styrene sulphonate) (PEDOT:PSS)/nanographite nanocomposites using swift heavy ions and thereby enhancing the Sensing Properties 2016/DEL/2013
Shashi Chawla Automatic burette with sensor 1964/DEL/2013
Alok Kumar, Hemant Chauhan, Angad Chawla, Tarun Kumar, Tejeshwar Singh, Abhijeet Gupta Multi-utility Machine Tool 1963/DEL/2013
Mohd. Rizwan Jafar F.A.F.T - Rizwan's and Amity's Foot Pump Technology 1962/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi A novel method and system to improve performance of spark ignition engine 1792/DEL/2013
Shashi Chawla Automatic Stalgmometer with a sensor 1794/DEL/2013
Ashish Mathur, Om Prakash Sinha, R.P. Singh Label free diagnosis of allergy to drugs using a point of care (POC) device based on micro fluidic platform 1793/DEL/2013
Vinod Singh Gaur, A Portable Floating Distilled Water Unit Equipped with Alarm System 1771/DEL/2013
V.George.P. Pushpangadan.Thadiyan Parambil Ijinu, Aswany Thomas An herbal anti-mite formulationf or treatment of rabbit ear canker and associated infections 1734/DEL/2013
Shashi Chawla An proved conical flask with a sensor 1714/DEL/2013
Prabir Kumar Paul, V Bhuvaneshwari A simple and rapid method for isolation of DNA from bacteria, fungi, plant and animal tissue 1628/DEL/2013
Sangeeta Tiwari, Rashmi Rani Padhy A method for preparation of nano-sized zeolite particles 1627/DEL/2013
Garima Awasthi, Aseem Kulshreshtha A novel pressure filtration unit and method of preparation thereof 1557/DEL/2013
Suman Nagpal, Abhishek Kardam, Meeta Gera, Vinod Kumar Jain Nanocellulose and silver nano embedded pebbles based composite for complete removal of dyes, heavy metals and microbial load from water 1556/DEL/2013
Deepak Kumar A flexible software testing system by incorporating change point in SRG 1555/DEL/2013
Harsha Kharkwal Sun Screen Lotion/Gel formulation for skin flushing and inflammation 1521/DEL/2013
Shashi Chawla An improved measuring cylinder with sensor 1516/DEL/2013
Shashi Chawla Automatic Viscometer 1515/DEL/2013
Shashi Chawla An improved walking aid cum seating arrangment for disable person with a sensor and GPS system 1443/DEL/2013
Dr. Malay Ranjan Tripaty An efficient microwave imaging technique for biomedical application 1444/DEL/2013
MK Dutta System and method for watermarking of digital media with encrypted biometric images 1403/DEL/2013
Sushmita Mitra & Ms. Gizelle Sethi Novel biodegradable nanoparticles for controlled release drug delivery 1402/DEL/2013
R K. Tyagi ,RS Pandey A novel system to reduce ignition delay in diesel engine by introducing electromagnetic waves generated in plasma 1404/DEL/2013
Dr. A.L. Verma, Swati Saxena & Sunita Rattan Metalloporphyrin - Functionalized CNT Composite as Chemiresistive Sensor for Detection of Nitrobenzene and Chlorobenzene Vapors 1316/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi, Ravi Ranjan System and method to reduce theft problem of vehicle by automatic hand brake locking 1315/DEL/2013
Riti Thapar Kapoor An insecticidal extracts/composition derived from Rauvolfia Tetraphylla and its method of preparation thereof 1271/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi, Ravi Ranjan A novel system and mechanism for locking steering wheel of an automobile 1270/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi, Rohit Kumar A Novel method and system to improve performance of compression ignition engine 1123/DEL/2013
Harsha Kharkwal Makeup Removal Composition and a method of preparation thereof 1122/DEL/2013
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash, A novel herbal formulation to wash Fruits and Vegetables and process for the preparation thereof 1121/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi, Ravi Ranjan System and method for locking petrol and diesel injection to eliminate theft problem 1120/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi, Ravi Ranjan A novel system for heating exhaust gas 1119/DEL/2013
Neelam Yadav Development of heavy metal (Cr) scavenging bio-nitro fertilizers 1118/DEL/2013
John E Moses Novel Heat Retardant 1062/DEL/2013
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash A Novel Compositiion for Herbal Face wash and Process for the Preparation of the same 890/DEL/2013
Yogesh Singh Rathore, An improved traffic light management system 892/DEL/2013
Harsha Kharkwal A Biodegradable Bioplastic formulation and a method of for preparing the same 891/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi, Rohit Kumar Anit theft device implanted on exhaust system of automobiles to reduce vehicle theft 777/DEL/2013
V.L. Panda Low cost and eco-friendly production of an electro-active polyaniline and binary metal dichalcogenide composite 778/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi, Ravi Ranjan An improved antitheft system and method for vehicles 717/DEL/2013
Dhanprakash, Charu Gupta A novel phyto-pharmaceutical functional supplement for good general health and process for the preparation thereof 718/DEL/2013
Vinod Singh Gaur, Malani, Datta Automated online equipment designed to carry out phyto-chemical analysis 714/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi, Ravi Ranjan A novel system for leakage detection of brake oil fluid in automobiles 591/DEL/2013
Tanu Jindal Photochemical method for degradation of persistence pesticide 592/DEL/2013
Jaya Pandey Preparation of self-cleaning textiles with hydrophobic coatings 594/DEL/2013
Harsha Kharkwal Lipstick formulation and method for preparing the same 593/DEL/2013
Sandeep Nagar, Suman, Meena Gera, Somik Chakravarty,Prasant Shukla, Abhishek Verma, VK Jain Power generation based on optically excited plasmons suspended in water using re-chargeable paper battery 492/DEL/2013
AL Verma, Swati Saxena Detection Of Btx Vapors Based On Metal-Tetraphenylporphyrin Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Composite Sensors 493/DEL/2013
Deepak Gambhir Multirate turbo code based image transmission 491/DEL/2013
Abbhinav Chauhan, Automatic screw fastening/ bolting machine 451/DEL/2013
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta A novel phyto-pharmaceutical functional supplement for pancreatic health and process for the preparation thereof 458/DEL/2013
Gaytri Gupta, Rahul Kumar Verma Self lifting cloth iron 381/DEL/2013
Harsha Kharkwal Improved cling packaging films for food industry 382/DEL/2013
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash A novel composition for herbal body cleanser and process for the preparation of the same 3440/DEL/2014
Suresh K. Yadav, Richa Singh, Apoorva Agarwal An Improvement in the electric socket protection structure 306/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi, Rohit Kumar, Kartik Panchal A novel system and method for efficient cooling of brake disc at higher speed 308/DEL/2013
Sumitra Singh Pain relief composition and a method for preparing the same 307/DEL/2013
Rachana Nagal, Vaibhav Narula Suspended feedback mechanism of adaptive noise canceller 309/DEL/2013
Shivani Verma An improved design of Interleaver for Turbo Codes 232/DEL/2013
Harsha Kharkwal Novel carbohydrate for water soluble paints 231/DEL/2013
Ashutosh Gupta, Satyam Kumar, neeraj Kumar, Notched stacked ultra wide band dielectric resonator antenna for wireless communication applications 119/DEL/2013
DD Joshi A process for preparation of extract of Euphorbia thymifolia with therapeutic ingredients 118/DEL/2013
Deep Kumar Gupta Adjustable door/window rectangular frame fixture 117/DEL/2013
Rachana Singh, N. Srivastava, Rajesh K. Tiwari Improved centrifuge rotor assembly 120/DEL/2013
A. Chakravarti,A. Gupta, SS Lahiri Bioelectricity, waste remediation and increased Nitrogenase activity in plants by expression of nifF, nifJ gene in Geobacter metallireducens 73/DEL/2013
A. Das Gupta, SS Lahiri, A Chakraborty A system and method for label free detection of DNA hybridization 38/DEL/2013
Shubhadeep Purkayastha A method for preparation of a nanoformulation for specific targeting anddrug delivery across the blood brain barrier 37/DEL/2013
Shruti Mathur Method for production of biosurfactant by Bacillus thuringiensis grown on mustard seed meal 35/DEL/2013
Maryam Sarwat, Pooja Singh Novel therapeutic constituents for treating human breast cancer cells 36/DEL/2013
Shubhadeep Purkayastha Stilbene functionalized PEGylated nanoparticles of chitosan/silica 39/DEL/2013
Maryam Sarwat, Pooja Singh, SS Agrawal A method of using Pomegranate extract for Anticancer Activity on Human Breast Cancer Cells 2/DEL/2013
R.K. Tyagi, Rohit Kumar An improved system for engagement and disengagement of clutch using actuator 3/DEL/2013
Pratima Solanki, Tinku Basu Sensitive and specific immunosensor for the Vibrio cholera detection 3964/DEL/2012
Arpita Bhattacharya, RP Singh A micro incasulation of citronella oil for slow release insect repellant formulation 3962/DEL/2012
Tanu Jindal, Anuj Ranjan Development of natural pesticides from plants with acetyl cholinesterase inhibitory activity 3963/DEL/2012
V. Bhuvaneshwari, PK Paul Kit for demonstrating protein-protein interaction in cytoplasm of plants 3961/DEL/2012
Sumitra Singh Herbal chocolate formulation with immunomodulatory activity 3865/DEL/2012
Rajni Singh, Sonali Gupta, Rajshree Saxena Synergistic composition of apricot and walnut oil as novel broad spectrum anti-microbial 3862/DEL/2012
Sitansu S. Lahari, Amlan Chakraborty, Apoorv Gupta Natural preservatives obtained from plant Cinnamomum tamala to increase the shelf life of the dairy products 3864/DEL/2012
Sumitra Singh Instant pain relief composition and method for preparing the same 3863/DEL/2012
M.K. Dutta Generation of digital watermark from iris and fingerprint data by two stage encryption using chaotic maps 3782/DEL/2012
Saba Hasan, M.I. Ansari, A method for mass scale production of Trichoderma and a mycopesticide formulation comprising the same. 3780/DEL/2012
Navodit Goel, P K. Paul A botanical formulation for control of human enteric pathogens on fresh farm produce 3781/DEL/2012
R.K. Tyagi, Anuj Raturi, Chendilvelan Kumarasamy System and method for reducing pollutants using vane chamber in exhaust system of automobile 3675/DEL/2012
Manju Pathak An effective formulation to inactivate pathogenic bacteria on seeds 3677/DEL/2012
Richa Kishan, Laksh Muchhal, OP Sinha Synthesis of nanostructured Al doped zinc oxide quantum dots by novel chemical route 3676/DEL/2012
Ranu Nayak, OP Sinha, Novel mechanism in a heterojunction semiconductor photovoltaic solar cell for increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness 3674/DEL/2012
Rajashree Das, V.Pooja, Hina sanwal, Shweta Mahant, Seema Bhatnagar A methanolic extract of lichen Parmelia as potent anti- Helicobacter pylori agent 3595/DEL/2012
Deepsikha Katare , Dheeraj Nagpal Liposomes of gossypin for the treatment of epilepsy. 3594/DEL/2012
Vijayanand A system and method for real time GPS tracking 3590/DEL/2012
Ritesh Kumar, Robotic arm (2R) with new gripper and spot welder end effectors. 3589/DEL/2012
Sohini Singh, Tanu Allen,Bhawa Madan Herbal formulation using sea buckthorn leaves against cadmium toxicity 3541/DEL/2012
Joyeeta Mitra , PK Paul A broad spectrum botanical biocide for control of crop pathogens 3542/DEL/2012
John E Moses, James V Burnley, Giorgio Carbone, Monalisa Mukherjee The alkali metal tertiary butoxide promoted, thiazolium salt, catalysed synthesis of electron deficient amides 3453DEL/2012
Sabri Ghosal A novel plant derived alkaloid of quinolone class with cytotoxic activity 3456/DEL/2012
Sabri Ghosal A novel plant derived unique steroidal glycoside with cytotoxic activity 3455/DEL/2012
Harsha Kharkwal DD Joshi, Amit C Kharkwal, Ram Prasad Multipurpose cream for skin ailments 3452/DEL/2012
Harsha Kharkwal Vegetarian hard capsule 3454/DEL/2012
Subhasha Nigam, Rajshree Das Methanolic extract of Anabaena 7120 showing antimicrobial activity against Helicobacter pylori 3361/DEL/2012
Suresh K. Yadav, Akanksha Srivastav, ShwetaSankhla Vehicle ventilation system and device for circulating air in a four wheeler 3360/DEL/2012
Mala Trivedi, Suresh K. Yadav Educational based Flower shaped pen. 3330/DEL/2012
Abhinav Chauhan Mosquito/ insect repellent shoe sole 3331/DEL/2012
Suman Nagpal, Prasant Shukla, Meeta Gera, VK Jain A method for preparation of paper battery using graphene and silver nano composite 3268/DEL/2012
MM Premlatha A novel diagnostic kit comprising whole cell protein and outer membrane protein of Leptospira interrogans serovars 3269/DEL/2012
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta, A novel antimutagenic phytoceutical herbal formulation and process for the preparation thereof 3270/DEL/2012
R.K. Tyagi, Anju Ratudi, K. Chendilvelan A system and method for cleaning crank case impurities using compressor system 3271/DEL/2012
R.K. Tyagi An apparatus for installing and pulling out submersible pump from bore-well 3187/DEL/2012
Amar Arora, Vishesh Garg A bottle with push button controlled base 3186/DEL/2012
Anupama Avasthi, Sadhna Sinha, Sharmishtha Purkayastha, S. Ghosal A bioactive extract of plant Orchis latifolia for antibacterial and anticandidal activities 3125/DEL/2012
Sumitra Singh An herbal formulation for treating stress and associated systems 3127/DEL/2012
Seem Bhatnagar B. Jayaram, Megha Rikhi, Anjali Soni, Swati Kaushik 1,3-diacetyl biphenyl analogs, their derivatives and salts thereof as anti-cancer agents 3126/DEL/2012
Suresh K. Yadav,Anju Sharma, Garima Gupta, Rajnish Kumar Foldable Laptop Stand 3129/DEL/2012
Anju Mishra, Shivang Sharma, Saru Dhir An environment friendly green tablet PC. 3128/DEL/2012
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash Herbal cough candy and process for the preparation of the same 3038/DEL/2012
Garima Awasthi A novel method for production of biodiesel from waste oil 2978/DEL/2012
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash A novel composition of herbal floor disinfectant and process for the preparation thereof 2979/DEL/2012
SS Lahiri, A Chakraborty A novel ambient stable DNA diagnostic kit for detection of microbial and genetic diseases 2977/DEL/2012
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta A novel free radical scavenging herbal health protective formulation from reactive oxygen species and associated disorders 2980/DEL/2012
Tanu Jindal Low cost water testing kit 2912/DEL/2012
Aditi Sangal, Sunita Ratan A novel composition of cinnamon- loaded polymeric nanoparticles in gum base for oral controlled release of cinnamon 2860/DEL/2012
Harsha Kharkwal ,DD Joshi, Amit C. Kharkwal, Ram Prasad Thickening agents for food, textile and paint industry 2800/DEL/2012
Prachi Singhal, Sunita Ratan, AL Verma Chemiresistive sensors comprising PEDOT: PSS/NGPs Nanocomposites for detection of nitro aromatics 2799/DEL/2012
Brijesh Pandey, RK Tiwari, Divya, Md. Shariq Iqbal, Devesh Sharma, Sanyog Dwivedi, Deependar Kumar, A thermostable peroxidase from Bael [Aegle marmelos(Linn.) correa], and method of isolation thereof 2740/DEL/2012
Shoma Paul, Shubhi Mehrotra, Asish K. Mukhopadhyay, Kshipra Misra Quercetin isolated from Datura metel has anti - helicobacter pyloric activity 2741/DEL/2012
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash Leaf protein concentrate based novel functional food to combat malnutrition and anaemia and process for the preparation thereof 2742/DEL/2012
Preeti Panthari ,Harsha Kharkwal, Hina Sanwal, Amit C. Kharkwal, Ram Prasad, DD Joshi A novel composition for the preparation of Herbal Tea 2646/DEL/2012
Abhinav Chauhan Desert cooler for cooling and heating 2640/DEL/2012
Sumitra Singh A natural tea for promoting stress resistance, combating anxiety and fatigue 2645/DEL/2012
Suresh K. Yadav, Mala Trivedi, Brijesh Pandey, Rajesh K. Tiwari Protein Based Kit for Sex determination of Papaya 2601/DEL/2012
Ajit Varma Synthesis of natural saponin through co-cultivation of microorganisms 2491/DEL/2012
Brijesh Pandey, R.K. Tiwari, Divya A kit for early detection of fruit setting in Mango trees 2442/DEL/2012
Preeti Panthari, Harsha Kharkwal , DD Joshi An herbal Sun screen protection cream 2441/DEL/2012
Mala Trivedi, Suresh K. Yadav, Shiv Shanker, Rajnish Kumar, Anju Sharma, RK Tiwari A method for enhancing seed germination percentage in Asparagus racemosus plant 2440/DEL/2012
Abhinav Chauhan An improved fan assembly for vibrationless performance 2364/DEL/2012
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash A novel composition of herbal dish washer and method for the preparation thereof 2365/DEL/2012
Mala Trivedi, Suresh K. Yadav, Shiv Naresh, Richa Varma, Jyoti Prakash, RK Tiwari, (An improved method for treatment of industry effluents by using hydrophytic weed plant (Eichhornia sp 2321/DEL/2012
Hemant Chouhan, Kuldeep Kumar Power steering system using energy of vibrating shock absorber 2322/DEL/2012
Rajni Singh, Sonali Gupta, Novel application of keratinase from newly isolated Bacillus subtilis for synthesis of spherical shaped Gold nanoparticles 2323/DEL/2012
Sunita Ratan, Prachi Singhal Modification of nanocomposite of poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/poly (4-styrene sulphonate) (PEDOT: PSS) / nano graphite through ion implantation technique 2239/DEL/2012
Praveen Kant, Shashi Bhusan, Amit K Singh, VR Srivastava, Navneet Srivastava, Aditi Singh, Rajesh K. Tiwari Lab incubator by recycled materials 2240/DEL/2012
Harsha Kharkwal ,DD Joshi, Deepsikha Katare, AC Kharkwal, Navin Nainwal, Kumud Bala Carbohydrate based biodegradible and hydro biodegradable Plastics 2140/DEL/2012
Hemant Chouhan, Arjun Chauhan Advance brake failure alarm system 2139/DEL/2012
Rachana Singh Degradation of ethidium bromide using bacterial strain 2138/DEL/2012
Debajyoti Bose, Amrendra Nath Pathak ' Production of Bio-Alcohol Utilizing Jackfruit Wastes 2141/DEL/2012
Deepsikha Katare Neha Mathur, Harsha Kharkwal, Kumud Bala, Vidu Aeri Novel Formulation of Standardized Extract of Psoralea corylifolia for the Treatment of Liver Cirrhosis 2103/DEL/2012
K. saxena, Amit Kumar, Nishant Malik, Pramod Kumar, VK Jain Very sensitive humidity sensor based on conducting polymer nano-composite 2102/DEL/2012
Preeti Mathur Low cost Vitamin A rich food supplement 2025/DEL/2012
S.S. Lahiri Immortalization of DNA in a ready to use form 2026/DEL/2012
Harsha Kharkwal ,DD Joshi, AC Kharkwal A method for the preparation of novel Polysaccharide Ethers 2026/DEL/2012
Manju Pathak, A.K. Srivastava Lens culinaris (lentil) as probiotic food 1912/DEL/2012
Manju Pathak, A.K. Srivastava Arachis hypogaea (peanut) as probiotic food 1911/DEL/2012
Aarti Sharma, Vidushi Singh, Sudesna Saha Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) production from boiled rice wash 1910/DEL/2012
R K. Tyagi, RS Pandey E-glass-epoxy material yoke harness 1844/DEL/2012
AN.Pathak, Gaurav Nehru, Design of horizontal bioreactor for solid state fermentation 1783/DEL/2012
Bharat Singh, AN Pathak Enhancement of shikonin production by Azotobacter in hairy root cultures of Arnebia hispidissima (Lehm.) DC. 1782/DEL/2012
Apoorva Gupta, S.S. Lahiri UV mutagenesis followed by nucleotide excision repair in dark, increases quality and quantity of curd production 1784/DEL/2012
N.D. Kaushik, R K Tomar, Sukhvinder Singh. Embedded expert system for estimation of direct solar radiation 1663/DEL/2012
Deepsikha Pandey KatareHarsha Kharkwal, Kumud Bala Synthesis of a novel analogue of sorafenib for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma 1661/DEL/2012
Vishal Saini, Roshan K. Bhuyan, B.K. Agarwal, Two Phae Rotary Internal Combustion Engine 1662/DEL/2012
Girish Kumar Goswami, Amrendra Nath Pathak Genetically engineered E. coli expressing xylanase enzyme 1660/DEL/2012
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta, A novel herbal formulation for pancreatic health and process for the preparation thereof 1555/DEL/2012
Seema Garg .Amrish Chandra Herbal nano silver particles synthesized & stabilized by the extract of Saraca indica leaves 1556/DEL/2012
Kirti Rani sharma A modified process of purification of Colocasia esculenta (taro) alkaline phosphatase by bi-phase extraction 1554/DEL/2012
Manish K. Pant, Harsha Kharkwal, D.D.Joshi An improved method for isolation and purification of Berberine from species containing Berberine 1553/DEL/2012
V.K. Jain, Kanchan Saxena, Amit Kumar, Pramod Kumar Humidity based power generator and a method for preparing the same 1552/DEL/2012
Rajni Singh, Sonali Gupta Synthesis of Gold nanoparticles from phytopathogenic fungus Macrophomina phaseolina 1551/DEL/2012
M.K. Dutta A system and method for reverse digital watermarking in audio signals 1550/DEL/2012
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash A Novel Composition for Herbal mouth-wash and Process for the Preparation of the same 1376/DEL/2012
Bijaylaxmi Panda, Pragya Bansal Low cost convenient and electroactive Polyaniline-ceramic chalcogenide composites 1373/DEL/2012
Deepsikha Pandey katare, J.E. Moses, SKJain, Harsha Kharkwal, Pallavi Sharma, Kumud Bala, DD Joshi Novel synergistic drug for HCC 1374/DEL/2012
T. Basu, deepsikha, Ruchika Chaukan A novel reusable cholesterol biosensor based on gold nanoparticles decorated graphene-nanostructured polyaniline nanocomposite 1371/DEL/2012
Archana Chaturvedi , Neeta Bhagat An improved herbal formulation for treating diarrhea 1372/DEL/2012
Kirti Rani sharma An improved process for entrapment of alkaline phosphatase extracted from Azadirachta indica 1375/DEL/2012
Kumud Bala, Harsha Kharkwal, Deepsikha Katare Profound effect of Curcumin along with Vitamin-C on malathion induced toxicity reduction 1321/DEL/2012
Amrish Chandra,Seema Garg Herbal nano silver using Arnebia nebulis (ratanjot) for wound and burn treatment 1320/DEL/2012
Sadhna Sinha, Shamishtha Purkayastha , Anupama Sharma, Sabri Ghosal Effect of high altitude medicinal plant extracts against oxidative stress in patients undergoing chemotherapy 1319/DEL/2012
T. Basu, Ruchika Raghav A process for the development of triglyceride biosensor based on a Platinum nano particle and Polypyrrole nano composite electrode 1318/DEL/2012
Seema Garg ,Amrish Chandra Synthesis of silver nanoparticles from the bark of Ashoka tree 1238/DEL/2012
Deepsikha Pandey katare, J.E. Moses,SK Jain, Harsha Kharkwal,Pallavi Sharma,Kumud Bala, DD Joshi Targeted drug delivery for liver carcinoma using silymarin-drug conjugates 1239/DEL/2012
Ajay Vikram Singh An improved wireless transceiver device with reduced control packet overhead in Mobile Ad hoc Networks 1240/DEL/2012
Amrish Chandr,Seema Garg Targeted drug delivery system using ferrite nanoparticles 1193/DEL/2012
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash A Novel Composition for Herbal Hand-wash and Process for the Preparation of the same 1192/DEL/2012
Abhinav Chauhan Pine honeycomb pads for cooler 1131/DEL/2012
Harsha Kharkwal, Deepsikha Katare,Kumud Bala ,D.D. Joshi, Amit C. Kharkwal Polymer based gelatin free capsules 1031/DEL/2012
OP sinha, Sandeep Chakrabarti, M. Mukherjee, John E. Moses Efficient organic photovoltic devices using photoactive graphene oxide, organic linkers and semiconductor nanoparticles 1029/DEL/2012
Sandeep Chakrabarti, OP Sinha, M. Mukherjee, John E. Moses Graphene based chemical sensor for the detection of toxic heavy metal complexes in drinking water 1030/DEL/2012
Kirti Rani Development of improved diposable biostrips of activated woven silk fabric for testing pasteurized milk 942/DEL/2012
Monika Arora, Amit kharkwal, KS Bains, Ajit Varma Novel and new nutrient for cultivation of Piriformospora indica 944/DEL/2012
Seema Garg, Amrish Chandra Herbal Nano Silver Using Black Pepper for Acne Treatment 943/DEL/2012
Sunita Ratan, M. Mukherjee, J. E. Moses Development of novel nanocomposites as chemical sensors using functionalized graphite nanoparticles and grafted polymers through chemical ligation 806/DEL/2012
Kirti Rani A Modified Process of Purification of Phaseolus vulgaris (French beans) Alkaline Phosphatase by Aqueous Two Phase Extraction 807/DEL/2012
P. Shukla, V. Gaur, N. Bhardwaj, V. Bhatia,VK Jain Sensor for LPG and CO detection at room temperature and method for preparation thereof 748/DEL/2012
Garima Singhal,RP Singh,Riju Bhavesh Biofabrication of thermally stable Selenium nanoballs using dried Vitis vinifera (Raisin) extract 747/DEL/2012
Kirti Rani An improved process of purification of Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) alkaline phosphatase by aqueous two phase extraction 749/DEL/2012
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta Phytoestrogens enriched functional dietary supplement for use in the prevention of malnutrition, osteoporosis and associated disorders in females and process for the preparation thereof 648/DEL/2012
Kirti Rani Process for immobilization of alkaline phosphatase extracted from Azadirachta indica in nanoparticles of Egg Albumin 649/DEL/2012
Abhinav Chauhan Air cooler fan blade without vibration and cooler incorporating the same 590/DEL/2012
Kirti Rani Process for immobilization of glucose oxidase in emulsified nanoparticles of Bovine Serum Albumin 478/DEL/2012
Sairam Maduri,Manu Mayank,Dolly, Preeti Rathor, Shivam Bhattacharya,Amrish Chandra Photo-bioreactor for Continuous Product Extraction from Carbohydrate Secreting Microorganisms and Simultaneous Nutrient Replenishment 477/DEL/2012
HarshaKharkwal, Deepsikha Katare,Kumud Bala Navin Nainwal Shampoo for greasy and dry hair 467/DEL/2012
Kirti Rani Process for encapsulation of glucose oxidase in emulsified nanoparticles of Egg Albumin 466/DEL/2012
Suman Nagpal, V.K. Jain In situ genesis of silver nano in porous concrete pebbles using green technology for water purification 438/DEL/2012
Abhinav Chauhan Cooler with Citronella oil dispenser 439/DEL/2012
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash An antioxidant immunomodulator functional food supplement for general health care and process for the preparation of the same 386/DEL/2012
Kirti Rani An improved process of purification of Solanum tuberosum (potato) alkaline phosphatase by aqueous two phase extraction 387/DEL/2012
Kumud Bala, Harsha Kharkwal, Deepsikha Katare Dietary supplement for treating malathion induced toxicity in testis. 354/DEL/2012
Rajni Singh, Raj Shree Saxena, DD Joshi Herbal cream with natural antioxidants for wounds and burns 353/DEL/2012
Deepak Kumar A system and method for reliability growth model 277/DEL/2012
Amlan Chakraborty, Sitansu S. Lahari A rapid, inexpensive and chemical method for testing of blood group and a kit for the same. 276/DEL/2012
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta Novel functional food supplement for use as adjuvant therapy in the prevention of oxidative stress and associated disorders 170/DEL/2012
Harsha Kharkwal, DD Joshi, Deepsikha Katare, Kumud Bala Novel prebiotic product for treating hemorrhoid 171/DEL/2012
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash A fermented immuno-modulator beverage and process for the preparation thereof. 101/DEL/2012
Tanya Singh, Seema Verma, Improved real time analysis of packets for securing web server 100/DEL/2012
Deepsikha Katare, Kumud Bala, Harsha Kharkwal A Novel formulation for NASH (Nanoalcoholic steatohepatitis) 102/DEL/2012
MK Dutta A system and method for joint ownership of digital signals 38/DEL/2012
Shubhra Dixit Closed Loop Least-Mean-Square Adaptive Noise Canceller 39/DEL/2012
Harsha Kharkwal, D.D. Joshi, Deepsikha Katare, kumud Bala, Navin Nainwal Herbal colour for cosmetic and food industry 40/DEL/2012
Manish K. Pant, Harsha Kharkwak, DD Joshi Herbal Nail Polish 3881/DEL/2011
Abhinav Chauhan Runner system with increased diameter for injection molding machine 3880/DEL/2011
D.D. Joshi, Manish K. Pant, Harsha Kharkwal A herbal healing cream formulation for cracked heels. 3789/DEL/2011
Abhinav Chauhan Black spot removal machine integrated with grinder machine 3790/DEL/2011
Abhinav Chauhan Injection molding machine and controlled drop 3791/DEL/2011
Abhinav Chauhan A system and method for detection and removal of black spots 3792/DEL/2011
Dhan Prakash, Charu,(AIHRS) P. Pushpangadan, V. George An antimutagenic nutraceutical productderived from immature fruits of Parkia roxburghii and process for thepreparation of the same 3703/DEL/2011
Abhinav Chauhan, Liquid specific PET bottle 3619/DEL/2011
P. Dahiya Immobilization of Pseudomonas mendocina lipase with potential synthetic activities 3620/DEL/2011
Garima Singhal, RP Singh, Mima Kurian Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Myristica fragrans (nutmag) seed extract 3621/DEL/2011
Abhinav Chauhan, Soft insect repellent band for kids 3547/DEL/2011
Deepsikha Katare Lotika Chawla , DD Joshi Nanocarriers of natural L-Dopa for the treatment of Parkinson's disease 3546/DEL/2011
S. Ghosal, Priyanka , Sadana, Parul Significant effect of a constituent, isolated from Piper longum in eliciting leishmanicidal and cytotoxic activity 3545/DEL/2011
Abhinav Chauhan Chemical reaction based water geyser 3475/DEL/2011
Abhinav Chauhan, Anti-insect nylon legs for refrigerator 3474/DEL/2011
Deepsikha Katare, (AIB), Harsha.Kharkwal Novel formulation for non small cell lung cancer 3473/DEL/2011
BK Singh, Abhishek Verma, Vikesh, VK Jain, Vasudha Bhatia,Prasant Shukla, Nidhi Bhardawaj A novel room temperature, low cost,alarm based LPG sensor 3358/DEL/2011
P. Pushpangadan, V. Georg, Dhan Prakash,Bipin Mohan Dan,Harsha Kharkwal,CV Rao,CS Nautyal A novel herbal composition for muscle cramps and process for the preparation thereof 3357/DEL/2011
V.George.P. Pushpangadan,Dhan Prakash,Charu ,CV Rao,CS Nautyal A novel herbal composition for muscle cramps and process for the preparation thereof 3359/DEL/2011
Sohini Singh,Charul Sharma,Priyavrat Arya,Gayatri V. Singh, Tanu allen,AK Srivastav Microscopic slide for fixation and staining of microscopic parasite /specimen 3361/DEL/2011
Rajni Singh, Rajshree Saxena, Unique solvent stable Mn2+ activated metalloprotease from Bacillus sp. 3362/DEL/2011
RP Singh,R. Chandran,M.Sadasivam synthesis of Ag nanoparticles from seed extracts 3363/DEL/2011
Harsha Kharkwal, Dhan Prakash ,DD Joshi ,Deepsikha Katare High fibre dietary supplement for diabetes 3306/DEL/2011
Deepsikha Katare, A.C.Kharkwal An efficient method of fungal elicitation of callus cultures of Lepidium sativum for enhanced production of lepidine 3251/DEL/2011
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta, Pushpangadan, V. George A novel herbal product for rhematoid arthritis and muscular pain and process for the preparation thereof 3250/DEL/2011
P. Pushpangadan, Harsha Kharkwal, V. Georg, Novel Herbal formulation for treatment of eczema 3155/DEL/2011
Deepshikha Pandey Katare, Kumud Bala ,Harsha Kharkwal Novel formulation of Quercetin for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. 3154/DEL/2011
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash A novel functional beverage for use as adjuvant therapy in malnutrition, osteoporosis and as immuno-modulator 3006/DEL/2011
Sohini Singh, Charul Sharma, Priya Vrat Arya, Tanu Allen,Dipti Singh Phytocontrol of Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne Spp.) 3005/DEL/2011
DP Attrey Poly herbal formulation for improving the cognition and memory impairment 2983/DEL/2011
Harsha Kharkwal ,Preeti Panthari, DD Joshi, Manish Pant, DeepSikha Pande Katare Novel formulation for cancer 2984/DEL/2011
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan An improved moulded fan assembly 2931/DEL/2011
Anil Kumar Shukla Educational kit for the demonstration of8085 flags 2933/DEL/2011
Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Dr. V.K. Jain A system and method for controlling the temperature of air conditioner 2908/DEL/2011
Megha Rikhi, Swati, V.pooja,Hina, Seema Bhatnagar, AK Srivastava A novel bioactive extract for prevention / treatment of acne 2909/DEL/2011
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta A novel antioxidant nutraceutical for use as adjuvant therapy in the prevention and treatment of cancer 2860/DEL/2011
K R Unnikumar, Neetu Jabalia A novel method to detect Z-DNA form 2858/DEL/2011
Archna Kumar,Asfiya Zayeem Fuller's earth clay based semiochemical formulation 2859/DEL/2011
Harsha Kharkwal, Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta Carotenoids enriched functional foods derived from agri-horticultural waste 2857/DEL/2011
Girish Sharma, A K Srivastav A novel nutraceutical product for use as adjuvant therapy in the prevention and/ or treatment of breast cancer 2856/DEL/2011
V. Bhuvaneshwari, PK Paul Kit for demonstrating DNA-protein interaction in Plants. 2806/DEL/2011
Rajni Singh, Sonali Gupta, Arti Goel Microwave mediated impregnation of silver nanoparticles on fabrics for hygienic clothing 2805/DEL/2011
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash, Harsha Kharkwak Colostrum enriched immune enhancer functional food supplement for malnourished children and process for the preparation thereof 2739/DEL/2011
Swati Kaushik, Megha Rikhi, Hina Sanwal,V. Pooja, AK Srivastava, Seema Bhatnagar A method for the preparation of disinfectant, air purifier and hand sanitizer using combination of plant extracts 2740/DEL/2011
Ashutos Srivastav A Diet supplement for the enrichment of Rotifer with iodine 2738/DEL/2011
Joyeeta Mitra, V. Bhuvaneshwari,PK Paul A novel broad spectrumbiocide for controlling diseases of crops 2737/DEL/2011
Joyeeta Mitra, V. Bhuvaneshwari,PK Paul A novel broad spectrumbiocide for controlling diseases of crops 2737/DEL/2011
Shoma Paul, Angana Payne, AK Mukhopadhayay, AK Srivastava A Novel Composition and Method of Preparation of the Composition to Inhibit the Growth of Pathogenic Bacterium, Vibrio Cholerae 2667/DEL/2011
Swati Tiwari Novel quarternized macrocyclic product from 7-chloro-4-(2-chloroethyl-amino) quinoline 2670/DEL/2011
Maansi Vermani ,MK Agarwal Method for Component Resolved Diagnosis of Aspergillus Fumigatus Hypersensitivity in Allergic Patients 2669/DEL/2011
Maansi Vermani ,MK Agarwal Method for detection of airborne Aspergillus allergen levels 2668/DEL/2011
Shoma Paul, Anjana, AK Srivastav,AK Mukhopadhyay A bio-active extract of Euphorbia thymifolia plant to inhibit the growth of Vibrio cholerae 2636/DEL/2011
Riti Kapoor, AK Srivastava A novel bioactive compound isolated from the roots of Tagetus minuta against Parthenium hysterophorus L. and a natural herbicide prepared therefrom 2637/DEL/2011
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta, Harsha Kharkwal Phytoestrogens enriched nutraceutical product for use as dietary supplement in osteoporosis and process for the preparation thereof 2638/DEL/2011
V. Pooja, Seema Bhatnagar, AK Srivastava, Herbal Formulation for Effective Acne vulgaris 2590/DEL/2011
Charu Guptas, Dhan Prakash, Harsha Kharkwal Probiotic enhanced lactoserum based functional food product for use as adjuvant therapy for Anaemia 2591/DEL/2011
Pratima Chauduri Preparation and characterization of the recombinant membrane protein (MCA2) in the Sf9 insect cell line 2592/DEL/2011
K.K. Bandopadhyay, K R Unnikrishnan, Patel V Decolourization of industrial effluents by immobilized cells incorporated into artificial soil with seepage trench system 2593/DEL/2011
D.D Joshi A herbal skin care formulation for facial skin management and a process for the preparation thereof 2553/DEL/2011
Nuper Sinha, Kanishak Singh, AK Srivastava A bioactive extract of curry leaf (Murraya koenigii) for treatment of PC-12 cells 2552/DEL/2011
Harsha kharkwal, Dhan Prakash, Charu Herbal energy drinkin different flavours 2554/DEL/2011
Swati Kaushik, Megha Rikhi, V. Pooja,seema Bhatnagar, AK Srivastava Novel bioactive extract of orange peel exhibiting bactericidal/ bacteriostatic activity against Micrococcus species 2473/DEL/2011
V. Pooja, Seema Bhatnagar, AK Srivastava Novel bioactive extract of Ratanjot to inhibit/ decrease the melanin production in melanocytes 2472/DEL/2011
Swati Kaushik, Megha Rikhi, V. Pooja,seema Bhatnagar, AK Srivastava Novel composition of natural extracts as disinfectant, air purifier and hand sanitizer 2471/DEL/2011
Kirti Rani sharma Process for immobilization of alkaline phosphatase extracted from Azadirachta indica in Bovine Serum Albumin Microspheres 2470/DEL/2011
N.D. Kaushik An advanced glazing of longitudinal slatted array configuration for solar collector application 2410/DEL/2011
V. Georg, P. Pushpangadan , Ajit Varma, Vipin Mohan, Dhan Prakash,CV Rao,CS Nautyal Bilimbi wine-A novel hypocholesterolemic nutraceutical 2409/DEL/2011
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta, Harsha Kharkwal Polyphenol enriched anti-oxidant nutraceutical product as adjuvant therapy for cancer chemo-preventive and process for the preparation thereof 2408/DEL/2011
Praveen Dahiya, S. Purkayastha, A.K. Srivastava Antibacterial activity of Babchi oil (Psoralea corylifolia) against multidrug resistant bacteria 2267/DEL/2011
Shoma Paul, Shubhi Mehrotra,AK Mukhopadhyay A Bioactive Datura extract to inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori 2469/DEL/2011
Sohini Singh, Tanu Allen, Dharul Sharma,Dipti Singh Parasite picking gear 2268/DEL/2011
Kirti Rani Sharma Process for immobilization of alkaline phosphatase extracted from Azadirachta indica onto chlorinated-polyethylenimine (PEI) woven Bombyx mori silk fabrics 2166/DEL/2011
Tanu Allen, Sohini Singh,Charul Sharma,Dipti Singh,Richa Kothari A formulation for the treatment of Arsenic toxicity 2165/DEL/2011
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta, Harsha Kharkwal A novel herbal anti dandruff formulation and process for the preparation of the same 2027/DEL/2011
Rajni Singh, Arti Goel (AIMB), D.D.Joshi Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles by Cinnamomum tamala twigs 2026/DEL/2011
Dhan Prakash, Charu Gupta, Harsha Kharkwal Polyphenol enriched antioxidant product with strong antimutagenic and free radical scavenging activities derived from fruit pericarp of Trapa bispinosa 1946/DEL/2011
H.C. Goel, Indu Rawat, Dhara Sharma A normal anti-bacterial composition 1947/DEL/2011
D.D. Joshi, Preeti Panthari An improved method for extraction of glycosides from Pineapple Peel. 1824/DEL/2011
N.D. Kaushik High performance focal absorber for dish concentrator of imperfect optics 1734/DEL/2011
H.C. Goel, Indu Rawat, Dhara Sharma Development of prebiotics based on plant extracts for prophylaxis and mild therapeutics 1735/DEL/2011
Swati Kaushik, V. Pooja, Seema Bhatnagar,Hina Sanwal AK Srivastav Novel effect of citrus plant as antifungal leading to reduced pathogenicity 1626/DEL/2011
Megha Rikhi, V. Pooja, Seema Bhatnagar,Hina Sanwal AK Srivastav Novel effect of medicinal plant as antifungals leading to reduced pathogenicity 1625/DEL/2011
V. Pooja, Seema Bhatnagar,Hina Sanwal Novel effect of spices on demelanization of pathogenic fungus 1627/DEL/2011
N.D. Kaushik Modular Implementation of Fault Tolerant Circuitry in Solar Photovoltaic Array Networks 1546/DEL/2011
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash, Harsha Kharkwal, A novel composition of herbal cream for cracked heels, hands and palms and process for the preparation thereof 1545/DEL/2011
Sohini Singh, Tanu Allen Time dependent adaptation of Channa Punctatus Chromatophore against metal toxicity 1479/DEL/2011
T. Basu, Ruchika Chauhan, Deepsikha Development of reusable transducer matrix based on Nanostructured Polyaniline and application to biosensors 1478/DEL/2011
D.D. Joshi, P. Pushpangadan, Preeti Panthari An improved method for extraction of lutein esters from banana peel 1399/DEL/2011
Swati Rastogi, Richa Singh Paperless examination system for subjective assessment based on clustered architecture 1398/DEL/2011
BACFO Respicare 1335/DEL/2011
BACFO Menducare 1334/DEL/2011
Rajni Singh, Rajshree Saxena, Sonali Gupta Biological Stabilization and Mineralization of Organic Kitchen Waste by Microbial Consortium 1240/DEL/2011
D.D. Joshi, Preeti Panthari Rajni Singh Herbal dry composition for cleaning and moisturizing purpose 1239/DEL/2011
P.Bhattacharya A novel base material for commercial production of fungal bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizer 1241/DEL/2011
BACFO Dry cup powder syrup 1264/DEL/2010
Abhinav Chauhan, Plastic/thermoplastic insect repellent door mats 11/DEL/2011
Abhinav Chauhan, Inssect repellent plastic skirting with inbult light 3146/DEL/2010
Ruchi Srivastav, Abhishiek Varma, VK Jain Novel colorimetric sensor for toxic gases/ volatile organic compounds using solar cell 1165/DEL/2011
Ruchi Srivastav, Abhishiek Varma, VK Jain A low cost, disposable, ambient temperature colorimetric sensor array for detection and identification of eight toxic gases 1164/DEL/2011
Girish Sharma, A K Srivastava Cancer chemoprevention nutraceuticals and process for the preparation thereof 1019/DEL/2011
Ajit Varma, V.K Jain, Suman Ram Prasad P. indica obviates extreme temperature stresses 709/DEL/2011
Harsha Kharkwal, Dhan Prakash, Palpu Pushpangadan, Charu Gupta Novel composition of biopolymers and process for the preparation thereof 520/DEL/2011
Dhan Prakash, Palpu Pushpanngadan, Harsha Kharkwal, Varughese George, Charu Gupta Different Shades of Herbal Hair Dyes and Process for Preparation thereof 519/DEL/2011
Ruchi Srivastav, Abhishiek Varma, V.K. Jain Low cost, disposable, room temperature colorimetricsensor arrayfor quantitativedetectionof ammonia gas. 251/DEL/2011
Charu Gupta, Dhan Prakash, Harsha Kharkwal Herbal Balm for Chapped lips 242/DEL/2011
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan An airconditioner with automatic power generation 3105/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan A desert cooler with automatic power-generation 3107/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan An improved injection mold design and injection molding machine/ A method for controlled drop and improved mold 3108/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan A method for repelling ants from purified and a purifier made therefor 3106/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan ATV system with additional wireless speaker system and wireless headphone 2758/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan Integrated television system 2758/DEL/2010
Suman, Ramesh Kumar, Mansi Punjabi, Dr. V.K. Jain, Cement-Nano Composite coated pebbels based water purification system for Microbial Decontamination 2733/DEL/2010
R.P.Singh, Magesh,S. Rakkiyappan, C Antibacterial effect of Fenugreek Leaf Extract Mediated Silver Nanoparticles 2708/DEL/2010
Dr.R.P. Singh, Magesh,S. and Rakkiyappan.C Synthesis of Silver nanoparticles from fenugreek leaf extract by chemical reduction method and the mechanism of formation 2571/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan Wireless transmission of power 2518/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan Runner system in injection moulding mold 2484/DEL/2010
V. Pooja, A.K. Srivastava Therapeutic Antifungal Agents from Dietary Spices and Process for Preparation thereof 2485/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan Cooling and dehumidification system 2912/DEL/2010
Sabari Ghosal,Priyaka Mishra, Sadhana Singh Two new amides with cytotoxic activity from the fruits of Piper longum 2052/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan Wallpaper integrated with optical fiber and method of preparation thereof 1729/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan Electricity generation by vertical machining center 1661/DEL/2010
Mr. Abhinav Chauhan Method and apparatus for disposal and recycling of waste metal chips/ scraps 1517/DEL/2010
V.K Jain, Vasuda Bhati, Vikesh “Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Cement Composites based Sensor for Smoke Detection. 2688/DEL/2009
Madhvi Arora, Aanvi Goel, Vishrutyi Sahni, Rihi agarwal, Saloni Kathuria Herbal anti-parasitic formulation 2590/DEL/2009
Tanu Jindal Apparatus to measure degradation of xenobiotics through volatilization and mineralization 1908/DEL/2009
Nidhi Jain, A.L VarmaVK Jain,Vikesh Gaor, Pupesh Kumar, AK Srivastav Porphyrin functionalized carbon nanotubethin filmfilm as sensorfor detection of nitrogen dioxide. 1732/DEL/2009
Shoma Paul, Shubhi Mehrotra, A K. Srivastava Antimicrobial activity of ethanolic extract of Cleome viscosa to inhibit the growth of the pathogenic bacterium, Vibrio cholerae 1632/DEL/2009
Shoma Paul, Shubhi Mehrotra, A K. Srivastava Antimicrobial activity of ethanolic extract of Solanum xanthocarpum to inhibit the growth of the pathogen, Vibrio cholerae 1632/DEL/2009
DD Joshi A process for isolation and purification of curcuminoids from Curcuma longa. 1633/DEL/2009
DD Joshi A method for preparation of andrographolide from Andrographis peniculata 1634/DEL/2009
DD Joshi A composition and method for preparation of water soluble extract of defined content of kutkin from Picrorrhiza kaurva rhizomes 1610/DEL/2009
Charu Gupta,R.C. Uniyal Herbal formulation with antibacterial activity for urinary tract infection 1611/DEL/2009
R.C. Uniyal, Charu Gupta Process for the preparation of antidandruff herbal formulation 1613/DEL/2009
Ram Prasad, Jyoti Pande, Ajit Varma,V.K. Jain Nano material , their method of production and application thereof. 1612/DEL/2009
Y.P. Singh ,D D Joshi A Herbal repellant formulation 1553/DEL/2009
Rini Sen Neem based herbal formulation for oral hygiene and dental care 1552/DEL/2009
S.M. Bhatt. A.K. Srivastava A natural energy drink and a method to produce thereof. 1530/DEL/2009
Pratima Chaudhuri Process for the synthesis of AA-dUTP-Cy3/Cy5- a novel fluorescent labeling agent. 1529/DEL/2009
Rini Sen Neem based herbal formulation for diabetes and skin treatment 1494/DEL/2009
BK Goswami, VK Jain,Rupash, Rajesh Pande A method to enhance the growth and potentiality of a fungal biocontrol agentsagainst pathogenic one 1495/DEL/2009
Ms. Manisha Sharma, HarsaKharkwal, Geetanjali, Ajit Varma Polygalactomannans and Modified Polygalactomannans from Fenugreek and their uses thereof 1469/DEL/2009
Shabana Urooj A portable device for thoracic fluid measurement. 1470/DEL/2009
Roumi Deb A prenatal testing and screening kit for the detection of neural tube defect 1426/DEL/2009
Sangeeta Tiwari Nano particle coated fly ash as reflective agents 1425/DEL/2009
Manju Pathak A process for isolation of plant based insulin and to develop it into a medicament for hyperglycemic dosorders. 1424/DEL/2009
DD Joshi An improved method for manufacturing extract with atleast 40% Stevioside from Stevia 1423/DEL/2009
Y.P. Singh ,D D Joshi An herbal toothpaste 1422/DEL/2009
Rajni Singh A method of rapid downstream processing of proteases and lipases for application in detergent industry 1336/DEL/2009
B.K Goswami, R.K Pande Formulation of agricultural waste based growth medium for fungal biocontrol agent 1335/DEL/2009
Dani Karana A method of lifting and photography of latent crime scene prints 1319/DEL/2009
Himanshu Gupta A technique and device for multiphase encryption 1318/DEL/2009
P.Pushpangadan V. George Raghavan Govindarajan Haripriya Govindarajan Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Amita Chauhan, Atul Chauhan, Asseem Chauhan. A Novel Synergistic Herbal Anti oxidant Formulation 1257/DEL/2009
Rachana Singh Development of a plant biomass based metal sorption column with modified silica gel and the application thereof 1258/DEL/2009
B.K Behera Invitro immobilized bacillus megaterium cell for the production of demethylated colchicosides from cochicines and process thereof 1216/DEL/2009
Avadhesh Kumar A tool for assessment of complexity in generic aspect oriented systems using fuzzy logic 1207/DEL/2009
Susmita Mitra A method for the detection and identification of diseased cells and pathogens in histological sections using fluorescent organically modified silica nanoparticles 1208/DEL/2009
P.K Chattopadhyay Iodine based fingerprint powder for developing latent fingerprints 1147/DEL/2009
Binay Kumar Voltage dependent light filter and method of synthesis thereof 1149/DEL/2009
Monika Prakash Rai A method of enhanced bacillus cereus protease production by extractive fermentation using ATPS 1150/DEL/2009
Y.P Singh, Rini Sen A food supplement formulation 1148/DEL/2009
Rini Sen A herbal therapeutic composition for treating respiratory ailments 1101/DEL/2009
Monalisa Mukherjee, Anjana Srivastava, A.K.Srivastava Regiospecific oxiation of carbon-metal bonds of organometallic compounds using chiral iron(III)-salen complexes as catalyst 1098/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi An improved method for Commercial Manufacturing of extract of 20% ß -escin from Horse Chestnut. 1099/DEL/2009
D.P Attrey A herbal formulation for skin 1052/DEL/2009
Manju Pathak Development of probiotic culture media using germinating seed powder/extract 1050/DEL/2009
T.Basu A process for the synthesis of semiconducting metal oxide nanoparticles of controleed size distribution 1053/DEL/2009
Harsha Kharkwal Suspending agent from cassia species 1051/DEL/2009
Seema Bhatnagar, S.Kaushik, Styrylchoromones as selective estrogen receptor modulator 993/DEL/2009
SM. Bhatt A method to increase lactic acid production 995/DEL/2009
S.K Roy Fruit based health dring compostion enriched with vitamins 994/DEL/2009
Charu Gupta, R.C Uniyal A herbal formulation for healing and protecting skin 992/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi A method to prepare standardized extract of Gymnema sylvestre leaves for 75% Gymnemic acids 996/DEL/2009
Robin Kumar A highly functional semiconductor integrated circuit device 921/DEL/2009
Praveen Dahiya A solvent tolerant bacterial lipase and its application thereof in food industry 924/DEL/2009
O.P Sangwan An artificial neural network tool for software size estimation 922/DEL/2009
B.K Goswami, R.K Pande Fungal Bioagent and VAM encapsulated alginate beads and its application thereof as biofertilizer and biocontrol agent for soil borne plant pathogens 923/DEL/2009
Susmita Mitra A flourescent core shell organically modified silica (ORMOSIL) nanoparticles based detection Probe and kit for Cryptococcus neoformans 906/DEL/2009
O.P Sinha Process for imparting or enhancing electrical conductivity of polymer matrix with semiconductor nanoparticles 898/DEL/2009
Sandip Chakravarti Method for preparation of catalyst its activity and method for treatment of Textyle waste water 900/DEL/2009
Madhumita.P. Ghosh A pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of ophthalmic disease 905/DEL/2009
Rini Sen A nutritious neem based food formulation 899/DEL/2009
Amit Kharkwal, A. Dass, A. Verma A modified medium for co-cultivation of sebacinales fungi with plants of lamiaceae family 902/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi An extraction process for 40% saponins From Fenugreek seeds. 901/DEL/2009
Shoma Paul Nandi Antimicrobial activity of aqueous extract of aswagandha(Withania somnifera) to inhibit the growth of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus 857/DEL/2009
Kirti Rani Process for the development of amperometric biosensor for bile acid estimation 859/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi A polyherbal formulation 858/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi An improved method for manufacturing of Bacopa monnieri extract of not less than 20% bacosides. 856/DEL/2009
Rajni Singh Method and kit to check the oxidation of edible oil 814/DEL/2009
Monalisa Mukherjee Process for preparation of Iron (III) porphyrin catalyst immobilized on Dowex resin and its application thereof in biomimetic oxidation 813/DEL/2009
Harsha Kharkwal A formulation from emulsifying agent from native and derivatized grandis gum 812/DEL/2009
VinayChadda Power consumption monitor and alarm for CATV netword 804/DEL/2009
Geetanjali Chauhan, H.Kharkwal, Manisha Sharma, Ajit Varma, Saponin Derivatives 767/DEL/2009
Deependra Tyagi, A.C kharkwal, Ajit Varma Method of regeneration by somatic embryogenesis of Coleus forskohlii 769/DEL/2009
Arpita Bhattacharya Prolonged release mosquito repellent formulations 765/DEL/2009
Seema Bhatnagar, S.Kaushik, A process for the preparation of 3-substituted-2-9phenyl ethyl chromones 768/DEL/2009
P.Bhattacharya, Tapioca starch and soya dust based co-formulation for growth enhancement and as carrier base for biopesticides and biofertilizers 766/DEL/2009
T.Basu A Novel transducer matrice for amperometric cholesterol biosensor 734/DEL/2009
Tanya Sing Improved desing of rake transreceiver for the 3G CDMA wireless communication system 732/DEL/2009
Deepshikha Katare Method of Agrobacterium mediated transformation and regeneration of Psoralea carylifolia 733/DEL/2009
B.K Goswami, R.K Pande Broad spectrum biopesticide formulation with fungal antagonist and entemopathogenic fungi 708/DEL/2009
Y.P Singh, Rini Sen A herbal Crape bandage 707/DEL/2009
Dr. Rajiv Dutta,A.K Mishra Electrical biosensor for early detection of graft compatibility in plants 706/DEL/2009
Deepshikha Process of synthesis of a novel transducer matrix and its application thereof in biosensors 704/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi An Improved method for manufacturing of 40% Gokharu (Tribulus terrestris) Saponins. 705/DEL/2009
Pawan Kumar Tea catechins as Anti-aging compounds 675/DEL/2009
Arun Sharma A Tool for software quality estimation 673/DEL/2009
Anil Shukla Low power hight-speed CMOS circuts 672/DEL/2009
Seema Bhatnagar, S.Kaushik, S.Sahai Substituted styryl chromones as possible selective estrogen receptor modulator. 674/DEL/2009
Harsha Kharkwal Binding agents from Cassia Species 676/DEL/2009
Charu Gupta, R.C Uniyal, S.M Tiwari, V. Balliyan A portable harvesting tool for thorny species. 671/DEL/2009
Nidhi Jain, Suman, Rupesh Kumar Basniwal, Ashwani K. Srivastava, Vinod Kumar Jain, Preparation of Curcumin Nanoparticles and Evaluation of their Bio-Efficacy. 670/DEL/2009
S.K Roy Process for producing vitamin supplement tablet-form from brassica vegetable leaf powder 561/DEL/2009
B.K Goswami, R.K Pande Biopesticide formulaiton comprising of fungal bioagents botanical and againstpeat powder and acacia gum for the control of plant pathogens and the mothod for the preparation 559/DEL/2009
Charu Gupta, RC Uniyal Herbal nutraceutical formulation enhaced with probiotics for the treatment of preventive cardiology - obesity 560/DEL/2009
Seema Bhatnagar Process for the synthesis of E 3- halo -2-styryl/vinyl chromones as therapeutic agents. 538/DEL/2009
Charu Gupta,R.C Uniyal Herbal synergistic composition for a nutraceutical in the prevention & treatment of diabetes 539/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi A process for preparing extract of Centella asiatica rich in asiaticosid and uses thereof in skin care and treatment. 540/DEL/2009
R.C Uniyal, DD. Joshi Herbal Cream formulation for Wound / Burn healing, Skin Care and Piles cure & method of preparing the same. 497/DEL/2009
P.Bhattacharya, B.K Goswami A portable system and method for the production of Blue Green Algae. 502/DEL/2009
R.P Singh, Monica Joshi Composite polymer film based resistive humidity sensor 498/DEL/2009
Kanchan Saxena, Vinod Kumar Jain, Pramod Kumar Detection of TNT Using Fluorescent Conjugate Polymer. 526/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi A Process and method for standardized extract of Withania somnifera and pharmaceutical uses thereof. 496/DEL/2009
Suman, Nidhi Jain, Rupesh Kumar Basniwal, A.K Srivastava, Vinod Kumar Jain Plant Biomass Nanomaterial Composite Based Electrode for the Removal of Industrial Dyes from Waste Water. 429/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi An Improved process for the production of Mucuna pruriens seeds extract. 430/DEL/2009
Tanu Jindal A simple lab/field re-usable Lysimeter 356/DEL/2009
Kanchan Saxena, Pramod Kumar, Vinod Kumar Jain Sensor for detecting Nitrogen Dioxide Gas. 308/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi Standardized Method for extraction and purification of forskolin from the roots of Coleus forskohlii. 256/DEL/2009
Anandi Lal Verma, Vikesh, Vinod Kumar Jain Hydrogen Peroxide vapour sensor using metal-phthalocyanine functionalized carbon nanotubes. 185/DEL/2009
V.George.P. Pushpangadan.R. Govindrajan, M. Vijayakumar ,Ashok.k. Chauhan,Ajit Chauhan Arun Chauhan, K. Rajendaran, K.I Anitha A synergistic herbal composition for lowering blood glucose and blood cholesterol 165/DEL/2009
P.Pushpangadan, V. George Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Amita Chauhan, Atul Chauhan, Ajit Chauhan, Arun Chauhan , K.I Anitha A Herbal Hair Oil - A novel hair nourishing anti dandruff herbal oil 166/DEL/2009
Ajit Verma, V.K Jain, Suman Ram Prasad A Nanomaterial Based Culture Medium For Microbial Growth Enhancement. 14/DEL/2009
D.D Joshi An Improved Method for Isolation and Purification of Lysergol from Ipomoea hederacea Seed. 15/DEL/2009
Vinay Chadda Traffic control system failure monitoring and reporting 12/DEL/2009
Rajni Singh Easy distinction of Bacillus cereus group amongst the industially important Bacillus strains 2656/DEL/2008
P.Pushpangadan V. George Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Amita Chauhan, Atul Chauhan, Ajit Chauhan, Arun Chauhan Mouth weting tablets - A novel herbal formulation for mouth dryness 2633/DEL/2008
P.Pushpangadan V. George Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Amita Chauhan, Atul Chauhan, Asseem Chauhan. Ajit Chauhan, Arun Chauhan A Novel Herbal Formulation for Wet and Dry Cough 2634/DEL/2008
P.Pushpangadan V. George Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Amita Chauhan, Atul Chauhan, Asseem Chauhan. Ajit Chauhan, C.P Singh Herbal skin nourishing fairness cream 2635/DEL/2008
P.Pushpangadan, V.George, Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Aseem Chauhan, Ajit Chauhan A Novel Herbal Formulation for Shaving Cream 2520/DEL/2008
P.Pushpangadan, V.George, Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Aseem Chauhan, Arun Kumar Chauhan, Ajit Chauhan A Novel Antipsoriatic, Antiarthritic,Antiinflammatory and Analgesic Drug 2521/DEL/2008
P.Pushpangadan, V.George, Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Ajit Chauhan, Arun Chauhan, Devi Datt Joshi, R.C Uniyal A Novel Nutraceutical Formulation for Vitality and Virility. 2522/DEL/2008
Vinay Chadda Multifunctional CCTV system 2357/DEL/2008
Sabri Ghosal A Novel compund with Leishmanicidal Activity 2321/DEL/2008
P.Pushpangadan, V.George, Ashok Kumar Chauhan, Aseem Chauhan, Arun Kumar Chauhan A Novel Adaptogenic, Antifungal, Immunoenhancing and Aphrodisiac Herbal Formulaton 2319/DEL/2008
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