About Us

About Us

“Welcome to Amity Science, Technology & Innovation Foundation (ASTIF), an integral part of the Amity Education Group dedicated to fostering innovation, research, and technological advancement. Founded in the year 2008 by Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation (RBEF), Amity Global Education and Research Establishments, ASTIF was born out of far-sighted vision and deep-seated commitment to fostering a culture that promotes, supports, and augments an outcome-based approach to research and innovation across our university landscape.

At ASTIF, we leverage the resources – both humans as well as infrastructures, expertise, and global network of Amity Universe to create a dynamic ecosystem where cutting-edge research, transformative technologies, and entrepreneurial ventures thrive. By synergising and harnessing the collective intellect and creativity of our faculty, students, and partners, we promote innovation-driven growth and sustainable development across diverse domains.

Through interdisciplinary & transdisciplinary collaborations, experiential learning opportunities, and industry partnerships, ASTIF empowers individuals to translate ideas into impactful solutions that address the complex challenges facing our world today. Whether it's pioneering breakthroughs in science, developing disruptive technologies, or incubating startups, ASTIF serves as a catalyst for positive change and societal development. ASTIF is committed to nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and promoting a culture of innovation that transcends boundaries and transforms lives. Together, we are shaping the future of science, technology, and innovation, driving progress and prosperity for generations to come. Once again welcome to ASTIF – Where Innovation Flourishes within the Heart of Amity Universities and Institutions.”