ASTIF Lectures

ASTIF Lectures


The best way to keep the lamp of knowledge burning is by sharing with peers and younger generation. If you know something very important, the way to get power is by actually sharing it. At Amity, emphasis is given on not only to make its faculties & students academically brilliant, but nurturing them to become world class leaders. ASTIF envisions promoting scientific temper among students and the faculty members through Organizing Lecture/oration series from eminent Scientists under ASTIF LECTURE series. The speakers are invited from various spheres of life from renowned organizations at National & International Levels to lend valuable Information from their Experiences to Amitians. These Lecture act as is catalyst in enriching our faculty and students with the latest innovations and technological developments taking place in and around the world.

Prof. U.N. Das Editor-in-Chief, Lipids in Health and Disease-published by BioMed Central, U.K. & Co-Editor-in-Chief of Functional Foods in Health and Disease, USA and presently President & CEO, UND Lice Sciences, Ohio, USA
Dr. Klaus-J. Appenroth Head of the International Steering Committee on Duckweed Research and Application Institute of General Botany and Plant Physiology, University of Jena, Germany
Prof. Yoon Bo Shim, Director, Institute of Bio-Physio Sensors
Dr Kumar Krishen, Senior Scientist/Lead Technologist, NASA Johnson Space Center
Pathbreaking Scientific Achievements Deliberation – 2022”


Speaker Designation Lecture/Topic
Dr. Govindjee Prof. Emeritus of Biophysics & Centre of Biophysics & Computational Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA Discoveries in Photosynthesis : 1648-2006 : A personal Perspective
Dr. Santanu Sengupta Post doctoral fellow in Chile, Spain, & Israel, Specialization - Bohmain quantum mechanics Semi Classical initial value representation study of inelastic. His atom scattering on Cu surface
Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Varma Director, Amity Institute of Microbial Studies Microbial Dynamics
Dr. Sujoy Guha Professor of Biomedical Engineering , IIT & NIMST, Khargpur Technology in Healthcare
Dr. Shu-Ting Chang Director for International Services to Mushroom Biotechnology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Development of the World Mushroom Industry & Its Roles in Human Health
Dr. Henry HK Wong Guest Professor, Oncord International Trading. Pvt. Ltd. Development of the World Mushroom Industry & Its Roles in Human Health
Dr. Phillip J. Collier Director of Academic Programmes, Sr. Lecturer in Microbiology, UAD Studies on the development of antibiotics tolerance in bacterial biofilms.
Dr. Douglas R Cook Director, CA&ES Genomics Facility, Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, University of California, USA “Symbiosis” Speaker
Dr. Ilangovan Kuppusamy Director, Centre for Environmental Quality Research, School of Engineering & Computer Science (EGIC), Campus State of Mexico, Technológico De Monterrey, Mexico Nanobiotechnology: Challenges & Opportunities
Dr. Reto J. Strasser Professor, Bioenergetics Laboratory, Niversity of Geneva, Switzerland Collective intelligence: a challenge to appraoch interdisciplinary topics in plant biology,
Prof. T.P. Singh Dept. Biophysics, AIIMS Protein Structures at Atomic resolutions and structure based drug desing.
Dr. Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty Department of Microbiology & Immunology, University of Illinois at Chicago Biotechnology development in India: Innovation, Intellectual Property Generation and New Business Development.
Prof. Martin Grossman Assistant Professor , Dept. of Management, Bridgewater State College, USA Use of Information Technology in Knowledge Management for Businesses and Industries
Dr. Naveen Anand 389 Woodcroft, Hudson, QC, Canada Biotechnology Perspectives
Dr. R.P. Sharma National Professor Department of Biotechnology Indian Agricultural Research Institute Biosafety Issues Related to Commercial Cultivation of Bt - Cotton”
Dr. T.P. Singh Professor, Department of Biophysics , AIIMS Novel Biomolecules from Piriformospora indica
Prof. Dr. K.C. Upadhyaya Professor, School of Life Sciences Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi Genes and Genomics
Prof. Dr. K.K. Bhutani Dean, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIEPR), Punjab Rationalization of Indian Traditional Medicines for Commercialization & Globalization
Dr. Chandra Mittal Professor of Biotechnology & Associate Chair HCC-Northeast College, Houston, TX, USA Houston Community College-NE: A Model for International Workforce Education in High Technology Fields
Dr. Connie Johnson Science Officer, American Embassy Screening of Movie “The Inconvenient Truth”
Dr. R.K. Trivedi Registrar Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Rights Authority, New Delhi Intellectual Property Right in Agriculture
Dr. Ananda Mohan Chakrabarty Department of Microbiology & Immunology, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA India’s Energy Needs
Dr. Rajesh Luthra Head, HRD, CSIR, PUSA, New Delhi. CSIR Initiative for National S&T Human Resource Development
Dr. Girish C. Shukla , Assistant Professor (Molecular Biology) Biological, Geo. and Environ. Sciences, Cleveland State University A tale of two spliceosomes
Dr. Stephen D. Slane Department of Psychology & College of Science, Cleveland State University Personality Influences on Coping with Stress
Dr. Ravindra Singh Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences, IOWA State University, USA Correction of a defective gene in a human disease
Dr. Lindsay Norgrove International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Cameroon Increasing productivity yet maintaining ecosystem function in shaded cacao agroforests in Cameroon?
Dr Mridula Bose Professor & Head, Dept of Microbiology, V P Chest Institute, University of Delhi Relevance and Significance of Genotype Markers in Multi-Drug Resistance Tuberculosis
Mr. Nicola Trevisan CEO Veneto Nanotech (from 2004) , CEO of NanoFAB The Italian Cluster of Nanotechnology
Dr. Pawan Saharan Chairman & CEO Millenium Business Park Nano-Biotech Helix
Dr. K. Eric Drexler Chief Technical Advisor, Nanorex, USA & Chief Technical Consultant to the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystem in USA Advanced Nanotechnology: The Road to Sustainable Abundance
Dr. Kishore Sakharkar Managing Editor, International Journal of Integrative Biology Singapore Microbial Genomics- Architecture and Application
Dr Kumar Krishen Senior Scientist/Lead TechnologistNASA Johnson Space Center Technology innovations from small businesses funded by NASA
Dr. Reto J. Strasser Professor, Bioenergetics Laboratory, Niversity of Geneva, Switzerland Plant Stress
Mr. M. Vijaykumar Scholar, National Botanical Research Institute (registered from Manipal University, Karnataka) Open defence of the Ph.D. thesis entitled “Development and standardization of hypoglycemic herbal formulations”
Prof. Dr. B. N. Prasad Leader, Plant Biotechnology Division School of Biotechnology, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering VIT University, Vellore Prospect of bio-fertilizers for sustainable crop productivity'
Dr Kumar Krishen Senior Scientist/Lead Technologist NASA Johnson Space Center Technology innovations from small businesses funded by NASA
Dr. Hari Shanker Sharma Professor of Neurobiology, Dept of Surgical Sciences, University Hospital, Uppasala University, Sweden Nanomedicine in neuroscience: Current perspective and future application
Dr. Farhan Jalees Ahmad Jamia Hamdard (for ANCHROM Pvt. Ltd.) Application of HPTLC – Medicinal, Pharmacy & Organic Chemistry
Prof. Deshdeep Sahdev Professor of Physics, IIT Kanpur Indigenous Technology in Globalized World - STM as illustration
Dr. M.S. Thakur Senior Scientist CFTRI, Mysore Nanomaterials & Applications of Biosensors
Dr. K P Singh Project Director (ARD&P) Aeronautical Developmental Agency, Bangalore Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) - Pride of India
Dr. Takuya Tsuzuki Senior Research Academic, Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation Institute for Technology Research and Innovation GTP Building, Deakin University Ongoing Nanotechnology Research
Dr. B.L. Dhar Principal Scientist (Mushrooms), Division of Plant Pathology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi Mushroom as a Source of Nutrition and Medicine
Dr. Rajni Gaind Senior Microbiologist, Safdarjang Hospital & Assoc. VMMC, New Delhi Probiotics – In Health” & “Emerging food borne bacterial pathogens
Dr. Jonathan Ellis Advisor to the Director General, CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) Exploring the University with the world's most powerful microscope and telescope
Mr. Rasmus Larsson IQF Technology of M/s. IQF Frost, Sweden Quick freezing technology
Prof. Dr Helena Nevalainen Head of Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, Macquarie University, Australia Protein quality control in the industrially-exploited fungal cell factory /Trichoderma reesei
Dr. P.P. Sood Emeritus Scientist (UGC), New Delhi Emeritus Medical Scientist (ICMR) (retired), New Delhi Professor and Head Biosciences (retired), Rajkot Herbs are Excellent Biomedicines in Heavy Metal Detoxication
Dr. Sunil Lal Sr. Research Scientist, Virology Group, ICGEB Delhi Component Influenza – from seasonal flu to pandemic
Dr. H N Gour Ex-Prof.& Head, Department of Plant Pathology, Rajsthan College of Agriculture, Maharana Pratp University of Agri. & Technology Microbial diversity and Crop health
Prof (Dr) Priti Krishna Professor, Biology, University of Western Ontario, London, ON. CANADA Hsp90 and steroids in plants: conservation and novelty
Associate Dean Mark Perry (Research, Graduate Studies, Operations) IBM Center for Advanced Studies Faculty Fellow Faculty of Law A-P Faculty of Science, Computer Science University of Western Ontario London, Ontario, Canada Biotechnology, the intersection of science and law
Dr. Sujoy K Guha Professor of Biomedical Engineering School of Medical Science and Technology, IIT –Kharagpur ENGINEERING INTERFACE WITH HUMAN LIFE CYCLE
Dr. Bhagat Singh Professor and Head Department of Microbiology, Institute of Applied Medicines and Research, Diagnostics/Clinical Microbiology
Dr. Sagar M. Goyal Professor, Dept of Veterinary Population Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, USA The Role of Biotechnology in Detection and Control of Animal Pathogens
Dr. C.P. Upadhyaya Department of Molecular Biotechnology College of Life & Environmental Sciences Konkuk University of Seoul Deciphering the tuberization mechanism and biofortification of potato
Prof. Dafin F Muresanu University of Medicine and Pharmacy & President, Society for the Study of Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity, Romania Nanomedicine
Prof. Dr. Alok Srivastava Chemistry Department Panjab University Chandigarh-160014 India NUCLEAR POWER: Myth and Reality
Dr. Ir. Peter Twumasi Dept of Biochemistry and Biotech Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Life is born out of death: the interplay of apoptosis, cellulose biosynthesis and xylogenesis
Prof. Ashok K. Adya School of Contemporary SciencesUniversity of Abertay Nanotechnology opens new frontiers in bio- and life-sciences
Prof. Dr. Klaus - Jürgen Appendorf Friedrich – Schiller - Universität Jena Institut für Allgemeine Botanik und Pflanzenphysiologie Jena, Germany Secrets of duck weed
Prof. Chandra K. Mittal FCP Biotechnology Program Coordinator Houston Community College - NE Houston, Texas Workforce in biotechnology for industrialization
Dharma Pitchay Asst. Professor (Horticulture) Dept. Agriculture and Environmental Sciences College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences Tennessee State University Abiotic Stress and Plant Nutrition
Dr. Niraj Kimar Director & Sr. Scientist, Xplorigen Technologies Pvt Ltd, New Delhi Data Analysis: A Statistical Paradigm
Chandrima Shaha Director National Institute of Immunology Aruna Asaf Ali Marg New Delhi DECISIONS TO LIVE OR DIE: A CELLULAR PERSPECTIVE
Dr NI Nashaat Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, UK Indo-UK Collaboration on Rapeseed-Mustard Research
Dr. K.C. Gupta Director Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (Formerly Industrial Toxicology Research Centre) Chitosan-PEI/DNA Nanocomposits as Efficient Carriers for Nucleic Acids
Dr. Ramakrishnan Sitaraman Associate Professor, TERI University, New Delhi, India Ethics & professionalism in the conduct of research
Dr. Pawan Sharma PhD, FNASc. Senior Consultant - Healthcare, NER-BPMC - A Program of DBT, Govt of India DBT Program for the North East
Surinder P. Singh Associate Editor: Advanced Science letters Scientist National Physical Laboratory Nanomedicine: Prospects in Cancer Therapy
Mr. Sudip Neogy Sr. Territory Manager, Toshvin Analytical Pvt. Ltd. 502, Sethi Bhawan, 7, Rajendra Place, New Delhi 110008 Shimazdu’s Total Solution for Food Safety
Prof. Anupam Chatterjee Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong Raw betel-nut induced genomic changes leading to cancer
Dr Rudi Grimm Adjunct Professor University of California in Davis National University in South-Korea and Director of Analytical Innovation Food for Health Institute of UC Davis and Professor, Chungham National University, South Korea Case study on Ice Man Mummy stomach content- integrated biology approach to reveal biological secrets
Dr. Joy Goswami Assistant Director, Technology Transfer Centre, University of Delaware, USA Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) & Technology Transfer
DR. PAWAN DHAR Adjunct Professor, Centre for Energy Biosciences, ICT (institute of chemical technology), Mumbai Advisory Panel, DBT Bio energy Centres, India Building the Foundation of Engineering in Biology
Dr. Arun Verma Senior Consultant, Nort-East Cell, Department of Biotechnology, GOI Education and Research Opportunities and Challenges in North-Eastern region of India
Prof. U.N. Das Editor-in-Chief, Lipids in Health and Disease-published by BioMed Central, U.K. & Co-Editor-in-Chief of Functional Foods in Health and Disease, USA and presently President & CEO, UND Lice Sciences, Ohio, USA Lipids as potential drug for Cancer
Prof. Andy Ogram Professor Soil Microbiology Departmental Research Areas Remediation of contaminated soils, waters, and Aquifers Soil quality/Ecosystem services Wetlands and Aquatic Systems Competing process and mercury cycling in wetlands
Dr Narendra Kumar Jain Former Director Defence Laboratory Jodhpur Emerging applications of Nano Technology in futuristic medicines
Dr Madhuri Kumari Acting Head Department of Civil Engineering Amity School of Engineering and Technology Hydrologic modelling using RS/GIS with special references to climate change
Dr Abhishek Narain Singh Adjunct Faculty in Comupter Science, Virginia Tech, USA POst. Doc, University of Toronto, Canada Ph.D Studies, University of Cambridge, England Master of Technology. IIT, Delhi Bachelor of Technology, IIT, Delhi Multi-omics driven life science discoveries and innovations
Dr. A.S. Khanna Professor, Department of Metallurgical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay Development of Smart coatings using nanotechnology
Dr. Alexander P. Hansen Director, German Research Foundation (DFG) India Office New Delhi Research Collaboration & Higher Studies in Germany
Dr. S. K. Chakrabarty Coordinator, National Fund for Basic, Strategic and Frontier Application Research in Agriculture (NFBSFARA) Research Concept Notes for Funding by NFBSFARA (ICAR)
Mr. M. Natarajan Former Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister, Secretary, Department of Defence Research Development and DG-DRDO Science and Technology: Key to Development
Dr. K N Pandey Prof. & Vice Chair of Medical Research Tulane University Natriuretic Peptides and their receptors in Hypertension and Heart failure
Prof. Anthony Tu Former Professor & Head, Colorado State Univeristy, USA Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Biological Compounds and Melamine in Milk
Dr. Hidetoshi Inagaki Senior Research, Biomedical Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan Functional Characterization and Directed Evolution of three Finger toxin
Speaker:1 Dr. Chris Pierret Speaker:2 Master Austin Speaker:3 Ms. Joanna Yangon Speaker:1 Dr. Chris Pierret, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Mayo Clinic, USA Speaker:2 Master Austin McCoyEighth grade student at Friedell Middle School in Rochester MN Speaker:3 Ms. Joanna Yangon PhD student at Mayo Graduate School in the Clinical and Translational Sciences Track and a fellow in the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program InSciEdOut” and Introduction to an intervention and prescription education
Mr Rajan Gupte Sr. Vice President Reliance Life Sciences Challenges and Opportunities in drug development – Experiences of a Chemist
Dr. Mukesh Verma Chief Methods and Technologies Branch Program Director. Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences. National Cancer Institute (NCI). National Institutes of Health (NIH) Epigenetic approaches in cancer control: Are we ready for the prime time?
Dr. Radha Maheshwari Director, Center for Combat Casualty and Life Sustainment Research, Department of Pathology, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland Novel Approaches for the Development of Medical Counter Measures against Bio-threat Alphaviruses : Opportunities for Collaboration.
Prof. Yoon Bo Shim, Director, Institute of Bio-Physio Sensors Technology, PUSAN National University South Korea Biomedical and environmental analyses using microfluidic channels coupled with electrochemical nanobiosensors
Prof. (Dr.) Martin Barbetti Winthrop Professor in Plant Pathology and Mycology, University of Western Australia Sclerotinia on oilseed, forage and vegetable cruciferous crops - No longer an impossible disease to manage!
Dr Brahma Singh(Padamshri) Advisor, World Noni Research Foundation, Chennai “Future farming”
Prof. Dr. Alok Srivastava Professor, Chemistry Department Panjab University, Chandigarh Research Methodologies used for Ultra trace level Studies from the Perspective of a Nuclear Chemist
Dr. Klaus-J. Appenroth Head of the International Steering Committee on Duckweed Research and Application Institute of General Botany and Plant Physiology, University of Jena, Germany Duckweed in India: Research and application
Dr. Priti Krishna Professor (Biology), Western University (WU), Canada & Associate Professor (Environmental & Rural Science) University of New England (UNE), Australia Brassinosteroid, a biotechnological target for crop improvement
Dr. Qamar Rahman Dean Research, Science and Technology Amity University, Lucknow Research strategies for safety evaluation of Nano - materials
Mr. Sujoy Dey Sales and Application Specialist Carl Zeiss India, Business Group Microbiology DSM 349-51, 3rd Floor, #15 DLF Tower, Shivaji Marg, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi Spectral Confocal Microscopy – A Larger Perspective in Fluorescence Imaging, Cross-Talk, Auto-fluorescence and Live Cell Imaging
Dr. Dinesh Goyal Executive Director, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology University, India Science & Technology Entrepreneur's Park (STEP)
Dr. Tej K. Pandita Professor and Full Member & Scientific Director, Department of Radiation Oncology, The Houston Methodist Research Institute & Hospital, Houston Chromatin structure and DNA Damage Response
Dr. Srinivas V Kaveri Director , INSERM Unit 1138, Immunopathology and Therapeutic Immunointervention, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, Paris, France "Immune System- Friend or Foe" "Higher Studies- Why France?"
Dr. Tristan Clemons Research Associate, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The University of Western Australia Multimodel polymeric nanoparticles for treatment of ischemia- reperfusion injury
Prof. Jeremy Simpson University College of Dublin Advanced cell imaging methods & their application in drug targeting & delivery
Dr. Gopal Kundu Scientist 'G', National Centre for Cell Science, Pune "Therapeutic Targeting of Osteopontin and Associated Genes in Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells"
Dr. Srikanth Rapole Scientist 'G', National Centre for Cell Science, Pune "Identification of candidate biomarkers for breast cancer using mass spectrometry based proteomic and metabolomic approaches"
Dr. B.L. Ramakrishna Professor, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona (U.S.) ASTIF Lecture no. 106 on “The design and development of Biohybrid Devices”
Prof. Jerzy A. Szpunar D.Sc., Ph.D., E.Eng, Canada Research Chair Tier I, Professor of Materials Science, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Saskatchewan ASTIF Lecture no. 107 on “Safety and Accident Tolerant Nuclear Fuel”
Dr. Kannan Alpadi Principal Scientist, Research, Development and Collaboration, Ansh Labs, Webster, Texas ASTIF Lecture no. 108 on "Anshlabs: A pioneer in immunoassays for clinical preclinical and research applications "
Prof. Eremin Sergie Alexandrovich Leading Scientist, Doctor of Science, Head of Research Group of Immunoassays, Faculty of Chemstry, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia ASTIF Lecture no. 109 on "Detection of Food Contaminants by Immunoassays test-Methods"
Dr. Jugnu Jain Co-Founder & CEO,l Sapien Biosciences & Saarum Sciences ASTIF Lecture no. 110 on "Development Novel Diagnostics and Drugs for Personalized Medicine using Patient Samples and Disease Data"
Dr. M. V. Rabindranath Professor in World Community Service Center (WCSC) and Director - Research and Development - VISION-WSCS ASTIF Lecture no. 111 on "Formulation of a New Science Model on Life-Force"
Professor Ravindra Pandey Professor and Chair of Physics at the Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI ASTIF Lecture no. 112 on "Bridging the gap between Biology and Nanomaterials: Insight from Theory and Simulation"
Dr. Uday Kumar Ranga Professor, HIV-AIDS laboratory, Molecular Biology and Genetics Unit, Jawarharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Jakkur (PO) Bangalore ASTIF Lecture no. 113 on "HIV-1 Subtype C: The magic of Sequence duplicate"
Prof. Arup Kumar Raychaudhari Distinguished Emeritus Professor at S. N Bose National Center of Basic Sciences, Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award winner 2014 ASTIF Lecture no. 114 on "Our recent Innovations with Nanowires"
Prof G P S Raghava Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar awardee ASTIF Lecture no. 115 on "Open Source for Designing Biomolecules-based Therapeutics”
Dr Ch Mohan Rao Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awardee ASTIF Lecture no. 116 on "Chemistry, Biology and Medicine, a Continuum: Potential Application”
Dr. Praveen Chaddah (FASc, FNASc, FNA) ASTIF Lecture no. 117 on "Competitive Research in India: Dissemination, Evaluation, and Ethics"
Dr. H.S Bhuttar Adjunct Professor, Dept of pathology & Laboratory Medicine, University of Ottawa, Canada ASTIF Lecture no. 118 on "Cow Colostrum (Piyus): Promising Nutraceutical and Anti Cancer Agent"
Dr. Kailash N Pandey Professor and Vice Chair of Medical Research, Dept. of physiology, Tulane University ASTIF Lecture no. 119 on "Genetic Disruption of Npr1 Gene Provokes High levels of Pro-inflammatory Cytokines and Fibrosis in the Kidneys of Mutant Mice"
Dr. Chadaram Sivaji Senior Scientist and Director, DST ASTIF Lecture no. 120 on “Science and Technology Ecosystems in India: Avenues and Opportunities to faculty and students”
Dr Asit Kumar Chakraborti Professor and Head of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali ASTIF Lecture no. 121 on “Sustainable Medicinal Chemistry Approaches for New Therapeutics"