I hear I forget; I see I remember; I do I understand. Keeping this in mind the school provides education by not just showing, telling but real experiments and field trips. Each child is involved and given hands on experience to further enhance their learning.

Biology Lab

The school biology laboratory is well equipped with all instruments like microscopes, slides, stains, forceps, needle etc that are, required for performing experiments. It also has an oven, 2D, 3D diagrams and charts for better understanding of the concepts.

Learning under microscope

Studying plants in biology lab

A biologist scientist in making

Chemistry Laboratory

It has well-maintained equipment like distillation kit, pipettes (mechanical) along with manual, centrifugation machine – electronic, electronic balance, thistle funnels, deflagrating spoons, etc. and models like biogas plants, linen tester, density kits, etc.

Well-equipped chemistry laboratory

Conducting experiments under expert guidance

Practical learning of chemical properties

Computer Laboratory

The school has spacious and well-equipped separate computer labs for junior, primary and senior wing. It also has a separate one for teachers to use to prepare study material. There are more than 100 computers with latest hardware and software configurations.

Computer class in progress

Middle school computer lab

Senior school computer lab

Computer lab

Computer lab

Learning computer skills

Physics Lab

IThe school has a huge computer lab with large number of computers that allow many students to work in the lab together. The wi-fi internet connectivity and high-speed broadband facility enable both students and teachers in making projects and preparing assignments, thereby enhancing delivery speed for all activities.

Physics laboratory

Students in the Physics lab

Students learn in Physics lab under expert guidance of teachers

EVS Laboratory

To enhance the general science of the students, the school has a separate room for conducting experiments and hands-on experience of the concepts.


Learning at EVS lab

Gaining hands-on experience at EVS lab

Gaining hands-on experience at EVS lab

General Science Laboratory

General Science lab caters to the scientific temperament of students of Classes VI to VIII. When students observe various things and carry out different experiments, their reasoning skills are honed and they start thinking deeply on those theories and concepts. The General Science lab makes science classes interactive with concrete examples that involve materials and practices of a discipline.

General Science laboratory

Teaching in general science lab

Learning Centre

The school has a special room allocated for students with learning difficulties. A qualified special educator attends to all students with mild and moderate difficulties within the school working hours. Individual remedial support in areas of reading, comprehension, spelling, writing and thinking skills is also provided. Special provisions are made for third language exemption, subject change, permission for extra time and scribe.

Special room for students with learning difficulties

Special educator attending to children

Students doing 1 minute activity with the teacher

Teacher explaining the concepts with the help of visual aids

Teacher interacting with student with the help of an activity