Education at Amity is aimed at helping individuals become more productive members of the society. At the heart of the whole pedagogy is a number of guidance and counselling services and programmes, organised under the aegis of Centre for Career Guidance and Counselling Cell to help students obtain knowledge, skills and attitudes that lead to academic, career, and personal/social success.

The services and programs include:

  • Individual and group counselling sessions: Children are guided to manage and deal with emotional conflict, personal problems and how to deal with psychological problems which impact their studies. Through these sessions, they are able to develop problem-solving skills which help them deal with issues surrounding their lives.
  • Career guidance: Students get comprehensive advice on career, courses and jobs that enable them to make a proper informed choice after completing school education.
  • Workshops for parents: With the objective of bringing schools and parents together to improve the academic and social success of children, several workshops, orientation programmes and PTMS are organised through the year.
  • Workshop for teachers: Interactive and experiential based workshops are conducted to sensitize teachers about various psychological disorders such as learning disabilities, ADHD, autism etc. The aim is to empower them with strategies to improve classroom environment and deal with different needs of the students.
  • Leaning enhancement centre: This centre is created to cater to the needs of differently able children. Observation sessions, psychological assessment and special classes are held for children under the guidance of a special educator.