At Amity Sec 43, Gurgugram, education is an amalgamation of both scholastic and co scholastic activities. The school has a plethora of activities like art room, classical music, clay modeling, dance room, instrumental music, vocal music and yoga room for the students of junior wing, middle wing and senior wing

Art Room

The school has two separateart rooms that have scope for a diverse range of student activities in creating painting and artifacts, expressing the child's imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty. The art department organises a plethora of activities related to the celebration of festivals etc. Fine Arts as a subject is also available for students of Class XI-XII.

Student receiving first aid from the doctor

Learning to paint with water colours

Learning the finer nuances of coloring under expert guidance

An artist in making

Learning the art of mirror work

Making dustbins with waste art sheets

Young artists engage in wall painting

Classical Music Room

Music, dance and theatre are an integral part of the school curriculum. Students are trained in vocal and instrumental classical music which is also a part of our rich tradition and culture. Various competitions are organized for students to showcase their skill set and are awarded for being exceptional.

Learning to play tabla

Tuning in with harmonium

Classroom – Middle

The school offers spacious well lit and ventilated classrooms. Each classroom is equipped with centralized PA system to provide students with requisite information. Classrooms also have soft boards at the back which exhibit their artistic bent of mind.

A middle school classroom

A middle school classroom

A middle school classroom

Classroom session in middle wing

Middle school classroom

Teacher taking class for middle school students

Primary Classroom

The learning experience for the tiny tots is made pleasurable in the brightly lit and aesthetically decorated classrooms which add joy for the little ones. The classrooms are equipped with bright and comfortable furniture giving them a comfortable environment for their ideas to thrive.

A primary school classroom

Primary students engage in learning actvities

Primary students engage in learning activites

Primary students engage in learning activities with teacher

Learn while playing with teacher

Senior Classroom

The classrooms on each floor are meticulously planned, well ventilated, providing an environment which is supportive to learning.

Senior students in classroom

Senior students attending a lecture in the classroom

A senior school classroom

Dance Room

The two spacious dance rooms are places where students learn classical as well as contemporary dance form. The students are prepared for various dance forms and intra and inter school competitions where they are appreciated for their aesthetic and synchronized dance performances.

Dance room

Little ones lean dance skills

Students learn dance

Children learn dancing skills

Students learn dancing skills

French & German/ Language Classroom

In order make them Global Citizens and proficient for International Exchange Programmes, the French and German classrooms have an ambience for enthusiastic learners of languages.

A language classroom

Music Room

The instrumental music room has a variety of instruments like xylophone, keyboard, harmonium, guitar etc. Students are exposed to different forms of world music. They also participate in various competitions.

Students learn to play different musical instruments

Students learn to play Xylophones

Tuning the guitar with flute

Students learn to play different musical instruments

Students learn to play different musical instruments with their teacher

Indian music room


The taekwondo area is well set with the required paraphernalia for students’ learning this form of martial art. The trainers are committed to identify and nurture the potential students of this form of sport.

Mastering taekwando under expert guidance

A taekwando class in progress

A friendly taekwando match

Practicing the art of kicking

Vocal Music Room

Trained vocalists guide students in vocal music and get them acquainted to the roots of our rich tradition and culture. Various competitions are organized for students to show case their skill set and be awarded for being exceptional.

Students learn vocal music

Budding singers learn for school performance

Budding musical talents

Yoga Room

The yoga room is well ventilated and equipped with soft, comfortable mats for a smooth learning process. It is the perfect place for meditation to keep body and mind in sync.

Students learn different yoga asanas

Students learn different yoga asanas

Students learn yoga