Parent's Section

A child holds a very important place for every parent. You do your best to nurture your ward in a way that he may be an asset not only to you but for your country too. You want him to be a responsible citizen and a successful human being.

At Amity, we make your dream come true for we have a system of Mentor-Mentee under which, we try to shape up our students in the best possible way. We provide them with the best of everything be it academia or placement.

Through PTM, we try to get your feedback on how your ward is growing and where do we stand in academia. You as stakeholders, give valuable inputs through Amizone,. We always appreciate your valuable feedback and try to do the best for the development of your ward.

You may check your son’s/daughter’s academic progress, attendance, examinations status, events, notices and many more things through Amizone.

You may download the Amizone App by Click Here.

Parents-Teacher Meeting Held by the University: