23 Apr 2022|Ranchi

Amity University, Jharkhand in collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council (Ministry of HRD Initiative) organized a competition on ‘Investing in Planet Earth’

 Amity University, Jharkhand in collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council (Ministry of HRD Initiative)  organized a competition on ‘Investing in Planet Earth’

Amity School of Communication, Amity University Jharkhand in collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council (Ministry of HRD Initiative) organized a Competition on ‘Investing in Planet Earth’.

 Mr. B. B. Dubey, Environmental Activist spoke about the relevance of air, water and fire. He further emphasized on utility of planting peepul tree. The atmospheric pressure results to 20,000 liters rainfall. He also highlighted other plants and urged all to take resolution not to use plastic water bottles within varsity of campus. He raised concern that 80% forests have vanished in India since 1980, out of 23 rivers in Jharkhand, 9 rivers are extinct. “Let us pledge and spread awareness about it.” He is currently invited on working in two chapters of National Education Policy, he said.


Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi, Associate Professor cum Environmentalist, Department of Geology, Ranchi University discussed about National Education Policy draft where he made Jungle Walk necessary for school goers. He said, “Arsenic quantity is increasing in Ranchi. Earlier, longevity was through good health but now it is maintained by taking medicines regularly. The air quality index of Ranchi has decreased over the years. Investing in Planet Earth is like a fixed deposit. Save yourself and respect the planet Earth.”

Mr. Nand Kishore Murlidhar, Environmental Journalist, Khabar Mantra, Ranchi giving an example of importance of trees he has named a tree of his home as Anupam after one hour birth of his brother. He requested all and stressed to raise voice for Nagar Van (City Forest). He also emphasized that Yogoda Math chose California and Ranchi for its branches because of their moderate weather so we all must take care of this place.


Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kumar Jha, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University Jharkhand addressed the August gathering and said, “Mother Earth’s cry should be heard as there is havoc due to her tears. Still many are not awake. There is a change in mind set required. The whole essence of this celebration is to make you aware that planet Earth needs care.”  He then pledged to not use plastic water bottles in any activity and Rs. 10 per month to contributed for plantation in or outside campus.


Prof.(Dr.) Ajit Kumar Pandey Director, Amity University Jharkhand said, “We are not that fortunate to celebrate one day as  Earth day rather we must pledge to take care of mother Earth every day. As our entire life cycle is attached with planet Earth, we must understand its importance. People are creating artificial jungles; they are polluting mother earth and as a result getting affected and thus dependent on medicines”.


Mr. Prabhakar Tripathi, Registrar Amity University Jharkhand conveyed his best wishes for the event and said, “This is the time when the new generation needs to think, as there are barren lands which can be planted and thus take action  to save mother Earth”.


Avantika from St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi stood first, Anshika Pandey from Amity University Jharkhand stood second and Devashree (English Department, Amity University Jharkhand) won the third prize. In the Slogan Competition, first prize was won by P. Sugandhini Reddy, (St.Francis College for Women, Begumpet Hyderabad), Nancy Baraik  Amity University Jharkhand  was in second position and Swati Kumari Amity University Jharkhand stood third. In the Poster Making Competition Anushka Kesri from St. Xavier’s College stood first, Souptik Chatterjee, Amity University Jharkhand stood second and Mahima Choubey, Amity University Jharkhand was declared third.