22 Apr 2022|Ranchi

Amity University Jharkhand organised an event titled “Bard of Avon: Quiz on Shakespeare”

 Amity University Jharkhand organised an event titled  “Bard of Avon: Quiz on Shakespeare” 

Amity Institute of English Studies & Research organized a quiz on Shakespeare commemorating his birth anniversary which is celebrated on 23rd April. The event was a blend of Drama and Quiz. Ten students participated in the quiz in groups of two. Students of BA English Hons also performed scenes from the famous tragedy Macbeth and comedy Merchant of Venice and enthralled the audience with their engaging acts under the guidance of the convener Ms Ayushi Zina and the Program Leader Dr. Shayantani Banerjee.

Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kumar Jha, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University Jharkhand advised the students saying, “Shakespeare is still remembered because he did things differently. If you do something different in your creative powers, you also can become one like Shakespeare.”

Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Pandey, Director, Amity University Jharkhand said, “The plotline of Shakespearean plays still holds relevance in today’s era.”.

The first prize was bagged by Manpreet Kaur and Devashree Narayan of BA Eng Hons Sem VI and Sem II respectively, Komal Kumari and Nickey Kumari of BA Eng Sem VI won the second prize and the third prize holders were Soumya Srivastava and Aryan Kumar Singh of BA Eng Sem IV.

The performances of all the students were appreciated by all and Honourable VC sir and Respected Director sir commented that they had all brilliantly showcased their dramatic skills and should be felicitated appropriately.