13 Apr 2022|Ranchi

Amity University Jharkhand Organized a Guest Lecture on ‘Neural Network and its Engineering Application’

 Amity University Jharkhand Organized a Guest Lecture on ‘Neural Network and its Engineering Application’

Ranchi, 13/04/2022:  Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Amity University, Jharkhand organized a guest lecture titled ‘Neural Network and its Engineering Application’ on Wednesday wherein Prof. Ajit Kumar Sahoo, Department of ECE, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela was the guest speaker.

It was focused on Soft Computing which is an important technique that is applied in variety of Engineering applications such recognition, classification, and information retrieval. With growing need of industry and in day-to-day life applications, it is essential for a student to learn them and implement in real time scenario. This lecture aimed to impart such technique to the students and to apply them in their projects and in the long run.

Addressing the audience, the guest speaker gave a presentation on an artificial neural network (ANN) which is an information processing paradigm that is inspired by the way biological nervous system, such as the brain, to process the information.

“Neural networks are made up of many artificial neurons. The ANN can perform nonlinear mapping between the input and output space due to its large parallel interconnection between different layers and the nonlinear processing characteristic,” he said, adding that the ANN is used extensively in the field of communication, control, instrumentation, and forecasting. ANN technique is also used for classification, modeling, and optimization problems.  

Prof. (Dr.) Raman Kumar Jha, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University, Jharkhand said, “It is up to ECE to utilize e technology to ultimately understand the machines. Research options are wide open in this field. Already lot of work is done and there are various ways to explore. There are lot of literature available for neural network. This is one very important area which Amity University Jharkhand should take as a domain area of specialization.”

Prof. (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Pandey, Director, Amity University, Jharkhand highlighted the relevance of computing in the following words, “Neural network will be a super-specialized area in the field of computing. If that happens then robot will work like human being. So, it is a challenging area with positive and negative points like atom bomb,”

Mr. Prabhakar Tripathi, Registrar, Amity University, Jharkhand conveyed their blessings on this occasion.

Dr. B. Samanta, Additional Director, EAS, Amity University, Jharkhand suggested a second version of this topic-based programme in the next academic session for the benefit of the new students