B.Tech Computer Science Scope in India


In India, Bachelors in Technology or B.Tech as it is popularly known is one of the most prestigious and technical engineering degrees. An excellent starting point for anyone who wants to build a successful career in the field of engineering, a bachelor's degree in technology involves four years of extensive research and practical experience in the field. As the field’s future prospects are quite bright and prosperous, more and more parents want their kids to take up this professional course. The need for engineers is on the rise all over the world as they are needed in every sector. 

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As technical innovation is touching more and more aspects of our lives, B.Tech graduates have plenty of options to choose from. Especially in Computer Science, the latest technological advancements are revolutionizing businesses everywhere. One of the most sought after programs in the country, B.Tech (Computer Science) incorporates an appropriate amalgamation of theoretical and practical knowledge. It also encompasses a wide range of fields including Programming, Data Algorithms, Networking, Databases, Web Developments, Mobile Computing as well as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Robotics, Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic and Natural Language Processing among others. These are under the larger umbrella of Artificial intelligence as well as Block chain concepts.


 It is no wonder then that so many bright and brilliant students start preparing for engineering entrance exams in their school years. If you are still not convinced about the great scope of B.Tech courses such as B.Tech (Computer Science) in India, then read on. 

Advantages of Pursuing B.Tech

-       A Plethora of Career Options: Whether you want to become a manager, an entrepreneur or specialized engineer, a degree in B.Tech is the building block for these exciting opportunities. You can also go on to become a faculty member at well-known engineering institutes.

-       High Level of Job Satisfaction: If you have always wanted a job that has real value and tangible impact in our society, then engineering is the right choice for you. Engineers also get a variety of awards, benefits and other incentives by their organizations, creating a high level of job satisfaction.

-       Scientific Breakthroughs: Engineering is a science that teaches you how things work. Once you understand the workings of systems, you are well-equipped to become pioneers and innovate in areas such as healthcare, robotics, automobiles and many more.

-       Financial Security: Whether you want to support your family or have big ambitions of your own, a career in engineering is undoubtedly financially lucrative. Considered to be one of the most highly profitable professions, it definitely makes for a comfortable living.


B.Tech at Amity University, Punjab (Mohali)


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