When an institution is founded on the ethos of excellence in research and innovation to create positive social impact, it is bound to make a mark in the education landscape. Which is why today, the Amity Education Group stands tall as one of the most prestigious and largest Universities in India. In fact, Amity is fast emerging as a global leader in education. In India, it is one of the premier institutions imparting education based on the highest standards of pedagogy, research, future focus and student-centricity. It is deeply committed to build not just India’s but the world’s intellectual capital by nurturing and shaping young minds into tomorrow’s world leaders in all fields of human endeavour.

Amity University Punjab, Mohali is the eleventh university established by Amity in India with the aim to raise standards in all aspects of education with a powerful focus on high-end research. This university has a single-minded goal of shaping the sharpest and brightest young minds into holistic global citizens who are ready to challenge and change the world in their areas of specialization. Amity University Punjab, Mohali is going to be a melting pot of global & local knowledge, scientific & creative thinking, futuristic and innovative research. Here, learning is an ever evolving and continuous process that seamlessly crosses the boundaries of classrooms, industry and society.

Our biggest strength in staying ahead of the curve is cutting edge research and setting new global standards in exploring the boundaries of knowledge. Today, the higher education sector is passing through a rapid transformation both in India and across the world. At Amity, we believe that our students should not only stay abreast of all the latest trends but also move ahead of the world in terms of new ideas, innovations and solutions. As we look into the future, one thing is certain that technology and knowledge will be significant resources and the most sought-after intellectual assets within our country and all over the world. Keeping this vision of the future in mind, we believe that it is our duty to challenge our students with cutting-edge research and the task of generating ideas that will benefit society and the world. We want to nurture super specialists, global entrepreneurs and leaders with deep human values.

To meet these challenges, we are also deeply committed to nurture global alliances with top research institutions, build partnerships with Government along with industries and create an ecosystem which fosters big ideas that can change the world. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure the quality of academic programs, excellence of teaching, learning and research aimed at raising every student’s employability quotient.

I am confident that our eminent educators, students, and fraternity will play a profound role in realising the vision of Amity University Punjab, Mohali and will very soon make it the best research-driven education institution in our country and the world.

Ravinder K Kohli, PhD

Vice-Chancellor, Amity University Punjab

FNA, FASc, FASc ,FNAAS, FBS, FPASc Certified Emeritus Sr. Ecologist ESA, USA JC Bose National Fellow