Amity offers a Choice-based Credit System for students to choose their curriculum structure from a wide range of courses based on their aptitude and career goals.

All the students need to complete a minimum number of Credit Units in which a few CU's are of core courses and the rest of the CU's from the combination of Specialisation Electives (SE), Domain Electives (DE), Open Electives (OE), Non-teaching Credit Courses (NTCC), and Value Addition Courses (VAC).

  • Specialisation Electives (SE) courses affiliated for specialization in a particular programme.
  • Elective (DE) courses are available within Domain Institutions.
  • Open Electives (OE) courses are offered by a department/institution other than the chosen domain.
  • Non-teaching Credit Courses (NTCC) are self-exploratory courses for the professional development of students. They include Independent Research studies, Term papers, Seminars, and Minor projects.
  • Value Addition Courses (VAC) include Behavioral Science, Business Communication, and Foreign Languages besides Sanskrit.