Amity aims to nurture students into all round personalities, providing avenues to harness their potential. With this aim, the school organizes and coaches students to excel in various national & international Olympiads, NTSE and GTSE.

Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO)

UCO organised by the Unified Council(Hyderabad) was conducted in the school. Three students secured All India rank below 100.

Name Class All India Rank
Suhani Malik VI 22
Agrim Gupta VI 54
Mimansa Porwal IX 99
Radhika Bansal IX 44

UIEO Unified International English Olympiad (UIEO)

Organized by Unified Council (Hyderabad) this tests the English literature and Grammar skills.

Name Class All India Rank
Aditya Mani V 59
Rajdeep Gadgil V 76
Suhani Malik VI 70
Udbhav Choudhary VII 65
Radhika Bansal IX 96
Gazal Singh X 61
Samarth Singhal X 93
Manan Rai X 20

National Science Talent Search Exam (NSTSE)

NSTSE conducted by Unified Council, India’s leading scientific assessment organization helps the students to discover their strengths and weaknesses as it provides them an analysis report that contains detailed diagnostic analysis for specific improvements and further development in each child. The top national rank holders received a medal and certificate of appreciation.

Name Class All India Rank
Livteshwar Singh Sandhu 1 21
Nurina Amin 1 73
Aarav Mohan 1 25
Shreshtha Tuli 11 120

French Olympiad

French Olympiad is conducted by Olympiad conducted by Education & Beyond India Pvt. Ltd. and Langers International Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with the French Embassy and Alliance Française in India. Three best students from across India are sent for an all-expense-paid educational trip to France. Seven students who secured first, second and third rank from each Class, thus making it to the national level examination were as follows

Name Class Rank
Nirbhay Mittal 9 1
Yati Rai 8 1
Maanya Kumar 8 1
Nitish Gupta 9 1
Kanika Sharma 8 1
Pratham Mehta 7 1
Gazal Singh 10 1

Global Talent Search Examination (GTSE)

GTSE organized by AICE is an initiative to awaken scientific thinking in young minds. The test held very November 23 for Class I to XII has questions papers designed after months of research by AICE experts. Here’s a tally of the exemplary performance of students in GTSE

Name Class All India Rank
Vidita Dhawan I D 7
Anisha Panda I D 7
Aarav Maohan I D 7
Advita Khatri I D 7
Sneha Kapoor I D 7
Adya Khatri I D 7
Kushagarah Bajaj I D 7
Manya Bhutani I D 7
Anshika Deo Singh I D 7
Divyash Jain V D 3
Suhani Malik VI C 7
Hardik Sardana VI C 10
Archit Boobna VIII C 1
Radhika Bansal IX A C 10

Commerce Olympiad

The school took part in Amity Commerce Olympiad organized by AIS Gur 46. The Olympiad aims to assess the business knowledge and accounting ability of the students.

Name Class Percentile
Bhumika Ahuja XI 97.10
Himanshi Batra XI 96.40
Shreeya Arora XI 92.10
Dhruv Batra XII 99.20
Parth Khanwar XII 97.20
Simran Verma XII 75.60