An academic simulation of the United Nations, Model United Nations (MUN) introduced by Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, Chairperson Amity Group of Schools under the aegis of Amity Education Resource Centre (AERC) aims to enhance the oratory and debating skills of the students besides training them in detailed research to help them stay abreast with international affairs. Through debates and deliberations, students learn the finer aspects of international diplomacy, thus making them better equipped to deal with real world situations.

Amity International Model United Nations (AIMUN)

AIMUN introduced in the year 2010 is the largest international MUN hosted in India. It is held every year at Amity University Uttar Pradesh in the month of November


Over 500 students took part in the eighth AIMUN 2016 held at Amity University from November 17 to 19, 2016. The school had the proud privilege of hosting the gala dinner night. Sanya Kanwar (UNGA), Alan J Anthony (RAW) and Kashmita (UNODC) of the school received High Commendation. Chirag Pawani, Pratham Mehta, Kabir, Debargo, Daksh Jhilani, Siddhant Khanna, Aditi Suresh, Yati Rai won a Special Mention. Shivam Jee and Prateek Gupta received Verbal Mention.