Top 5 Computer Science Engineering Specializations That Are In Demand


Amity School of Engineering & Technology

Computer Science Engineering is without a doubt the most sought-after professional path for engineering students with the introduction of automation, internet, and the data revolution. However, due to recent developments in the sector, there is a growing demand for human resources with specialized knowledge in numerous fields. This has compelled academics to establish specialization streams in computer science and engineering alone so that students with the required skills can accept employment offers with greater prospects and larger income packages, while also satisfying the need for a specialized task force in the industry.

Amity University Punjab, one of the top universities for computer science engineering, offers a wide range of specializations from which you can select in accordance with your preferences and areas of interest, including:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The world has been completely transformed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is one of the highest-paid professions in Computer Science Engineering. According to Markets and Markets, the ML market is expected to grow up to 9 Billion by this year's end at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of approximately 44%. With this rapid growth in the market of ML and AI, deployment rates will reach heights. In a survey by Refinitiv, it is predicted that 46% of companies globally have deployed ML in various areas which are core to their business, and in the coming years, it will increase multifold.

Career choices

A.   User Experience

B.   Natural Language Processing

C.   Research Scientist

D.   Software Engineer

E.   AI Engineer

F.   Data Mining and Analysis

Cloud Computing

The future of computing is in the ‘Cloud’. The world is strongly connected with the help of digital technologies making it one of the primary reasons why the scope of cloud computing has changed over the years. Markets and Markets predicts that between 2021 and 2026, the global cloud computing market will grow in size from USD 445.3 billion to USD 947.3 billion, at a16.3% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

Career Choices:

A.   Cloud Solution Architects

B.   Cloud System Administrator

C.  Cloud Security

D.  Cloud Application Development

Data Science

Build a most lucrative career by opting for Data Science. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing, the need and scope for trained data scientists is also growing exponentially. According to NASSCOM, the Data Analytics market will be worth $16 billion by 2025, an increase of eightfold from its 2016 value. According to several industry estimates, India alone will require over 500,000 data scientists.

Career Choices:

A.   Data Scientist

B.   Data Analyst

C.   Data Engineer

D.  Business Intelligence Developer

Cyber Security

For engineering aspirants, the B.Tech CSE with a Specialization in Cyber Security is the most monetary career course. With the ascent of cyber-terrorism, misuse of social media, and internet usage, there is a demand for specialized skills in India and abroad to protect the country from cyber threats. The interest for experts in the field is high as enterprises, for example, finance, production, retail, and medical services - to give some examples - are recruiting network safety and criminology staff to safeguard significant information, data, and framework.

Career Choices:

A.   Cybersecurity Specialist

B.   Cyber Crime Analyst

C.   Incident & Intrusion Analyst

D.   IT Auditor

E.  Cybersecurity Analyst

IoT & Blockchain

Without a doubt, Blockchain is the fastest-growing skill set, with jobs in this field rising at a staggering rate of 2,000-6,000 percent. Not only that, but the pay for Blockchain developers is 50-100 percent greater than for traditional developers. Global spending on blockchain solutions is expected to reach $11.7 billion by 2022, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Whereas, according to Fortune Business Insights, the worldwide internet of things market was valued at US$190 billion in 2018 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 24.7 percent to US$1102.6 billion by 2026.

Career Choices:

A.   IoT Security Specialist

B.   IoT Network Engineer

C.   Cloud Engineer

D.   Software Developer

E.   Blockchain Developer

F.    Blockchain Solution Architect

G.  Blockchain Project Manager

H.  Blockchain UX Designer

Final Takeover

Most firms depend on computer-based software, apps, or websites to keep their organizations running smoothly and effectively. Engineers in computer science create programs, add features, and modify code to maintain flexibility and utility in the face of continuing competition and breakthroughs. Even while the technologies they use to construct their programmes continue to advance, software engineers still require a high level of professional skill in order to get employment.

Computer programming and networking, which include algorithms, computation, programming languages, program design, computer hardware, and computer software, are among the CSE disciplines covered in the B.Tech. curriculum at Amity University Punjab. Eventually, recognizing the urgent need to develop future-ready computer professionals, Amity University Punjab strives to support the field by providing industry-specific and research-driven B.Tech Computer Science programs with particular specializations. 100% placement along with imparting world-class knowledge among our students is our ultimate goal. In past years Amity Education Group has completed over 54,000 placements and the highest package of 35 lakhs in Computer Science Engineering