Learning should stimulate and sustain the child’s interest as it should be joyful. We have designed a curriculum that enables the child to acquire language competency, a systematic organization of ideas to develop his/ her creative imagination, and independent thinking.
  • Through the new thematic / integrated approach, the child explores his / her environment in greater depth, where a concept does not end with the lesson. The child studies his environment and understands it as best as he can. He investigates, explores and observes. Science and Social Studies cease to be separate entities.
  • Making Math a part of this means that the subject is no longer boring numbers. It is used in everyday life. Numbers become real and meaningful. Language skills are learnt as the child learns to master the above mentioned concepts.
  • All topics covered are supported with Power Point Presentations, interactive sessions and hands on activities. Innovative, contemporary concepts are projected and reinforced through different subjects – “experiential learning” culminating in ‘joyful learning’ is the ultimate goal.
  • A blend of mass participation along with an emphasis on a strong sense of individuality is stressed upon.
  • Special assemblies like Rakshabandhan, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Earth Day etc. create awareness among students and sensitize them towards values and special issues.
  • Technology are an integral part of the curriculum; children enjoy and pick up basic computer skills through games and child friendly software.
  • The content of AUP books has been developed meticulously so that the child looks at it from all aspects – the scientific, ecological and from the point of view of social studies.
  • Integrated Projects based learning(IPBL) activities help children corelate all the importance of all subjects.