Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

Our child Aaryan has unique trait (speech issues) however, he is good at physical activities and shows keen interest in engagement-based learning activities, all because Amity has walked an extra mile to specially design a course for his progress in required specific areas, which suits him. That has resulted in great improvement in the overall personality of Aaryan and in fact, he has always been eager to catch his school bus on time to be in school. During the pandemic shadow, teachers (at home) along with school’s special educators ensured that our ward’s education was conducted smoothly.

I am elated to say that in 21st century, Amity has a unique ability to identify student’s passion & persona and provides support, motivation, courage and hope. Teachers and administrators are fully supportive and accessible do not follow one-size fits all approach.. Amity indeed puts its students and quality holistic education as its top priority.

Neelam Singh and Satender Kumar Mall

Parents of Aaryan (III A)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

I am thankful to the management & staff of AIS, Viraj Khand-5 for guiding my son Mohammad Zayan Khan to perform well in all fields. Not only academics, my son has progressed overall because of the extra-curricular activities organised in the school. My son was shy and inconfident but now he has gained confidence and now mixes well with friends and relatives.
Most importantly he takes part in all activities carried out in school and diligently pursues them. I am thankful to the class teacher for his overall growth; she is available always for her students and is ready to guide them.


Parent of Md. Zayan Khan (I-B)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

Once a sapling is handed over to a gardener in a nursery, the gardener nurtures it with soft hands and takes care and shapes it into a strong plant. We must say proudly that the sapling (Avni) is taking shape into a beautiful and healthy plant trying to branch out in all directions. We never expected such positive change in our daughter. She has become more confident, caring and fluent in her communication. She also appreciates and praises her friends, which shows the values imparted to the child during school hours. The Parent-Teacher Interaction Sessions are also a tremendous step taken for the upbringing of children. The effort taken by the school to organize such sessions is commendable. We appreciate the gesture shown by the school on our daughter’s birthday when respected Principal Ma’am and Head Mistress Ma’am gifted a potted plant to inculcate love for the environment. The love and the affection you all show towards the children is unexpressible in words. You will be surprised to hear that when we got transferred, we had not considered Amity as an option but now, we can proudly say there is no other school in our mind other than AMITY. We know our daughter is in safe hands and will grow with Amity, maintaining all the values and ethics.

Anshika and Abhishek Mishra

Parents of Avni

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

Amity is a second home for our kids, we are extremely happy to admit our kids in this institution, Amity is the one of the best school in Lucknow & surely the best on grounds of cultural nourishment of kids. Throughout the year we attended many events organized by the school and the students participated with great enthusiasm. We are also thankful to the class teachers, Miss Nupur Chauhan Ma’am & Mrs. Priyanka Singh for their great support throughout the year. We are also very thankful to our Head Mistress Ma’am and Principal Ma’am for taking care of every child of the school & know them individually by their name and keeping a track of their performance and improvement thoroughly throughout the year. We are extremely happy with the performance of our children.

Monika Soni and Chetan Soni

Parents Sarthak Soni(II-B) & Samarth Soni(KG-B)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

I am Rakesh Kumar Siddharth, Working as SAP Service Manager in HCL Technologies, Lucknow. My Son Kavya Siddharth is the student of Amity International School in class IV - A. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to give feedback.  I found Amity International School very impressive with well-equipped classrooms. The school is always clean and well organized. The teachers and other staff are very helpful and polite as well. Teachers are able to really understand every student's learning styles and cater to each child as an individual. The curriculum here has been planned to make the children interested in academics. Multiple learning activities are available for the kids to keep them engaged. Staff is friendly and well prepared to keep the children safe and active. School security system is very vigilant towards the safety of each child and every department works at its best for the same. I am finding overall growth of child and I am completely satisfied.

Rakesh Kumar Siddharth

Father of Kavya Siddharth(IV-A)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

We, the parents of Aarnavi Mittal Class III-A are delighted and grateful in sharing our experience, with the school for last one year. Earlier my daughter was studying at Delhi Public School, Lucknow. But after admission in Amity International School, we have witnessed a tremendous, positive change in her academics and allied activities. This is all because of hardworking teachers and management of the school. School also ensures safety of the child which is the priority in the present scenario. From time to time, various co-curricular activities are organized by the school for the overall development of the children. Every single child is being given promoted/ encouraged by the teachers to participate in such activities. Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you for my daughter's progress and for the support and hard work by teachers over the last year. Their co-operation during the whole academic season was wonderful. We have thoroughly enjoyed having Ms. Kritika as her class teacher.

Garima Mittal & Priyank Mittal

Parents of Aarnavi Mittal(III-A)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

On 4th February, 2020, I as a parent got the opportunity to attend the Socio – Cultural Fest “ATULYA BHARAT” organized by Amity International School, Viraj Khand-5 Lucknow. The event started with fabulous performance of students showing dance forms of various states. The vibrant and colourful depiction of cultures, monuments and cuisines of the 4 states i.e. Karnataka, Odisha, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh was charismatic and a delightful vision for all of us. This will help the children to have well- rounded cultural values, they will be more likely to be open in accepting to new cultures, they learn about as they grow up into adults. There was also a confident and beautiful introduction of various personalities belonging to the 4 states by the students who enacted the roles of Prakash Padukone, Anuradha Paudwal, Mahatma Gandhi etc. All the students enthusiastically participated and did justice to their role. Such events reinforce a belief in me as a parent that the school and the staff are successfully ensuring a comprehensive development of children. My journey with Amity International School so far, has been very enriching and delightful as my child is studying here since nursery. Apart from academics, I have observed an overall development in my ward. I can clearly assess how he comes up with creative ideas. All this gives me a sense of contentment. As a parent, I have found that the staff of Amity particularly the teachers are very polite and approachable. By and large it is a pleasure to send my child every day to school. Really satisfied with the way the staff addresses our concerns and problems. Finally, I would like to thank the principal and the teachers of my child. Thanking You.

Manika Sharma

Parent of Sidharth Sharma(IV-B)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

I really would like to say a big Thank You for providing such a wonderful platform for the benefit of child. This is not only beneficial for all of us in term of knowledge, but also creates a strong interpersonal bond for future endeavours . I also would like to thank Poonam Gupta Ma’am as this wouldn’t have been possible without her help, Her presence in our child's life is really a blessing to us.  I would like to thank all the teachers from other sections who participated with full enthusiasm. It was really a heart whelming experience. Thanks once again to all of you for this wonderful opportunity. Thanks & Regards,

Rubina Pande

Parent of Vyaan Pande(IV-B)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

Choosing the right school for our son was one of the toughest decisions that we as a couple faced. As parents we all want the best for our children. After combing through a lot of schools, we zeroed in on Amity International School, Viraj Khand-5, Lucknow. Despite our research on schools, which supported our decision, we were a bit skeptical. But now that we have completed a journey from Nursery to Class 2, we can proudly say that our son has had a wonderful experience for the past 4 years, and as fellow travellers we also enjoyed it. Strong points of Samarth's time spent here have been the personalised attention given to each student, the focus on all round development with special emphasis on personality enhancement. Every child got the opportunity to come up on stage and speak. Various cultural events were organised regularly ensuring some participation for all. Thanks to all the teachers/staff of AIS Viraj Khand-5 who helped Samarth to make the sailing smooth. Special thanks to Tanuja ma'am for providing all the guidance. Warm Regards. Thanks & Regards,

Sankalp Singh & Sakshi Singh

Parent of Samarth Singh(II-A)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

It has been an extremely pleasurable experience for both Bahaar and us. The school has not only put in its best efforts in all activities throughout the year, but have also patiently and lovingly brought out the best in our daughter. Thank you. The Atulya Bharat activity undertaken by the school was impressive say the least! The children have learnt so much about their states and culturally rich India through this. Their excitement to put up their best was infectious and pushed us also to do our bit to our best. Association with Amity, over the years, for us has been a very humbling experience. We never imagined that the school would take such good care of the children. The fact that all teachers know what my child is all about and how much further she can go strengthens my belief that I have chosen the best school for her. Thank you mam for all your guidance and support throughout the year. Wishing you the best always. Regards.

Yamini Chandra

Mother of Bahaar Chandra(IV-B)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

A big thumbs-up to Amity International School and its staff for ensuring a nurturing environment for the overall development of the children.  It is also nice to see the 'heritage initiative' to develop a sense of pride for their roots. The learning is activity based which is very good. I hope the school not only keeps up the good work but creates new parameters for schooling with its innovative and progressive ways. Regards.

Poonam Singh

Mother of Aditi Singh (V-A)   

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

Dear Principal and Teachers and Helpers, We would like to express our appreciation for the support and guidance to Humaam. It was difficult time when he joined school, but the teachers helped him to adjust in the new surroundings and be better person. Their patience was appreciated. We have been associated with Amity family for last 5 years as our elder son is studying here. We are highly satisfied with the teaching-learning methods and encouragement provided to students in co-curricular activities and sports. Last but not the least our humble thanks to esteemed Principal Ma’am for managing every aspect of school in lovely manner. Special thanks to great Didi’s for helping Humaan throughout the Session.

Dr Kashif Hussain & Dr Malka Hussain

Parents of Humaam Hussain(Nursery)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

It’s not a story, these are just words from a mother’s heart. When my son joined Amity he did not know how to write. After two months of admission, I was quite upset when some parents said that the child has to be guided at home and ‘school to bas name ka hota hai’ meaning that efforts should be put in by the parent. However, other parents disagreed and said that Amity culture was different. They appreciated the faculty and praised the teaching methodology. They asked me to keep patience till the end of the session. The class teacher was cooperative and dealt with patience. Soon, Moez started writing and my eyes were full of tears. So, today I proudly say that my son is an Amitian. My thanks to every team member at Amity International School and especially class teacher Preeti Ma’am. We as parents are proud that our son is an Amitian.

Dr. Suzeia Iqbal

Parent of Moez Khan(Nursery)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

The best or beautiful thing in this world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt by heart. "Thank you" is What I want to say to Amity. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I consider it a great privilege to propose heartfelt thanks to the beloved teachers and staff members who not only prepared but witnessed today's cultural program as a successful and memorable event. 🎊🎉🎊 Today my words are not enough to express the gratitude that I feel towards the school. The teacher’s guide the students and brush their skills. My son has become smart and confident. Our children enjoy their school time and every moment spent in the campus proves to be a learning moment. 😄😄😊😊

Mrs.& Mr. Amit Ojha

Parents of Akshat Ojha(IV-B)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

Amity International School ensure the overall development of the students and hence it has always been its priority to take care for their proper nutrition and health along with academics. I was happy to see that, the school conducted ‘Healthy Tiffin’ competition February 2, 2019 in which students from Class I-V brought tiffins containing nutritious food. It was heartening to see parents giving their noteworthy contribution in preparing healthy tiffins. Tiffins were not only packed with healthy and nutritious food but the children were also told about the importance of eating healthy food. I appreciate the fact that the school congratulated all the students and parents for their immersive participation and explanation of each nutritive component present in the food. The aim of the competition was to remind parents to take extra care in preparing nutritious food for their kids which is an important step in collaborative upbringing of our children.

Payal Asthana

Mother of Sneha Asthana, Class IV A, AIS VKC Lucknow

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

A healthy diet only creates a healthy body and healthy thoughts are generated in a healthy body. Therefore, such competition not only make everyone aware about healthy diet but also provide opportunities to everyone to understand the right kind of diet needed for healthy development of children.

Manisha Shukla Pandey

Mother of Kaustubh Pandey, Class Nursery, AIS VKC Lucknow

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

‘Healthy Tiffin’ competition organised not only made students say ‘No’ to junk food, but also made parents aware of healthy eating habits. The tiffins prepared in the competition comprised variety of food items, fresh fruits, salads, etc., fulfilling the realm of balanced diet.

Shrishti Gupta

Mother of Atharv Gupta Class II, AIS VKC Lucknow

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

Amity International School proved to be a second home for our daughter. She joined the school in Class Nursery seven years ago and without any doubt each year has proven to be the colours of a beautiful rainbow for her. We are extremely pleased with the way children receive education as emphasis is both on the studies as well as individual growth and development in a holistic manner. Role of the principal, head mistress, teachers and staff is highly commendable as they have always showered love and affection on each and every child and welcomed the parents with open arms on each and every occasion. Over the years we have all developed a deep bond of love and respect for each other and feel a profound sense of joy and pride to see the school grow and blossom. We hope that our daughter grows up to become a responsible citizen of this great nation and excels in life and contributes to humanity in myriad ways to make her school feel proud of her. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Amity family for enriching our lives with the radiance of love, education and knowledge.

Zeba Zehra and Rishad Zehra

parents of Yushra Zehra Class V, AIS VKC Lucknow

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

I first of all thank principal ma’am and the teachers for inviting us to the felicitation ceremony. It has been a long sojourn of two years for us as we eagerly awaited as ‘co-guardians’ of our child. In these two years I saw my child gradually transforming as the teachers at Amity with their untiring efforts, loads of attention and uncompromising love and support carefully nurtured him. As parents we will be forever grateful to the teachers for showering their blessings and ensuring holistic development of our children. The school has provided excellent infrastructure and above all careful supervision of the child. Amity has been a second home to our child.

Mrs. R.K Gautam

Mother of Devesh Gautam, Class XII (Humanities), AIS VKC, Lucknow

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

“There are so many wonderful things to say about Amity International School, Viraj Khand-5. It is so much more than just a school. Both my son and daughter joined Amity six years ago. My son completed his XII board and my daughter is currently studying in Class XI (commerce). The school is not only focused on academics but also on extra-curricular activities. Teachers here put in 100% of efforts. They give countless additional hours after school to lend a helping hand to a student in need, a parent, or to just make an extracurricular activity extra special. They do it proactively. Both my kids appeared for board exam this year, and school teachers worked hard to ensure that the syllabus gets completed 6 months in advance and 3 Pre-boards were conducted. It due to the efforts of the school that both my kids performed well in their board exam. Thanks to all the teachers for their dedication and commitment. and special thanks to respected Principal ma’am who has been an inspiration for all the students. She genuinely listens, and cares.

Mr. Satyajeet Singh

Father of Aniket Singh (XII- Science) and Anisha Singh (XI-Commerce)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

I remember Yash as a child has been good at studies but his communication skills were always a matter of concern for us. He basically did not interact with the people around him. It was then that his class teacher Ms. Garima stepped and made every effort to ensure that Yash opens up to the world. Right from regular class activities to birthday celebrations and all the events happening in school she ensured his active involvement. By the middle of the session Yash had begun to show significant improvement in all aspects. For the first time we saw him performing in a group dance, without his teacher's help. He now participates and interacts with the world around him. This has happened because of Garima ma'am’s love and concern for Yash. Also, we thank all his classmates who have helped and supported him, always. We are thankful to all his teachers and staff members for their support and guidance. Yash has come a long way in last one year and we wish to see him keep going and improve even more.

Mrs. Shrankhala Verma & Mr. Uttam Verma

(Parents – Yash Verma - IIA)

Amity International School Virajkhand|CBSE school in Virajkhand

It has been a pleasant experience, getting our children educated at AIS, Virajkhand Lucknow. The school has excellent teachers. I am pleased to inform that our children have done exceptionally well in academics and would like to mention that the teachers really make best efforts to make children learn well . Teachers here always give honest feedback and brief us about the progress of our children during PTMs.

Dr Mohammad Yasin Quraishy

(Father of Bilal – (IV B) and Kulsum – (III B))

Amity is a part of our soul that has given foundation to my children learnings. The values, human virtues and etiquettes they have imbibed as a family under the guidance of our respected chairperson ma’am, cannot be found in any other school. It has helped them to become a life long learner. Thank you Amity !!

Gopal & Monika Vasudeva

(Parents of Aarav & Aarna)

I am extremely thankful to Amity for adding value to my kid’s life and I wish that it continues to enlighten their future always. The school with its extraordinary teaching methodologies, safe and caring environment, unmatchable support and coaching’s for academic and co-curricular activities, is truly appreciable. The most valuable thing about the school that makes it different and best is the vision of the school Chairperson Dr (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, who is the guiding light, showing path to kids for a successful and bright future.

The everyday preaching’s through shlokas and hawans taking place in the school for the nourishment of bright mind and soul is the reason why my kids are doing extraordinary well in their studies, securing A+ grades at Amity. The bonding that they share with this institution is enormous and it makes me feel proud to be part of the Amity family.

Ashima and Sushant Nayyar

Parents of Innaya Nayyar (I) and Simone Nayyar (VIII)

AIS Vasundhara 1