Services MODEL
Amity Innovation Incubator currently uses a balancing model to accommodate Startup Incubation requests.
The model consists of the 3 elements namely Rent, Equity and Royalty.
Q. What is a Balancing Model?
A Balancing Model is a hybrid form of a dedicated Equity or a Rental model; which uses a balance between a comfortable equity percentage and a comfortable rent on a per month per seat basis. The value percentage of Equity would vary between 5-15 % of the total equity with rent varying between INR 5000 to 12000 on per month per seat basis. . 0.5% to 2% of Royalty (as a percentage of total sales) is also applicable in certain cases.
Q. How is the percentage of Equity and Rentals decided for a startup?
The Equity percentage and the Rentals depends upon the growth potential, stage of the startup, risk involved and is subject to mutual discussions between the startup and the Incubator’s management.
Q. What are the Facilities offered to the Incubatees?
The following services are available for the Incubatees at Amity Innovation Incubator .
Mentoring and Advisory
Business Plan Advisory
Strategic Execution
Team Development and Support
Industrial Leads via Power networking and Introductions
Financial Advisory and Support
Financial Modeling and Evaluation
Valuation Advisory
Fund Raising Advisory and Support
Legal & Patent Advisory and Support
Infrastructure Support
Centrally Air Conditioned
Round the clock 24 X 7 operations
Institutional Security
High Dedicated Bandwidth
Layer 3 switch Network Security
Virtual LAN and Static IP
Server Rack Space
Managed Firewall
Q. What if I do not need physical Incubation but would be interested in all the other support services offered by Amity Innovation Incubator ?
Amity Innovation Incubator currently offers a Virtual Incubation Program which helps startups and Entrepreneurs to avail of all the Incubation support without being present at the Incubator. This program has been specifically designed for geographically dispersed startups/Enterprises who would want to become a part of the amity innovation incubator family.
Alumni Panel Discussion
Ideathon 2.0
Ideathon 2.0
Round Table Conference
Shark Tank
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