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About Us

With an aim to provide an impetus to research & innovation in the field of food and agriculture, Amity Food and Agriculture Foundation (AFAF) was founded by Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President. Amity education group envisages to establish itself as one of the premier educational institutions in the promotion of agricultural sciences and related technologies. Agriculture is one of the largest sectors in India with more than half of the population engaged in the agriculture-related occupation. Amity envisions supporting Indian farmers especially the marginal and smallholders through research, training and academic endeavors at various stages of production beginning from selection of seeds, fertilizers/biofertilizers, irrigation, preparation of farmland, integrated pest management, integrated nutrient management, harvesting, post-harvest management, use of simple machinery to remove drudgery, transportation, processing and allied areas. To fulfill this vision following objectives have been set:

  • Conducting research leading to excellence in areas of Agriculture and its allied fields including Veterinary, Animal, Dairy and Fishery Sciences for the growth of livestock and fishery sectors.
  • Dissemination of innovative technologies for socio-economic transformation.
  • Imparting education in Agriculture and its related fields including but not limited to Sustainable Agriculture, Postharvest, Veterinary, Animal, Fishery and Dairy Sciences for the advancement of learning so as to contribute quality human resource both to industry and educational institutions.
  • Developing globally competitive human resource through PG education in basic and advanced areas of agricultural sciences.


Perform impactful innovative interdisciplinary research in Plant and agriculture aiming to achieve food security for all.


  • To develop a multidisciplinary knowledge hub, performing quality research in plant, agriculture and food science.
  • To provide an active and stimulating collaborative research environment for interdisciplinary studies in both fundamental and applied aspects of food and agriculture sciences.
  • To elucidate the regulatory mechanisms underlying plant growth and development which impact food, medicinal and other commercial values of plant products.
  • To apply our knowledge of nature’s diversity to develop technologies benefitting agriculture, environment, and human well-being.
  • To develop awareness towards climate smart agriculture and waste management technologies for sustainable development.
  • To train farmers, scientists and other stake holders for the future.
  • To engage with policy makers and the public.

  • To improve food and nutritional security
  • To address climate change impact on Agriculture & Allied Sector
  • To increase water use efficiency in Agriculture
  • To improve quality of food, environment and natural resources
  • To minimize post harvest losses
  • To do value addition through processing
  • To enhance farmer’s income.
  • To enhance efficiency in supply chain management
  • To create adequate & quality human resources in agriculture
  • To enhance entrepreneurship & livelihood opportunities
  • To enhance international competitiveness of Indian agriculture & education
  • To do value driven agriculture