Amity Journal of Corporate Governance
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High quality and original research is welcome on the following topics but not limited to:

1.    Corporate Governance: Models, Theories, Structures, Philosophies and Practices

2.    Government Rules, Regulation and Corporate Governance

3.    Impact of Corporate Ownership on Corporate Governance

4.    Role of Board of Directors and Board Committees on Corporate Governance

5.    Independence and Monitoring Role of Independent Directors

6.    Executive Leadership

7.    Shareholder Activism

8.    Audit Committees, External and Internal Auditors

9.    Shareholders’ Grievance

10. Corporate Governance Best Practices

11. Managerial Compensation and Incentive Plans

12. Corporate Social Responsibility

13. Corporate Governance and Firm Performance

14. Sustainability and Corporate Governance

15. Financial Reporting, Disclosure, Transparency, Information Asymmetry

16. Agency Theory and Principal-agent Conflicts

17. Majority-minority Shareholders Conflict

18. Redefinitions and Reassessments of Corporate Governance Models

19. Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting, Disclosures and Transparency

20. Stakeholder Theory and Corporate Governance

21. Future Trends in Corporate Governance

22. International Corporate Governance


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