30 Mar 2017 |Jaipur

Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur

Amity university Rajasthan organised Guest Lecture on "Values in Indian Philosophy"

Mr. Shashtri addressing on Values in Indian philosophy

The event started with theintroductory speech of Dr.Uma Joshi. Devarshi Kala Nath Shastri who is eminentscholar of Hindi, English and Linguistic gave enlightening talk on religion andthe changing paradigm of religion. His stock on monotheism and existence of Godfrom the vedic period to the present day. His talk made us aware about theexistence of god in different perspectives. The workshop ended with a soft voteof thanks by Dr. Payal Chandel.

Mr. Kala Nath Shashtri addresses students & Faculties on Values in Indian philosophy

Audience listening Mr. Kala NAth Shastri