29 Mar 2017 |Noida

F3 Seminar Hall

National Seminar on “Critical Reflection of the Pre-Service Teachers on the School Internship programme under the Revised Guidelines of NCTE 2014”

From left: Dr. Kalpana Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Education, AUUP; Dr. Alka Muddgal, Head of the Institution, Amity Institute of Education, AUUP; Teachers of Greater Noida World School

Amity Institute of Education, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, organised a one day national seminar on the theme “Critical reflection of the Pre Services Teachers School Internship Programme under the revised guidelines of NCTE 2014” under the Guidance of Dr. Alka Muddgal, Head of the Institution,Amity Institute of Education (AIE), Amity University. The main emphasis of the seminar was to reflect upon the experiences of teacher trainees in the school during the extended internship period of six months in the recently introduced two years B.Ed course as per the revised guidelines of NCTE 2014.

The lamp lighting ceremony was enunciated by the dignitaries followed by the inaugural address delivered by Dr. Alka Muddgal, Head of the Institution, Amity Institute of Education (AIE), AUUP. The welcome address was delivered by Ms.Raj Lakshmi Raina, Faculty, AIE along with the introductory speech was delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Kalpana Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Education. The seminar was attended by student teachers from different colleges and educational institutions, such as Miranda House college, SPM College, Delhi University,DIRD, Guru Ram Das College of Education, in-service teachers, and researchersf rom various institutions.

In the national seminar the student teachers were able to participate and reflect on the major reforms in the revised B.Ed curriculum and were able to appreciate them. Somehow, certain problems and lacunas were also pointed out which the teachers faced during their internship period. It was deliberated in the seminar that a teacher is the one who understands the individual differences of the students and is well acquainted with the psychology of the learner for an effective teaching learning process. During school internship students were acquainted with the ways through which ICT resources are used, be it smart boards, audiovisuals or e- library, these resources contribute toward better conceptual understanding. It emerged from the discussions carried out in the technical sessions that Reinforcement is one of the key elements of the teaching learning process as it contributes in enhanced learning outcomes and motivates the learner. Teaching is about Spontaneity and creativity rather than adopting a structured approach of teaching learning. Reflection is an important process that paves the way for improvement and for teacher’s professional growth and development.

The seminar has helped in initiating a dialogue among the community of academicians, student-teachers, in-service teachers, heads of the institution and the researchers regarding the revised guidelines of NCTE 2014 and its better implementation. The event came to an end with the valedictory session wherein the certificates were distributed by Dr. Alka Mudgal, Head of Institution, AIE, AUUP and Dr. Ranjana Bhatia, Mentor, AIE, AUUP to all the paper presenters and participants. The seminar concluded with a vote of thanks read by Dr. Ritika Sharma. 

(From Left: Ms. Hariyali Srivastava, Headmistress, Govt. School, Noida; Prof. (Dr.) Kalpana Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Education; Dr. Alka Muddgal, Head of the Institution, AIE, AUUP; Prof. (Dr.) Ranjana Bhatia, Mentor, AIE, AUUP)

Paper Presentations

Paper Presentation during the Technical Session

Paper Presentation

Participants & paper presenters receiving certificates

Valedictary Session chaired by Prof. (Dr.) Ranjana Bhatia and Dr. Alka Muddgal along with Participants