25 Mar 2017 |Jaipur

Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur

Amity University organised Guest Lecture on “Basics of Audio Production and Programming”

Lecture Delivered to Students by Mr. Ajay Singh

AmitySchool of Communication, Amity University Rajasthan organised Guest Lecture onBasics of Audio Production and Programming on 25th March, 2017 atseminar hall, ASCO. RJ Ajay Singh, Station Head and Promo Producer, Big FM,Ajmer, was the main speaker.

Thetopic of discussion was mainly on audio and radio production and itsprogramming. This interactive session was delivered by Mr. Ajay Singh whoshared his vast knowledge and work experiences among the students and hisassociation with radio channels like Super FM, Big FM etc.  He elaborately explained the pros and cons ofradio journalism and discussed beyond the curtain scene of a radio station. Asbeing a professional, he also discussed on how to write proper radio script,content link break up, live shows, hooks etc. He also focused on do’s anddon’ts of radio jockeying, voice modulation etc. Mr. Singh gave in handknowledge on editing audio and sound by using basic softwares and evenprofessional software like Nuendo.

Prof Manish Verma is giving token of gratitude to the Guest