27 Mar 2017 |Jaipur


Amity university Rajasthan organised Guest Lecture on "Communication Skills in Indian Context"

Prof. N.Krishnaswamy talking on Communication skills in Indian Context

Amity System for Communication Enhancement and Transformation organized onehour lecture on Communication Skillsin Indian Context on 27/03/2017 in the Seminar Hall of ASET Block.Prof. N. Krishnaswamy, FormerlyProfessor, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad and a wellknown Author, was the resource person. There were more than one hundred and tenstudents from post graduate courses who took part in this lectureactively.  Prof. N. Krishnaswamy focusedon these following areas in his lecture:

  • Importance of Communication skills in English in Indian Corporate,

  • Standard English to be used in interviews,

  • Difference between standard English and substandard English,

  • Use of SMS language in corporate.

  • Commonerrors to be avoided

This lecture gave the participants anew confidence in their performances & communication skills. At the end ofthe lecture, the students possessed the tools to improve the writing skills foremployment as well as the Standard English to be used in Interviews

Prof. N.Krishnaswamy during his talk

Faculties and students listening to Prof.