23 Mar 2017 |Noida

F2 Auditorium

2nd National Conference on 'Innovation in Visual Arts' 2017 (NCIVA'17)

Amity School of Fine Arts (ASFA)organized 2nd National Conference on 'Innovation in Visual Arts' 2017(NCIVA'17) at Amity University Noida Campus

The theme of the Conference was ‘Imagination, Experience and Expression in Visual Arts’ which focused on discussing ideas concerning the imaginative approach to artistic creation, art appreciation and art management.

Welcoming the guests, Dr. (Prof.) Pradeep Joshi,Director General, Amity Directorate of Applied Arts/Fine Arts/Performing Arts/Visual Arts said that n the realm of arts, imagination has long been considered central to our experience and understanding. He stressed that the practicing artist today has much more than line and color at their disposal to give vent to their imaginative feelings. Dr. Joshi apprised that the global market for art has shown a slight decrease of 2% hence there is a need for continuous innovation to excel and grow in market. He called upon the budding artists to know what is selling in different markets of various countries and how one can explore it further.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. Abhimanue V.G,Senior Artist, Academician & Curator said that in today’s participatory culture, artists have access to lot of information and also varied media to express their creative abilities. He presented his varied forms of art creations and narrated his experience as an artist. He advised the students to take inspiration from the surroundings as they play a major role in bringing out the real art on canvas.

The conference witnessed the participation of 11 artists across the Nation including The contribution of Visual Communication Art for Viewers of India by Anshu Srivastava, Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Fine Arts, Aligarh Muslim University; The Art of Himmat Shah: An Improvisation of a Significant Form by ArjunKumar, Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Fine Arts, Lovely Professiona lUniversity, Phagwara; Art Practice and Innovation through Recycled Art by Govind Prasad, Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Fine Arts, Aligarh Muslim University; Traditional Arts and Crafts of Punjab: Absence of Interventions in Post- Independence Era by Jaswinder Singh, Independent Researcher, Punjab and Changing Production Value and Viewer’s Interest through Visual Effects by Varun Singh,Research Scholar, Amity School of Fine Arts, Amity University Uttar Pradesh,Noida amongst others in Research Posters Competition 

During the day, technical sessions were conducted on various topics including ‘New Perspective in Digital Art & Design, Animation and Advertising’; ‘Traditional Art and Craft: New Interventions’ and ‘Art Practice, Innovation and Aesthetic Experience’.