22 Mar 2017|Noida | E2 Seminar Hall

“Water treated through Nano Particles can eliminate deadly diseases”, avers experts during World Water Day Celebrations at Amity

Tocommemorate World Water Day, Amity Institute of Environmental ToxicologySafety and Management (AIETSM) and Amity Institute of EnvironmentalScience (AIES) organized a Workshop on“Embrace the Water - Sustainable Solutions for the Future”  at Amity University , Noida Campus.

Themain objective of this workshop is to stimulate global awareness and toencourage people to become active participants to sustain life by saving waterresource on earth.

Dr.S. V. Eswaran, Emeritus Scientist UNESCO-DBT Regional Centre for Biotechnology(RCB), Biotech Science Cluster; Dr. Dinesh Chand, Additional Adviser(PHE),Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation; Dr. Anuj Kanwal, Director, CentralWater commission & Secretary, Indian National Committee on Surface Water(INC-SW) and Dr. Shakeel A Khan, Senior Scientist, Center for EnvironmentalScience and Climate Resilient Agriculture (CESCRA), Indian AgriculturalResearch Institute (IARI) were present during the occasion.

Addressingthe gathering. Dr. S. V. Eswaran, Emeritus Scientist UNESCO-DBT RegionalCentre for Biotechnology (RCB), Biotech Science Cluster said that waterconservation is a serious issue worldwide and is now a root of problems betweenmany neighboring countries. He stressed that within the country itself, onestate is in argument with other state over the water availability. Briefingabout “NanoPANI-Amrit?”, Dr. Eswaranemphasized on using nano particles for elimination of deadly viruses from waterlike Fullerin - nano particles which are water soluble and can prevent diseaseslike Alzheimer, Parkinson, HIV, cancer, Arthritis etc if taken in0.0002migrogram. He pointed out that people don’t pay attention to cleaning ofwater tank which causes serious health issues. Dr. Eswaran also highlightedabout the growing problem at Punjab of pesticide residues in water due toleaching which needs immediate solution.

Sharinghis views on “Sustainable Drinking Water Management in Rural India”, Dr.Dinesh Chand, Additional Adviser(PHE), Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitationsaid that Government has launched National Rural Drinking Water programmewith aim to provide safe and adequate water for all, at all times in ruralIndia. He mentioned that by 2022, every rural person in the country will haveaccess to 70 lpcd within their household premises or at a horizontal orvertical distance of not more than 50 meters from their household withoutbarriers of social or financial discrim. Dr. Chand emphasized on the challengesin drinking water sector in India and said that with growing population thereis an increase in demand of water due to which there is a heavy dependence onground water supply and in last decade, the percentage of over exploited blockshave increased. He highlighted “Though we have been successful in providingaccess to basic water supply facilities to nearly everyone but the challengenow is how to provide higher levels of service with sustainable sources andsystems that provide good quality water to a growing population.” Dr Chandcalled upon the Government officials to tax the people on water otherwise theywill not realize the value and will misuse it.

Duringthe occasion, Dr. Tanu Jindal, Director at Amity Institute of EnvironmentalToxicology, Safety and Management highlighted about Amity Initiatives inWater Technology and Management. She announced that Amity will be launching MTech programme in Water Technology and Management from current session onwards.