09 Mar 2017|Kolkata | Amity University Kolkata

Seminar by Chemistry Department At Amity University Kolkata

The chemistry club “CHEMBRIDGE” was indebted to have Prof.Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University, Kolkata, aneminent scientist in the field of biochemistry, molecular microbiology, a greateducationist and a visionary leader in the administrative field for its 3rd programand enriched with his invaluable talk on “Origin of Life” detailing how life inthe planet earth came into existence after the so called BIGBANG. We alsolisten to him how different theories used to explain the mysteries of life andfinally how the life evolved from bacteria to human being. The students and allthe audience were spellbound by the coherence of his lecture and connectionwith Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The program was also graced by thepresence of the Director of AIASK, Prof. Susanta Mitra; and HODs from differentdepartments, faculty members from various science disciplines and students.


On the same day we displayed the 2nd volume and1st issue of the wall-magazine, Psi, themed “Alternative sources ofEnergy” where students of the Physics and Chemistry department contributed andused their tremendous imaginative and artistic skills to explain how we shouldgear up towards exploring various alternative renewable sources of energy. Italso demonstrates how chemistry can play a diverse role by discovering anddesigning novel materials to find a viable solution.


In addition, students from different departments across theUniversity participated in a first ever general science quiz competition by theAUK and showed their knowledge about general science and mathematics. Theaudiences were also actively engaged by supporting and encouraging theirfavorite team.


The club is optimistic to conduct students seminar during thefuture event or outside the event to give exposure to them into the researchworld.


The club is hopeful to engage more students and is getting really goodfeedback so far and excited about it. They also plan to step outside of thecampus and bring in more students in this effort to engage with science in amore comfortable language