27 Feb 2017-01 Mar 2017|Kolkata | Amity University Kolkata


Theatre is a narrative universe that mirrors thesociety and uses its power of influence to bring about a change. To mark thepower of the same, A Theatre Festival was successfully pioneered by the ASCO,ASFA and ASFT departments of Amity University, Kolkata on 27th, 28th February and 1st March.The key attractions of the 3 day extravaganza was theChhau Dance group of Purulia, West Bengal and the celebrated Theatre Group ofWest Bengal- Rangakarmee. They have traveled the length and breadth of thecountry with their famous productions and have even performed abroad andconducted workshops there as well.

Chhau mask making workshops and a colourful Chhau dance performance in theamphitheatre marked the events of the first day. The Festival got inauguratedby our Vice Chancellor Dr. (Prof) Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay. The uniquemasks were sold in large numbers to the art lovers who came to enjoy the Chhauculture. Miss Nikita Sharma of BFA (4th Sem) and Miss Nishtha Tewari of BFA(2nd Sem) won the first and second positions respectively as the best maskmakers at the end of the workshop.
The beautifully decorated amphitheatre had a great ambience where the audiencewas pulled in by the surprise Flash Mob preaching about the Chhau culture.

The second day of the event started with a huge flash mob enthralled theaudience towards the Auditorium. The event started with the Lighting of theauspicious Lamp ceremony inaugurated by our Senior Vice President Dr. URamachandran, Vice Chancellor Dr (Prof) Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay and VeteranTheatre Artist Shrimati Usha Ganguly, who is also the Director and Producer ofRangakarmee Theatre Group.After the words of inspiration by thedignitaries, the play by 'Hum Mukhtara' began and set the stage on fire.Narrated by Shrimati Usha Ganguly ji herself, the play was about the story of aPakistani girl named Mukhtara who was abused by the enemy clan and herdetermination to bring justice upon herself and the society. The audiencewas spell bound by the unique narration, acting, lighting and sound. No wonderthe play ended with a standing ovation from the crowd which hosted even peoplefrom outside.
The strong lines- 'Nahi Banengi hum Mom ki battiyaan, Banenge hum DhadhaktiMashaale, Hum Mukhtara, Sab Mukhtara!' resonated around the Auditorium, raisinggoose bumps in all! The entire team of Hum Mukhtara, Rangakarmee wasfelicitated by our VC Sir.

As the curtains of the 2nd day dropped, The 3rd and final day began withperformance of a Forum Theatre by Shri Shikshayatan College and a play by AmityUniversity, Kolkata directed by Srijan Bandopadhyay. This was  followed bya dance drama based on Swan Lake, directed by Pankaj Pradip Barua.
As the first half of the event ended, the flash mob group headed by MeghaSeehra  gathered all the people through dance and dialogues towards theinauguration of the Amphitheatre for hosting streetplays and dramas henceforth.
Balloons were released in the air to mark its inaugural by our VC Sir and hencebegan the last phase of the festival. A dance voicing against Women'soppression was performed by Jayeeta Chatterjee of MJMC (4th Sem) and hergroup.It was followed by a street play on acid attack put up by MJMC (2ndyear) students.
The winner of the street play was NSHM Knowledge Campus (NIMD Deptt) where thestudents spectacularly presented their 'Nukkad' called Chhupi based on thesociety's silence against all forms of oppression receiving a standing ovationby the audience at the end of it.
Then began the final performance by Rangakarmee called 'Maiyyat', a street playbased on the hierarchies of the society prevalent during the early times ofIndia. The show connected everyone using their magnificent storytelling usingdance, songs, music and acting. No wonder the standing ovation saw tears inalmost everyone's eyes, in the end.
Rangakarmee Theatre Group was given a token of thanks consisting of a mementofrom Amity University. Shrimati Usha Ganguly was gifted with a portrait of herssketched beautifully by Ritika Saha of BFA (4th Sem).


Their performances raised the benchmarks and servedas an inspiration to strive for the same.


The entire Theatre Festival, spearheaded by theH.O.D of ASCO department- Mrs. Minal Pareek Verma and supported by all the facultymembers of the 3 departments, saw a melting pot of talents and opportunitiescome alive in these three days. Every participant in the festival has takenhome amazing learning experiences and team spirit marking a successful maidenTheatre Festival.