03 Mar 2017 |Noida

Amity Campus, Sector-125, Noida

Guru Shama Bhate, the Founder Director of Nadroop delivers a Talk at Amity School of Performing Arts

Amity School of Performing Arts, under  Amity Directorate of Applied Arts/ Fine Arts Performing Arts& Visual Arts, organized a Talk by Guru Shama Bhate, the Founder Director of Nadroop at University Campus, Sector- 125,Noida

Guru Shama Bhate is well respected as a performer, teacher, choreographer, artistic director and thinker. Her personal idiom has evolved over the years in anamazing blend of virtuosity (tayyari) and sensitive expressions (abhinaya),revealing the highest degree of classicism.

Recipient of many prestigious awards including the ‘Maharashtra Rajya Puraskar 2011’, Guru Shama Bhate has held many positions of prestige and respect across institutions. She has acquired a special place in the hearts of music and dance lovers, for her extensive work in traditional as well as contemporary format.

Inaugurating the event, Prof. (Dr.) Pradeep Joshi, Director General, Amity Directorate of Applied Arts/ Fine Arts/ Performing Arts &Visual Arts stressed the need for development of all forms of Art.

Guru Shama Bhate shared her valuable experiences of travel & interaction with the artists  around the globe. She also discussed about her inspiration from eminent artist Raza’s paintings and highlighted the association of colors with her choreography. She also spoke at length about her costumes and the inspiration that led to a major change in color, fabric & details of her dance costumes.

Guru Shama Bhate took a round of the Institution and appreciated the infrastructure & creative work of Fashion & Fine Arts students.

The event was well attended by students and faculty members of Amity School of Fashion Technology, Amity School of Fine Arts and Amity School of Performing Arts.