15 Feb 2017|Kolkata | Amity University Kolkata

Academic Visit and Guest Lecture by Prof Mark Wing at Amity University Kolkata

On15th February 2017, Amity University Kolkata along with the BritishCouncil , organised an Academic visit programme in Amity Law school. Prof. MarkWing, senior lecturer from Southampton Solent University, Dr. Paul Arnell,Reader in Law from Robert Gordon University and Prof. Andy Unger, Head of LawDivision and Associate Prof. Visiting from London South Bank University werethe eminent law field luminaries who visited the university.

Prof.Andy Unger , delivered his lecture on International human rights law. Hehighlighted the various UN mechanisms for promotion of human rights andfundamental freedom, the strategies adopted by the UN bodies to promote thesame and the role of civil society for the implementation of human rights.

Dr.Paul Arnell delivered a lecture on terrorism and extradition, where hehighlighted the various human rights issues and political issues. He alsoexplained the importance of the principles of criminal justice system ininternational law and the importance of bilateral treaties and its impact onthe parties.

Prof.Mark Wing delivered a lecture on online intellectual property protection. Hetalked about the new challenges and weaknesses, both technical and legal andsuggested further measures to address such challenges.

Followingthis, there was an interactive session among the esteemed visitors and the Hon’bleVice chancellor, Amity University Kolkata and the faculty members of Amity LawSchool. Several important action points and their possible implementation wasdiscussed like student and faculty exchange programs and developing a sustainedrelationship and collaboration in several short term courses, graduation , postgraduation and post doctoral courses, and other research areas.