21 Feb 2017|Noida | Amity Campus, Saket

The Amity Institute of Education, Saket, New Delhi organises National Seminar on “Empowering Teachers as Ambassador of Change in Fostering Discipline in Students”

The Amity Institute of Education, Saket,New Delhi organised a National Seminar on “Empowering Teachers as Ambassador of Change in Fostering Discipline in Students” on  21stFebruary, 2017. The main purpose of conducting the seminar was to provide a platform to pupil teachers where they can discuss various innovative ideas and strategies as per their experiences.

The Seminar was inaugurated by Prof.Sangeeta Chauhan, Dean, University School of Education, GGSIP University, New Delhi. In her inaugural address, Prof. Sangeeta Chauhan mentioned that the topic selected by the Institute is very relevant in today’s context. She also emphasized on the philosophical view that discipline cannot be taught but it should come from within and teacher should always try to create productive and conducive environment in the class.

In the Seminar, One Hundred and Thirty Three (133) pupil teachers from thirteen teacher training colleges, affiliated to five Universities of Delhi, NCR and other states, participated

Out of One Hundred and Thirty Three(133) participants, there were fifty seven (57) presenters and thirty six (36)set of presentations. Pupil teachers came out with various important issues related with discipline such as


·              Discipline without punishment

·              Teacher should guide not reprimand

·              Teacher should respond and not react to a situation

·              Understanding abilities and capacities of the students and using them constructively

·              Creating positive and supporting learning environment

·              Developing teacher as a role model

·              Developing self discipline and self direction in students

·              Ways and strategies to foster discipline in students

·              Various factors and causes of indiscipline among students

On the whole, presentations were based on experiences of pupil teachers during the school education programme. In some of the presentations, presenters included real life situations during their schooling, interviews of teachers and physical training instructor, etc. The seminar covered varied dimensions of the important issues related with students’ discipline. Overall, the presentations were thought provoking and created conducive learning environment throughout the session.

At the end of the session Prof. (Dr)Ranjana Bhatia, Principal cum Director,  Amity Institute of Education, Saket, New Delhi interacted with students in open house session where queries were raised by pupil teachers. Dr. Ranjana Bhatia presented her views and discussed various issues with the participants by giving examples.

All the presentations were judged by:

·   Dr. Vandana Sisodia, Asst. Professor,Department of Adult Education & Extension,     University of Delhi, New Delhi and

·              Ms. Neelima Dhingra, Asst. Professor,Guru Nanak College of Education, Punjabi Bagh,     New Delhi.

The best paper presenters were:

1.                 Ms. Annu, Jesus & Mary College,Delhi University

2.                 Ms. Latika, Shyama Prasad Mukherji College, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

3.       MMs. Saloni Goel and Ms. Nitisha, Amity Institute of Education, Saket, New Delhi and  Mr. Amit Parashar, Guru Nanak College of Education, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.

All the participants and presenters were given Certificate of Participation/ Presentation.