22 Feb 2017|Noida | I2 Moot Court

Industry Leaders stress upon the upcoming job trends in IT Sector during “IT Summit” at Amity University

Toboost relations between Academia and Industry and facilitate networkingopportunities between Industry Leaders and Students, Amity Institute ofInformation Technology (AIIT) and Amity Technical Placement Centre organized atwo day IT Summit on theme “Together towards Tomorrow” at Amity UniversitySector 125, Noida.

The objectiveof this Summit is to provide a platform to industry, academicians and studentsto share knowledge, exchange of ideas and enabling budding IT professionals torise higher on the learning curve and get transformed as per industry needs.

Welcomingthe guests, Dr. S K Khatri, Director, AIIT emphasized on the benefits ofSummit which he stressed will provide excellent learning exposure andchannelize the focus of the future IT professionals in the appropriatedirection. Further elaborating on the evolution of the IT, he said that ITindustry makes tremendous technical advances on a daily basis therefore itbecomes vital on the part of the budding IT professionals to keep themselves upgradedto the growing advancements of IT in order to cope up with the competitive jobmarket that they would enter.

TheSummit commenced with the panel discussion on “How Innovative strategies willtransform IT” which was moderated by Mr. R K Panigarhi, Director, MSME andeminent industry leaders as panelists including Mr. Ravindra Joshi, AdditionalGM, HOD Special Consumers Group; Ms. Shweta Singh, Founder (Director), EnnobleIP, PIPLE and SET UP 360; Mr. Navneet Kaushal, CEO and Founder, Page Traffic, TIE;Ms. Astha Grover, Start Up India Initiative; Mr. Harish Chaudhary, Consultantto Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, NIXI; Mr. B S Agarwal,Director, NDMA; Mr. R K Chauhan, GM, NTPC; Mr. Ravi Jhengra, AIMA and Ms.Shipra Lavanya, HR Head, News Corporation India Properties.

Addressingthe gathering, Mr. Harish Chaudhary said that it is the InternetEngineering Task Force (IETF) that runs the Internet with an aim to make theInternet work better by producing high quality, relevant technical documentsthat influence the way people design, use, and manage the Internet. Mr. Chaudharycalled upon the budding IT professionals to try and join IETF in the initialcareer itself as it will open the gates of prominent IT companies for futuregrowth. He advised students to develop interest towards Protocol Engineering asthe demand for them is high in the sector but not many experts are there.

Speakingon the occasion, Mr. Navneet Kaushal said that every year, 16 lakhsengineers’ graduate and more than 2 lakhs are hired by IT industry. He pointedout that the industry seeks skilled and innovative professionals. He apprisedthe budding professionals about trending job areas in IT sector including DataScientist, Digital Marketing, Mobile Data Engineering, Information SecurityAnalyst, Research and Development Analyst and Quality Assurance Engineers andadvised them to brace themselves to get job in these sectors for a successfulcareer

Ms.Shweta Singh briefed about Operational Innovationand Intellectual Property Rights and said that SMEs in IT sector doesn’t havetheir technology well protected and it is required to form strong protectionpolicies for innovations to create a healthy competition in market.

Ms.Astha Grover said that over a decade, many start upcompanies have changed the industrial face of India at global platform. Sheencouraged the students to develop an innovative idea, work on it dedicatedlyand be a successful job creator rather than a job seeker.

Sharinghis views, Mr. Ravi Jhengra emphasized that innovation is not only aboutdeveloping new product but also bringing a change in existing market. Heaverred that it is important to modify the existing technology and change themindset of consumers to use it which will lead to the development of industryand society at large.

Duringthe occasion, Amity University signed MoUs with JTP, Japan for InternationalCampus Placement, Adobe, HP and Studenting Era to explore potential areas forarticulation of expertise followed by conferring of AmityIndustry Excellence Awards upon MSME. Gemalto, Ennoble IP and ACS Global TechSolutions Pvt Ltd.