14 Feb 2017 |Noida

Amity Campus, Sector-125, Noida

Students across India present their Start –up Plans during 3rd National level Business Plan Competition “Lakshya-2017” organized by Amity and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

Mr S P Singh addressing the gathering during the inauguration of LAKSHYA 2017

Amity Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (ACED) started 3rd National level Business PlanCompetition “Lakshya-2017”  in association with  Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME),Development Institute, Govt. ofIndia, New Delhi at AmityUniversity Uttar Pradesh, Noida Campus

The three day competition is supported by Amity InnovationIncubator (AII) and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Delhi NCR is theKnowledge Partners for the Event.

The Competition is specially designed for buddingStudents and Entrepreneurs who have innovation, creativity and capabilityto turn the mundane activities into extraordinary accomplishments. It aimsto disseminate entrepreneurial skills amongst them and encourage them to beinnovative for “generating opportunities rather than waiting for them”.It is a key to unlock the creative potential of youth, pioneering for a change.

Teams from Start –Ups, Students pursuing UG/PG Programs acrossUniversities, Colleges, Institutes and Corporate Professionals haveparticipated in LAKSHYA-2017, presenting their business plans to the Jurycomprising of Ministry officials, Industry Experts, Investors and Entrepreneursetc.

Ms. Stuti NarayanKacker, Chairperson, Child Right Commission, Dr. R. K. Panigrahi, Director,MSME, Mr. S. P. Singh, Regional Head & General Manager, Small IndustriesDevelopment Bank of India (SIDBI), Dr. B Shukla- Vice Chancellor, AmityUniversity and Dr. Neelam Saxena- Head, AmityCentre for Entrepreneurship Development inaugurated the Competition.

Welcoming the distinguished guests and gathering, Dr. Neelam Saxena stressed that innovationand productivity are growth engines of an economy. Innovations lead to revenuegeneration and profits whereas productivity improves the revenue and profits ofexisting products. She briefed audience that “Lakshya” aims to plant seeds of entrepreneurship andinnovation in the youth right from early age so that gradually, they can starttheir own ventures and also provide them an opportunity to relook into theiridea, under the mentorship and guidance of experts from Industry.

Sharing her views, Ms.Stuti Narayan Kacker, Chairperson, Child Right Commission stated thatpeople can be trained to become entrepreneurs, provided they are hard-working,have passion and positive outlook towards life. She remarked that the bestthing about entrepreneurship is that a person is his/her own master. Advisingthe young entrepreneurs, she advised them to create something which is neededby society and initially, invest small amounts in their start-ups so that theloan repayment becomes easy and later on, money can be infused into thebusiness at the right time.

Addressing the gathering, Mr.S. P. Singh, Regional Head & General Manager, Small Industries DevelopmentBank of India (SIDBI) complimented Amity for hosting “Lakshya-2017”. He remarked that withgreater thrust on “Start up India” Project, the need of the hour is to promoteentrepreneurship in the country. He stressed that in India, majority of theventures are accidental entrepreneurships which later on result in major loses.He averred that doing business is not easy and before getting into the same,profits and loss should be calculated and unless and until, a brand isestablished, profits cannot be earned. Motivating budding entrepreneurs, Mr.Singh called upon them to be competent, a good communicator and work withintegrity to ensure success of their start –ups.

Dr. R. K. Panigrahi,Director- MSME, while sharing his views,stressed that a person can become agood entrepreneur if he /she has trust and faith in self. He motivated theparticipants to share their business ideas on different platforms since viableopportunities can knock in anytime and money will follow if their ideas aregood.

During the event, BusinessPlans are being presented in 7 sectors –“Agriculture and Food Processing”, “Energy and Infrastructure”, “Retail andCommodity”, “Rural Development”, “Technology - all sectors”, “Skill BasedBusiness Ventures” and “Social Entrepreneurship –Health care, hygiene,sanitation, nutrition, Population control, Illiteracy, Poverty, EconomicDisparity, Child Labour and others”

A student- Sanfu Jainfrom DSE presented his team’s Business Plan of “Doona Loan” which involves an online platform through which individuals orcorporations can connect with micro-entrepreneurs and lend them loan. Theproposed venture would act as a link between micro-finance Institution clientsand Individuals or corporate lender. He succinctly outlined the uniqueness,Social Impact, Revenue Model and Scalability of his Business Plan which heintends to execute with his three other team members- Greenize Jain from ICAIand Samta Baid from DU.

Aanchal Sakhuja andBhumika Palni from Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun presented theirBusiness Plan- “SARANSH” which aims to train andprovide employment opportunities to differently abled people both mentally andphysically, initially in Dehradun and subsequently in other cities as well.They plan to start an Online portal through with parents can register their childrenabove 15 years of age and can help them in realizing their true potentialthrough skill enhancement. The portal will tie up with employers such asBakers, Textile Houses, Educational Institutes and others, take theirrequirement and then train the enrolled and interested students as per the jobrequirements.

The innovative Business Plans presented by the students werewidely acclaimed by the Jury members, who critically analyzed the viability ofthe Plans through their questions.

The second day of the competition will witness Sectorial Workshops during which theparticipants will be mentored by experts at Amity University who will addressthe concerns of the Teams. After re-working on their business plans,subsequently, the Teams will submit their business plans.

During the third day, teams will give their presentations to thedesignated experts of the relevant sector and mentors of the industry, academiaand Ministry of MSME.



Ms Stuti Narayan Kacker addressing the gathering

Sanfu Jain- a student presenting his Business Plan to the Jury

Ms Stuti Narayan Kacker felicitated by Dr Balvinder Shukla- Vice Chancellor, Amity University