06 Feb 2019|Kolkata | Amity University Kolkata, Auditorium

Workshop on Biodiversity Law


India is one among the ‘mega diversity’ countries of the world. The Indian Parliament legislated the Biological Diversity Act in 2002, which formulated a comprehensive legal framework. Apart from the Act, we also have the Biological Diversity, 2004 (Rules), the Green Tribunal Act, 2010 and the Access and Benefit Sharing Guidelines, 2014 (Guidelines) that are in consonance with the Convention on Biological Diversity. Biodiversity in India is under constant threat due to various reasons such as habitat loss and degradation, over exploitation of resources, pollution and climate change. There is a need to protect, conserve and ensure sustainable use of these resources.

The main objective(s) of the Event were

·         Conservation Issues and Challenges to Biological Diversity in India

·         Research in Biological Diversity and The Law

·         Importance of Regulating Biological Diversity and Access Benefit Sharing

·         Legal Regime governing Biodiversity and Access Benefit Sharing in India

·         Bio-Privacy Challenges

·         Role of State in Conservation and Management of Biological Diversity

·         Procedures to be followed by applicants While filing Access and Benefit Sharing for Bio-Resources

·         Growth of Biotechnology Industry and Biological Diversity Conversation

·         Monitoring Mechanism and its importance

·         Intellectual Property Rights and Biological Diversity