08 Dec 2018|Noida | Jagran Public School, Noida.

Disability Week

Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh organised disability sensitization programme ‘No Child Left Behind’ as a part of celebration of Disability Week at Jagran Public School, Noida.

The sensitization programme focused on the Theme - “Empowering Persons with Disabilities and Ensuring Inclusiveness and Equality”. Asthe demand for better training of teachers about Inclusion of students with diverse abilities increases, the question that arises is what constitutes best-practice professional learning for upskilling teachers about Inclusive Education. The push for inclusion in schools is stronger than ever creating greater access to the general curriculum, increase social interactions and have higher expectations for students with disabilities.

The Disability Sensitization Programme had an array of sessions focusing specifically on how to prepare teachers to work with children with Disabilities in an Inclusive environment and train the non-disabled peers to support the disabled. The session titled, ‘The Role of Teacher in Inclusive Education was taken by Prof. (Dr.) Jayanti Pujari, Dean and Director-AIRS, AUUP which focused on Inclusive Practices and Transforming Parents Attitude towards creating in an Inclusive Environment towards holistic development of every child. In-Service Teachers of LKG-12th Standard attended the session.

Putting forward their views, teachers teaching in Inclusive Education system, who had attended sensitization program affirmed that such programs changed their attitudes towards students with disabilities, and that they have learnt to accommodate heterogeneous learners, focusing on solutions, rather than difficulties.

A short film titled ‘Buddies’ and an array of activities designed for the students of 4th – 6th Standard on Disability Awareness and Sensitization were conducted by the faculties Ms. Anusuya K. Yadav, Mr. Naveen Singh, Ms. Seema Saleem, Ms. Deepti Ahuja and Mr. Anuj Srivastava ,Assistant Professor, Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences. It was an insightful sensitization programme towards ‘INCLUSION FOR ALL’.