25 Oct 2018|Noida | L 3 Auditorium

Learning Spirituality through Diverse Philosophies -“Spiritual Aspects of the Geeta and Hinduism”

As part of Lecture series on Learning through diversephilosophies, Amity Institute of Education organized a session on -“Spiritual Aspects of the Geeta and Hinduism” at Amity University, Sector 125 Noida.

The chief speaker for this session was Shriman HariKirtan Das (International Society for Krishna Counsiousness, ISKCON) who presented a brief gist on The Geeta. He spoke on theultimate goal of life for human being; which is NIRVANA, and emphasized theimportance of Karma as our Dharma (DUTY) by which the soul can reawaken hisoriginal spiritual knowledge, live peacefully in this life and return to thespiritual realm. He focused on the most comprehensive of all world scripturesGeeta as guiding path for everyone to discover that the God is eternal,blissful, all-knowing, and tends to remain hidden behind his all creations withmajesty and overwhelming greatness. The god is within us and we need toidentify.

The students and teachers got benefitted by basicteachings of the Geeta and Hinduism in simple words.