23 Oct 2018|Patna | Amity University Patna


Amity University Patna welcomed members of Patna Pirates Kabaddi team at Campus. The captain of Patna Pirates Team interacted with Students of Amity and shared with them many details about Kabaddi, its history, winning strategies, etc. Patna Pirates is defending champion and they won in 2016 and 2017. 

The Pro Kabaddi League currently known as Vivo Pro Kabaddi League for sponsorship purpose is a professional-level Kabaddi league in India. It was launched in 2014 and is broadcast on Star Sports.
The league's inception was influenced by the popularity of the Kabaddi tournament at the 2006 Asian Games. The format of the competition was influenced by IPL. 
Kabaddi is the team contact sport that originated in South Asia as well as Indo-Iranian society. The word “Kabaddi” is originally derived from a Hindi word which means“holding your breath”. Kabaddi is aptly known as the “Games of The mass” due to its popularity, simple, easy to comprehend rules, and public appeal. The game calls for no supplicated equipment what so ever, which is a very popular sport in the developing countries. Though it is basically an outdoor sport played on a clay court, of late the game is being played on synthetic surface indoors with great success. The basic idea of the game is to score points by raiding into the opponents’ court and touching as many defensive players as possible without getting caught on a single breath. During play, the players on the defensive side are called “antis” while the players of the offense are called the “raider.” Kabaddi is perhaps the only combative sports in which attack is an individual attempt while the defense is a group effort. The attack in Kabaddi is known as “raid.”
The game calls for agility, good lung capacity, muscular coordination, the presence of mind and quick responses. For a single player to take on seven opponents is no mean task, requires dare as well as an ability to concentrate anticipate the opponents moves (Prasad Rao, E., 2002). The game, known as Hu-Tu-Tu in western India, Ha-De-Do in eastern India’s Bangladesh, Chedugudhu is Southern India and Kaunbada in northern India has undergone a sea change through the ages. Modern game Kabaddi is a synthesis of the game played in its various forms under the different name.
Sports is now no more a hobby it has become a full-time profession. Modern sports infect compel athletes to take up sports competitions as a full-time vocation besides making name and fame multi-disciplinary efforts are put together with the craze of taking human performance to it optimum possible level.