25 Oct 2018|Jaipur | Amity University Rajasthan , Jaipur

Amity University Rajasthan organized a Guest Lecture on "Debt Recovery Suits"

The Lecture was especially oriented to acquaintthe students about banking law with special reference to Money Recovery Suits. Thestudents were made aware about the provisions of RDDBFI Act 1993 and SARFAESIAct 2002. These enacted laws are used by the Bank/ Financial Institutions/Asset Reconstruction Companies for the recovery of their loan amount from thoseborrowers who default in payment of loan amount.  Students attending the Lecture will be ableto clearly understand the process of Recovery Suits filed before Debt RecoveryTribunal under above mentioned laws. 

During the lecture, the speaker alsoemphasized on the liability of banks in case of theft and burglary in locker. Student’sresponse to the guest speaker was overwhelming and they had lots of questionswhich were appropriately replied to by the guest speaker.