18 Oct 2018|Noida | C Block Auditorium

Guest lecture " 'Spiritual Aspects of Islam - Learning Through Diverse Philosophies"

The AIE conducted a guest lecture on the "spiritual aspects of Islam"under the lecture series on "learning through diverse philosophies" at Amity University Noida campus

The resource person was Prof. Farida Khanam who is currently the associate professor in department of Islamic studies Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

She shared her ideas on the spirituality which was based on forgiveness given by Allah, types and acts of worships, controlling our anger and the qualities which a person possess after attaining complete spirituality.

Basedon forgiveness she highlighted an incident where the Prophet Adam who was the first one created by Allah in heaven once made a mistake where he was punished and sent to earth but when he realized his mistake and sincerely asked for forgiveness from Allah, he was forgiven by Allah. So, if a person realizes his mistake and sincerely asks forgiveness to God then the God will definitely forgive that person.

Then she bifurcated types of worships internal and external worships where the external worship is seen by everybody and internal ones the way we behave to other people. Also acts of worship are not only following 5 pillars of Islam but also being truthful, loving, forgiving and honest also.

At last,the session was ended by the conclusion of our Head Of Institution  Dr. Alka Mudgal where she said that if we are going to imbibe at least  some of these spiritual qualities in our lives then it will lead to better transformations in our lives.