31 Oct 2019|Mumbai

Amity University Mumbai Celebrated Halloween Day

Halloween Day

 31st October is celebrated as Halloween all over the world and as this culture spreads between the masses, people are getting creative by the day, with parents putting in the most effort to get creative with their kids outfits to young adults experimenting with their outfits and makeup to look the spookiest and trendiest of all the ghosts and witches. 

It’s really intriguing how this “trend” has caught up and transformed into a tradition in a lot of places other than its place of origin.The Celts celebrated their New Year on November 1st and believed that on the night before the New Year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. So, on the night of October 31st they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.
In India, Halloween tends to fall between our traditional festivals of Durga puja and Dussehra and coincides with Diwali or Kali puja and thus sometimes creates a sort of perplexity in the minds of the “woke Indians” as to what should be celebrated and what shouldn’t yet people have started to welcome the idea of celebrating other worldly festivals and occasions. Thus, Halloween too has started to get some due importance and is being celebrated in our own spooky sweet way.
With all the Diwali holidays and parties lined up the students of Amity School of Fashion Design and Technology planned the Halloween event on 24th october, 2019, from 12pm to 5pm.  The event was planned one week in advance in college just so that the students don’t miss out on the opportunity of pranking and having some Halloween fun in all its glory and righteousness.So,with the support of the faculty, the students put up a Halloween event on the 24th of October for all faculty and students from other departments as well, to come see, participate and have fun in.
The students had an impeccable decor setup which literally gave people the Halloween chills, it was truly an “enter at your own risk” bewitching experience where the character masquerade event was held, that showcased students dressed in all kinds of ghastly characters to win the competition and impress the judges.
A flea market set up by the ASFDT students, selling everything from handmade cards, paintings, earrings and some delicious boulangerie items to other festive buys like hand painted diyas that really helps promote the idea of “creating art” and “supporting artists”. The flea market also had some really talented young artists do Body art on people and transform them to the scariest versions of themselves. A surprise Flash- Mob group dance followed by a Dj- session to get everyone grooving and turn on their nimble feet mode. All the students who participated in the event and everyone who came, enjoyed the little celebration of the traditional festival of Samhain/ Halloween. And so, minus the traditional way of going trick-o-treating, the students had a great Halloween get- together filled with a lot of values, fun and of course! an Indian touch.

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