Amity Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology


To become India’s first and leading Centre for Studies of the Origin and Survival of Life in the Universe.


By establishing a multifaceted research strategy, the Centre will undertake:

  • Scientific Research: Planetary Evolution, Origin of Life, Habitability and Preservation of Biosignatures in Extraterrestrial environments. Survival and sustenance of microbial life exposed to space environments.
  • Mission Design: Develop Exploration Roadmaps and Mission Architectures for future Astrobiology missions.
  • Technology: Design and performance analysis of Surface systems for Astrobiology missions. Design and develop microgravity-based biological experiment hardware.
  • Events: Co-organize meetings and workshops for National Astrobiology Group for prioritization and development of Astrobiology experiments in India and Space.
  • Education: Facilitate mentorship for Amity students for research projects in Astrobiology.