08 Nov 2019|Mumbai

Amity University Mumbai Celebrated World Animation Day

World Animation Day

 Amity School of Communication faculty members and students celebrated the World Animation Day on 08th November 2019. It was a honor to welcome Mrs. Shaina Rajan - Walt Disney India Gaming Head as chief Guests of honor. The event commenced with  Mr. Sudhakar Kalgutkar - H.O.D of B.Sc. Animation & VG welcome speech. The esteemed guests were followed by Hon. Ravi Manuja - Amity University Mumbai Registrar and Associate Professor Dr. Nima John from Amity School of Communication.

The objective of the event was to: 
1) To exhibit students Artworks.
2) Screening of World Animation Day video “Evolution of Animation”.
3) Tribute video of  Shri. Ram Mohan (Father of Indian Animation)  and Shri.Vasanth Samant (Director of Hanuman -  Animated 2D Movie).
4) Address by Chief Guest Mrs. Shiana Rajan (Walt Disney India, Gaming Head )
5) B.Sc Animation & VG  5Th semester students presented their VFX Animation trailer work process. 
6) Screening students showreel work to Chief Guests and audience.
7) Awarding students for best works in showreel.

Character Drawing Using Pen Tablet

Artworks Exhibit

Mrs. Shaina Rajan - Walt Disney India Gaming Head