Industrial Problems

As a part of TEC's activities, we engage with industries, encouraging them to submit their problem statements. Our aim is to leverage the extensive expertise within the university to offer solutions tailored to their needs.

Some industry Problems received by us are:

  • Bio control of Fusarium and growth promotion.
  • Organic cultivation of Pineapple.
  • To collaborate on insect biocontrol studies.
  • Post harvest management of Pineapple.
  • To control brown spot on the banana leaves.
  • Rapid urbanization has resulted in raising the level of pollution in water and soil. Farmers are still ignorant of the effect and face the consequences. Soil and water testing are not in their easy reach. Affordable Farm level testing kits on PH like litmus test), heavy Rmetals, organic carbon, NPK levels, need to develop with easy to do it yourself type.
  • For weed management especially managing dicot weeds - Non-toxic Bio- weedicide development for paddy, Banana crop.
  • Application of Micro-nutrients to crops in Nano encapsulation (tablet type) to be applied in soil for each crop requirement.
  • Development of leaf coat oil (Non mineral oil) with good dispersion to reduce the effect of cold injury to leaves and to reduce fungal attack.
  • Alternate to bamboo and Casuarina poles to support banana crop from strong winds, light weight and strong Non plastic supporting poles.

Identify your requirements and interact with us, so that scientists can find effective technology solutions.
Confidentiality of your requirements as well as of your inputs will be strictly maintained.

You can write to us at: