Industrial Problems

Amity Universities is a Science & Innovation driven group. We have nearly 1500 new patents and ideas. We have also successfully transferred a number of technologies to the industries, who are finding them very useful.

To take this phenomenon to the next level, we want to ask the industry what is their requirements for innovation in the various fields of Science and Technology, on which our scientists can work and we can come up with world class scientific solutions.

We have expertise in numerous fields with enough qualified scientists as well as labs and equipment to develop prototypes as well as conduct trials. These are amongst Agriculture, Electronics, Chemical, Mechanical Engineering, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Nano Technology, Herbal Medicines and Cosmetics , Information Technology, Architecture, Material Sciences, Environment, Waste water, Electrical, etc.
We also have a successful IPR registration protocol, as well as a mature Technology Transfer set up, so that the innovations can be safely and efficiently patented, as well as transferred to the industry.

We are also open to joint research development, trials, prototyping and production, wherever the industry wants it.
Identify your requirements and interact with us, so that scientists can find effective technology solutions.
Confidentiality of your requirements as well as of your inputs will be strictly maintained.