Background of Technology Enabling Centre

It is a collaborative effort in between Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India and Amity University Uttar Pradesh.

A rapid expansion has been observed, over a period of time, in the R&D output of the country, in terms of publications, IP, research translation and technology commercialization etc. These outcomes are playing an important role in the country's economic development, as evidenced by various rankings and performance matrices. Academia is the prime resource in any country for generating new knowledge and its conversion to wealth. However, absence of effective institutional mechanisms in academia for translating R&D output into technological wealth is a Big impediment. Technology Development and Transfer (TDT) Division has been implementing Technology related programs since the inception of DST. Its success in terms of indigenous technology development has been satisfactory; however, the contribution to this from the University system is yet to be optimized.

We have deliberated several times on institutionalizing industry academia interaction, wherein creation of an enabling ecosystem has always emerged as an issue remaining to be effectively tackled.

Establishment of Technology Enabling Centres (TEC) in the University System is a step in this direction.

What is Technology Enabling Centre?

Technology Enabling Centre will create an Ecosystem for Technology Development in the Universities and provide a platform to network researchers with other institutes, National laboratories and industry. The focus of Centre will be on providing an enabling eco system, process and support system.

What is the need to establish Technology Enabling Centre?

Over a period of time it was observed that amount of investment on research and development made by Govt. of India for technical institutions and universities is not giving a desired result of technology development. Ninety percent of the technologies die at the stage of research publication. Therefore, to enable the potentially viable technologies from lower level to mature level, the concept of the establishment of Technology Enabling Centre was conceptualized.

Why Technology Enabling Centre is established at Amity University Noida?

Amity University is a leading Research & Innovation driven Pvt. University with over 1,00,000 students studying across 1000 acres of hi-tech campus. It is India's first wireless campus with over 4,000 networked HP/IBM machines, 600 MBPS broadband connectivity.

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