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Research Papers in Journals by Faculity Members
S No Title of the Paper Name of the Author Department Name of the Journal Year of Publication ISBN/ISSN Number Volume /Issue Page No
1 The Role of Working Women in Investment Decision making Manish Sharma ASIBAS Australasian Accounting ,Business and Finance Journal Nov-19 ISSN 1834 2019 online Volume 13 Issue 1 91-100
2 Vision of Highly Digital and Cashlite India - RBI Payment and Settlement System in India Vision 2019-2021 Prof ( Dr.) Narinder Kumar Bhasin ASIBAS The Indian Banker - Septemebr 2019 Sep-19 ISSN 2349-7483 Volume 7 Issue 2 48-56
3 Usage of Technology for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Insurance Industry of India Dr. Pallavi Seth Prof. Manoj Pandey Dr Pallavi Seth , Prof Manoj Pandey ASIBAS The Journal of Insurance Institute of India July - Sept 2019 2321-5488 Volume 7 Issue 1 94-104
4 Labour Welfare and Influence of Employer over the Workers Personal Lives in India Dr Pallavi Seth , Manoj Kumar Meet , Dr. Raghunanadan Prasad Sinha ASIBAS Research Directions May-19 ISSN NO 2321-5488    
5 Challenges and Opportuities in Amalgamation of Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank with Bank of Baroda Mr B S Bisht , Ms Eva Srivastava ASIBAS Amity Journal of Insurance Banking and Actuarial Science Jan-June 2019 ISSN 2581-6373    
6 Consumer Perceptions towards buying online motor insurance in DelHI /NCR Mr Rajesh Verma ,Ms Aarti Chauhan ASIBAS Amity Journal of Insurance Banking and Actuarial Science Jan -June 2019 ISSN 2581-6373    
7 A study of Customer Satisfaction from Motor Insurance Claims Settlement in West Delhi Mr Rajesh Verma , Mr Shubham Aggarwal ASIBAS Amity Journal of Insurance Banking And Actuarial Science Jan -June 2019 ISSN 2581-6373    
8 Impact of CSR on brand image and consumer loyalty: A critical study Mr Rajesh Verma ASIBAS Indian Journal of Economics and Business Dec-March 2019 ISSN: 0972-5784 Vol 17, No.4,(2018): 71-79 ABDC Indexed Journal Category C
9 Corporate social responsibility: A review of TATA companies Mr Rajesh Verma ASIBAS Asian African Journal of Economics and Econometrics, Dec-March 2019 ISSN: 0972-3986 Vol 18, No.2,2018:321-330 (ABDC indexed journal: Category: C)
10 Study of Increasing Digital Banking & Financial Technology Trends , Challenges and Opportunities in Indian Banking System Prof ( Dr.) Narinder Kumar Bhasin ASIBAS Bank Quest - Indian Instiute of Banking and Finance Journal Oct- Dec 2019 ISSN 00194921 UGC Care list B Volume 90 Issue 04 33-44
11 Increasing Digital Banking Adoption and Usage Trends in India and its Impact on Financial Inclusion Prof ( Dr.) Narinder Kumar Bhasin ASIBAS International Journal of Recent Technology ( IJRTE ) Nov-19 ISSN 2277 -3878 Volume 8 Issue 4 7085- 93
12 Case Study : A Story of Indian Financial Inclusion through Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Prof ( Dr.) Narinder Kumar Bhasin ASIBAS Journal of Critical Reviews Jun-20 ISSN 2394 -5125 Volume 7 Issue 15 693-701
13 Challenges and Opportunities in Consolidation of Public Sector Banks - Merger of Bank of Baroda , Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank Prof ( Dr.) Narinder Kumar Bhasin ASIBAS Test Engineering & Management May - June 2020 ISSN 0193-4120 Volume 83 9201-9212
14 Customer perception towards telematics based motor insurance policies: A Study Mr Rajesh Verma , Ms Stuti Gupta ASIBAS Purakala May-20 ISSN:0971-2143 Vol-31, Issue 38 264-281
15 Analysis of COVID-19 infections in India using SIR Model Ms Stuti Gupta, Mr Rajesh Verma ASIBAS International Journal of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Jun-20 ISSN: 2207-8363 Vol.11, No. 1 (2020) 1684-1693
16 Analysis of Relationship between Digital Marketing and Customer relationship Management Mr. Rajesh Verma ASIBAS International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Apr-20 ISSN: 2005-4238 Vol. 29, No. 8s, (2020), 421-418
17 latest data and Analytics , Taechnology Trends that will Change Business Perspectives Dr. Kamal Gulati ASIBAS Big Data , IOT ,Machine learning : Tools and Applications ( Interent of Everything ) IOE Book - Taylor $ Finance Group 2020 ISBN 9780429322990 Book Chapter 153-184